If you listen carefully, you will hear many teens in the Christian faith mention “courtship” or “intentional dating” or “dating with a purpose”.  It doesn't matter if they come from a some what liberal family, or an ultra conservative family – the term “courtship” or it's “relatives” are used.

I've had several people ask me the three following questions:

What is courtship?
Why is courtship becoming popular?
What does a “biblical” courtship vs. dating look like?

When I felt led to do this mini series, I knew I wanted to mention what I have observed in some of the courtships around me, and how I plan on implementing what I have learned to my courtship (whenever my time comes).

What is courtship or courting?
According to American Heritage Dictionary, courting means the following:

To attempt to gain the affections or love of; woo.
(there were many other definitions, but I loved this one)

Dear reader, I must tell you, I am having the most difficult time typing out what courtship is – and here is why.

Courtship is not biblical – I mean seriously, if you do a word study on courtship you won't succeed (although you may learn some new words from your concordance).  The only thing remotely close to courtship that I have found in Scripture is betrothal.

While I can tell you what other people say courtship is and isn't, there wouldn't be any merit to the answer because it wouldn't be based on Scripture.

Before I go on to the next question, I want to tell you what I think courtship is.  This is simply how I view courtship, everyone is entitled to their own view/opinion.

Courtship is a form of commitment and shouldn't be taken lightly.  It should be set apart from the dating scene, and treated with the attitude of seriousness + responsibility.

Why is courtship becoming popular?
I don't have all the answers nor do I claim to, however I truly believe that people are searching for something more than what they've been taught.  They see young people who are not dating, so they decide to implement what they see in their own family – which is absolutely great!
People like to be challenged (or at least they used to be).  True “biblical” courtship presents a challenge to others.  No matter what, nor no matter if they want to admit it or not.  A challenge is set to raise the bar for the current generation.  However, people also need to realize that just because you use the term “courtship” doesn't mean you are actually courting.  Courtship is intended to be set apart from the world, not conform.

What does a “biblical” courtship vs. dating look like?
Today you hear about how “Sally and Joe are courting” or “Joe and Sally have entered into a dating-courtship relationship” (the last one just gets to me – arrrg) or something like that.  So what's the difference between courting Joe or dating Joe?

Remember how I said that “{Courtship} should be set apart from the dating scene, and treated with the attitude of seriousness + responsibility”?  That's the difference between the two – allow me to explain.

Dating is based on mutual attraction, lack of respect, lack of commitment, and usually done for the fun.
Courtship is based on friendship, prayer, God's guidance, commitment, and respect.

I have seen so many young ladies get hurt from dating (and courting) because of a lack of commitment.  It breaks my heart to see that and thankfully I have learned how I can prevent heartbreak in my own life (Lord-willing), when the time comes.  The steps of precaution could be as follows:

** Make sure you are entering for the right reasons, and that God is leading you to this step.  If you simply think God wants you to enter into a courtship, then you need to wait and continue to pray for however long it takes.

** Ask the young man important questions (yes before you say “yes” to courting him).  There is nothing wrong with asking questions before (unless of course they are not appropriate before courtship).  It's better to ask him now, than to have to call the courtship off three – six months down the road.

Questions could be as follows:

** Why do you wish to court me?
** Will you find me beautiful after 10 years of marriage?
** Do you plan on this leading into marriage?
** What are your views of modest dress after marriage?
** What are your convictions in music?
** How many children do you want?
** Are you open to homeschooling?

You all may think that these questions are ridiculous, but I have observed so many courtships fall apart (or engagements called off) because these questions weren't addressed before.

When you ask the first question “why do you wish to court me?” you will most likely get the answer “because you're beautiful”.(let's admit it, guys like pretty girls LOL – and they like to let girls know that).  Ladies, don't settle for that answer – keep asking him, and make sure you get that correct answer: “because I feel God leading me to court you”.

When I first thought of the second question, I laughed at myself!  Why would his view of beauty, after you are married, matter???  However, as I slept on it, and thought about it, I understood the importance of it.

Reader, you are beautiful – always will be!  However, you will be a different beautiful 10 years from now.  You wont' have youthful beauty, you'll have the beauty from having kids, new wrinkles, perhaps a couple gray hairs.  You'll have beauty of an older woman – a blessed woman of God, raising her kids + honoring her husband of 10 years.  While others will find you beautiful, will your man?

** Ask your parents to help you put him in situations (without him knowing) in which he'll be comfortable so you can see how he responds to criticism, if he takes no for an answer, if he takes instruction, etc.  Do this while you're still observing him.  Pray and ask God to allow you to see him in some of those circumstances without “setting him up”.  I have done this recently, and I'm amazed at how God granted me what I asked.

What do I mean by commitment?

When I talk about commitment, I'm not talking about promising each other that you will remain faithful.  I mean you walk out the new season of life you both are in as if you are getting married.  Instead of saying “if we get married” say “when we get married”.  A couple shouldn't enter a courtship unless they have the plans of getting married.  Otherwise, they are simply dating – let's simply call it like it is.  If a couple doesn't plan on getting married, that's the same as dating – if they get married great, if not oh well, there is someone else better.
Also, if a young man is seeking to enter a courtship, he needs to make sure he will be ready for marriage when God says “marry her”.  How is a young man supposed to obey that call from God, if he doesn't even have a job?  Before a young man ever goes to the father of the young lady, he needs to have a job of some sort.  If God were to tell him “marry her” will be able to say “yes Lord” and have confidence that he can support her??

Courtship isn't to be taken lightly!  It's not like dating – we need to understand that in a courtship there is a huge responsibility that comes with saying yes to a courtship.  You are to take the steps with God's guidance, and caution, and faith, and full trust in the person you've said yes to.

The most important thing I've learned about courtship is:

it needs to reflect the love the couple has for their Savior, for each other, and each others purity.

Everyone has their own views of what courtship looks like and should be.  Everything I've written today, is simply how I feel God would want me to carry out my future courtship.

What are your thoughts on courtship?
Let the iron sharpening continue ;)


The First Christmas || Poem by Yours Truly

The First Christmas

Mary, a virgin so humble and sweet,
An angel named Gabriel did she meet.

Gabriel spoke words so sweet and true,
“Mary, I'm pleased to say God favors you.

You are to deliver a sweet little child,
A child you will find to be humble and mild.

Your son has been sent to deliver you,
He is the Messiah, so honest and true.”

Mary pondered these words in her heart,
Overjoyed that in in Father's will she would take part.

Mary and Joseph then had to travel,
In order for the Father's plan to soon unravel.

In Bethlehem the time had come,
And Mary delivered her sweet little son.

In a stable did the Baby lay,
In a manger, a trough full of hay.

Jesus, the tiny Babe that Mary bore,
The shepherds and wise men came to adore.

The Messiah was born to seek and to save,
That is why we have a Christmas day.


Frienships Between Guys + Girls || A Single Girl's Notes

Photo from Pinterest

Friendships between guys and girls.
One of the many basic yet so complex situations in life (yes dear reader, you will need to know advanced math for this post LOL … not really, I'm only joking).

One of the many “unavoidable” situations in life.  I say unavoidable because, look around you.  You see these friendships everywhere – no matter what the ages of the parties involved may be.  In fact, it's normal to have a guy friend (or a dozen) when you're a little girl.  But, oh dear reader, once you hit your teen years – well, you just start getting teased about it (and allow me to just say that it doesn't change when you're nearly 21).  No matter what the ages are, nor what the situations may be … every girl has a guy friend and he as a girl friend.

Are these friendships wrong?
Some people will tell you that having guy friends is absolutely inappropriate.  While I believe it can be, it's not necessarily always the case.  You simply just have to learn how to act around them, and yes dearie, there will be trial and error, but as long as you be careful not to give yourself away, you'll be fine.

Growing up, I always had guy friends, no matter what.  I wasn't forced to have one, it was a choice that  I made.  To be with honest with y'all …

guy friends are awesome!

There's no drama (well there is, but not the girl drama lol), they tell the best jokes, and they are friends that I can just be me around (while keeping it appropriate).

Also, a young lady needs to have at least a couple friends that she doesn't have to be a confident to, or give Biblical advice to, or lend a shoulder to cry on.  While all the things listed are great qualities to have in a friendship, it's sometimes draining.  In my honest opinion, appropriate friendships with young men provide a very casual friendship – no advice, no shoulder, no confidence!

Okay, please allow me to back paddle for a minute (or more).

While guy friends are awesome to have, we as young ladies also need to be careful that we don't give ourselves away.  Ladies, if we are going to be friends with guys, we cannot get emotionally attached the way we do with our girl friends.  We need to understand the fine line between being too friendly + being too snobbish – we need to find the middle ground.

We can't go to Joe and tell him about our ever day problems like we do with Sally.  Nor should Joe do the same thing – we need to keep our friendships at a casual level or in the words of my friend Mr. Closely Casual:

"keep it closely casual"

Mr. Closely Casual and I did just that.  We weren't at a low casual level, but we also tried to keep personal matters out of the friendship.  Sure we would say “please pray for my family” or “pray for me, I can't get the memorization down for the upcoming quiz” or anything along those lines.  But never once did we lend each other a shoulder to cry on, or offer Biblical advice (Bible quizzing advice doesn't count LOL).  We kept our friendship at closely casual friendship – however, we did make some mistakes (as you are about to see in a minute).

Where do we draw the line?
Looking back at my friendship with Mr. Closely Casual, I made a few mistakes.  While I regret them, I'm thankful that they weren't things that cost me anything more than a simple laugh at myself and my parents telling me “you two are too close!”.  Here is a list of Do's and Don'ts that I've made up, these aren't rules for everyone to follow.  These are the “rules” I am following in my new friendship with a young man.

DON'T exchange emails, numbers, etc.
No matter your “reason” for exchanging the information – don't.  You will undoubtedly get emotionally attached with him, and will become blinded in where to draw the line.
Mr. Closely Casual and I started off emailing strictly about Bible quizzing, then it grew to recipes.  Before we knew it, we were exchanging prayer requests.
A missionary friend and I exchanged numbers, strictly so I could send him the pictures I took while he was visiting.  While I wasn't texting him after the fact (I had learned my lesson with emailing), he started texting me after he left … he even called me.  This made me uncomfortable, and I asked Daddy to confront him.

It doesn't matter why you start off emailing, etc., eventually it will grow, and grow, and grow.
Save yourself now, so you won't have any regrets three years down the road.

DON'T follow their blog, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc.
It may seem small, but this can do just as much damage!

In the very beginning of my blogging experience, I followed two blogs written by young men (other girls followed, so I was okay to as well).
While I was reading those two blogs, I found that devil was using this to lead my astray.  I began thinking “he seems to be a wonderful Godly man” or “hmmm what if he's the one?” for no reason either!  I had never even met them, but I grew somewhat emotionally attached.  Sure these young men were writing uplifting, God-glorifying, encouraging posts, but they were pouring their heart out.

We as young ladies don't need to know the heart of a man until God brings us the right one into our lives.

DON'T tell them everything
I got to the point of wanting to tell Mr. Closely Casual everything.  Why?  Because of giving myself away emotionally + because I shared a more “personal” prayer request (I believe it was about a family member, but don't remember really).  In the moment I told him the prayer request, it felt good.  He listened, and I knew he'd pray (he had been through the same thing I had).

Ladies, unless a commitment has been made, keep it to yourself.

As you can see, boundaries are wonderful – I wish I knew this four years back :P  Thankfully God is giving me a second chance, and I get to apply these boundaries in my current friendship.  Some people think that boundaries are only for courtship and engagement, but really they aren't.  Once you have boundaries set in the friendship, your guy friend will respect them and you.

Now for the do's I've learned.  These are fun to implement … so enjoy ;)

DO be kind
If he smiles + says “hi” – do the same.  Don't be snobbish and think that you can't talk to a guy without sounding flirtatious, but don't be too friendly either.  Just because he smiles and says “hi” doesn't mean he was inviting you to sit by him.  Simply return the kindness and do the same thing he did :)

DO answer his question
If he asks “how has your week been”, answer the poor guy, but don't offer anymore information than what the question asked for.  Simply answer with “it's been great” or “it could have been better” and ask the question back.  If he asks “did you do anything exciting” then that's when you can give a tad more information, but exchange the kindness :)

DO make him feel special – purely
I've just recently learned this, so I don't know a whole lot yet lol.  I am, however, very thankful for God's guidance in this area.  Guys like to feel special – no matter what.  So if y'all are talking about your favorite books and he asks you if you'd like to borrow one of his, say “yes”.  Who knows, you may find a new book series you like – I know I did.  If he asks you to pray that God grants him with a nephew, pray for it.  The smile you get is well worth it.  If he tells you a corny joke, laugh at it and encourage him (unless he admits that it was really bad LOL).

Drawing the line has always been tough for me, because I don't want to come across uninterested in certain things.  Now in my current friendship I find it very easy to draw the line, but I did something completely different.  The difference this time is:

I gave the friendship to God + asked Him to make it glorifying to Him.

Give your friendship to God!  Once you do, boundaries are a whole lot easier to set and keep :)

Do we go out looking for them?
Some girls go out looking for friendships with young men, however I don't find that appropriate.  If God wants you to be friends with a young man, He'll bring the young man along.

If you'd tell me three years ago that my friend and I would be friends, I don't think I would have believed you haha.  However, God knows what each of us need in order to grow in our faith, learn different things, and make a difference in someone.

Thing is, I didn't go out looking for a friendship with this gentleman (nor any of the others) … God seriously dropped it in my lap.

So to make this section sweet, brief, and to the point …

no we don't go out looking for them.  God has placed the people you have in your life for a reason.  When He thinks you're ready for new people (or a new person), He will bring them along.

What about if we admire him?
Every girl admires something in a young man – especially if they've been raised properly.  It's not bad to admire something in someone, unless it consumes you (then m'dear you have a crush on your hands).

The difference between admiration and have a crush is the following:

noting why you noticed him + making note of those qualities that caught your attention.

Having a crush
when you dwell on the young man 24/7 for 365 days

If you admire your guy friend, then give him to God.  There is something that happens (I can't explain it) when you do this crucial step.  After you've given him to God, step back from your friendship for a tad.  This doesn't have to be for a long time, but just long enough for you to know if your focus is on that which is above.  Keep your focus on your First Love – Jesus.  Get lost in admiration for Him first.

What about physical contact?
I'm an advocate for a contact free friendship.  There shouldn't be intentional contact between a young man and a young woman until there is a commitment made.

Now of course there a few things to consider that wouldn't be inappropriate:

If you and your group of friends are playing in a dark hayloft, with holes everywhere in the floor.  And your guy friend needs to guide you, then obviously it's okay if he leads you be the hand.

If you two end up standing next to each other in the circle of a bunch of family friends who are holding hands during prayer … well then you do the same thing.

It's when there is no reason for the contact (other than simply attraction) that it's appropriate.
If we can find the middle ground for our friendships with guys, we will be better off :)

So remember to keep it casual/closely casual, be kind, and be the greatest friend you can be!  You never know if you are making a difference in your friends life.

** Stay tuned for Courtship **

What are some Do's and Don'ts that you have come up in regards to friendships with young men?
Comment and tell me, let's start the iron sharpening ;)


Stay Tuned For A Mini-Series

I'm sure some of you laughed when you read what the mini-series will be about.  That's fine, you can laugh, but I think it's extremely important for single girls to form their views of love before they have a man win their heart.

In this four part series I will be talking about the following:

guy/girl friendships

This mini-series will begin December 24, 2015 and will end January 14, 2016.

So join me, as  you hear what a single girl's views are in regards relationships.

What are you most looking forward to in regards to this mini-series?
I would love to hear from you :)

Kitchen || Renovations

I'm finally getting around to posting renovation pictures - yay!

Below are pictures are the before, during, and after for the kitchen - enjoy ;)

I'm so thankful that my parents let me help.  I learned quite a bit during renovations this time :D

Mom does an incredible job with decorating :)

Have you and your family renovated a house?


Bonnell Christmas Traditions

Photo from Pixabay

I'm so thankful that my family has Christmas traditions – I personally believe that they make this time of year more enjoyable :)

Enjoy a sneak peek on what we do the night after Thanksgiving ;)

Putting the lights on the tree

Making popcorn garland


Mom does an ahmayzing job decorating :D

Other traditions not pictured are:

** watching Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate
** looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve

What are some Christmas traditions do you + your family have?
Comment and tell me, I love hearing from you ;)


Bedroom Makeover - Part One

Photo from Pixabay

Last year we moved to a house on 5 acres.  The house needed lots of work done to it, but my parents were able to get the work done.  After a year and a half, the house is almost done – yaay.

Today I thought I'd share with you the before and after of my room.  This is part one because my room isn't quite done yet.  Enjoy ;)

Getting ready to take the carpet out :)
My bedroom became the insulation storage room once the carpet came out :P

Let me just tell you – I really enjoyed pulling the carpet out of the bedrooms.

Mom and I worked together and put the wood flooring down.

Whoot whoot!  This girl knows how to lay wood flooring.  This skill is now on my "Good Wife Resume" ;)

 And now my room looks like this …..

Don't worry y'all … I promise I'll post more renovation pictures!!

Have you ever put wood flooring down?
Have you ever renovated a house?
Comment and tell me, I love hearing from you ;)


My Love For Christmas Decorations

All photos from Pixabay and Google Images

For those of you who don't me well enough - allow me to just tell you:

I absolutely love Christmas decorations :D

What do you love most about Christmas?
Comment and let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts ;)


She's Absolutely Amazing

Rhey is a friend to all and loved by all.  She loves people for who they are individually + individually in Christ.

She embraces her own individuality + isn't afraid to march to the beat of her own drum.

Her personality is absolutely wonderful.  She is talented, funny, cute, girly, spunky, sassy, quirky – and just plain awesome.

Her laugh is contagious – as is her smile.  Her smile lights up the room as soon as she walks in.

The faith she has in the Lord – wow!  She knows what she believes and stands firmly planted there.  She doesn't allow anything to sway her view.  When she is in question, she always takes it back to Scripture.

I cannot begin to express how much this girl means to me, how much I love her, nor how proud I am of the young woman she is becoming.

Do you have siblings?
What are some things that make you proud of them?
Comment and tell me, I'd love to hear what you have to say ;)


Joys of Farm Life || Farm Girl Chronicles

Photo from Pixabay

#1 Pickups

#2 Fresh eggs

#3 Baby meat chicks

#4 Living in the country

#5 Muckers

#6 Fresh milk

#7 Dairy farm smells

#8 Farming conversations

#9 Butchering

#10 Hunting

#11 Our property

#12 Farming friends

#13 Garden fresh vegetables

#14 Gardening conversations


20 Things I've Accomplished

Photo from Pixabay

#1 Have a better relationship with God

#2 Lead someone to Christ

#3 Go to Colorado Springs

#4 Adopt a puppy

#5 See my favorite band live

#6 Go skiing

#7 Learn how to drive a go kart

#8 Ride in a helicopter

#9 Start a blog

#10 Try sushi

#11 Shoot with a bow and arrow

#12 Have a paint-ball fight

#13 Learn to shoot a gun

#14 Go to Disney World

#15 Learn to sew

#16 Autograph something

#17 Go kayaking

#18 Rope swing into water

#19 Go to SeaWorld

#20 Build with Habitat for Humanity

What are some things you've accomplished?
What are some things you hope to accomplish in 2016?
Comment and tell me, I would love to hear them ;)


Do You Think of Me?

Photo from Google Images

(a letter to Will, my biological father)

It's been nearly 12 years since you last spoke to me; 16 since you last saw me.
Do you ever wonder how I'm doing? 
Do you ever wonder who I look like – you or Mom?

I've decided to stay away from the dating game, and have devoted my life to that of physical + emotional purity for almost 12 years.  I've made the decision to stay away from drugs + alcohol.
Would you be proud of me?

I got my learner's permit at 15 and my license at 18.
Would you have taught me how to drive, or Mom? 
Would you be concerned for my safety out on the road?

I gave my life to Christ at 9 and rededicated my life to Him when I was 17!  I don't regret either of these decisions.
Have you given your life to Christ? 
Would you have been the one praying with me?

In school, I really enjoyed Algebra + spelling.
Did you enjoy these subjects too?

June 7, 2014 I graduated high school as our family's very first home-school graduate.  I don't want to go to college, but would rather allow God to direct my steps. 
Would you have allowed Mom to home-school me? 
Would my decision of not going to college bother you? 

I've always felt drawn to Africa, in fact God has called me to go in the near future.
Did you ever think “God's going to do great things in her life”?

I've been playing the piano for 13 years.  Mom tells me that your sister Sabrina played the piano as well.
Did you ever think I would inherit that gift?

I wear glasses all the time – just like your bother Harry.
Did it ever dawn on you that I too would wear glasses?

I no longer have long blond hair, but now have long brown hair.  Mom says that as I get older, I have your color hair more and more.  She also tells me that I have your beautiful blue eyes.
Would this make you proud?

I've always held extra weight, which Mom says runs in both families.  I'm really trying to lose weight and be healthier.
Would you tell me I'm beautiful the way I am?

When I was born, you wanted my name to be “Alisha”.
Did you ever think that I would love the name YOU chose? 
Did you ever think that the little girl you held in your arms would cherish the fact that her biological father picked her first name?

I never went out for that promised birthday lunch/dinner with you.
Do you ever regret “forgetting” that promise, but instead moving away with your new family and dog?

When I was six, you signed off parental rights for another man to take your place.
Didn't that break your heart?
Have you ever wondered if he raised me “right”?

I've only spoken to you one time on the phone.
Do you regret never calling me again?

You left over the road when I was three weeks old.  Not putting in much effort to be the father (or dad) I needed.  You didn't really care about the responsibility of being a father, you just wanted the title.

It use to break my heart to know that you didn't love me enough to [at least] try to be my dad.  Perhaps I should be mad because you not only made me suffer, but you made Mom suffer too.

But it doesn't break my heart anymore, because God blessed me abundantly.  He took care of everything and turned it around for the good.

I was blessed with an amazing, Godly man to raise me.  Yes, I have the best dad in the world!  Because of your decisions, I have been blessed to have Daniel raise me for the past 16 years.  He's my hero, and I love him so much.  No - Daniel's not perfect.  But... he tries – and that's all that matters to me – the effort he puts forth.

And for the record… I'm not mad about the heartache you caused Mom either.  Because, in Daniel, God blessed Mom with an amazing husband, who treats her with the respect and compassion any woman deserves.

So -  even though you never cared about or tried being my dad, the very few times that you were around meant/still means the world to me and I hold on to those memories, still.  The smallest of things like:

** reading to me before bed
** picking me up from preschool
** teaching me how to yo-yo (I still can't to this day figure it out)
** correcting me after I stuck my tongue out at you
** the time you called me “baby girl” and said “I love you”

Will, now that I'm older, I finally realize that I can't stay mad at you forever – nor can I hold a grudge against you forever; that's just emotionally draining + goes against the Bible.  What good is life if I'm going to live it emotionally drained!?

Will, on this day I make the choice to forgive you, completely.

I forgive you for walking out.  I forgive you for signing-off your parental rights.  I forgive you for forgetting that birthday lunch.  I forgive you for never calling me back.

I love you, Will.  What you have done in the past won't change that.  I want you to know -  that I don't love you like I love Mom and Daddy.  I love you like a brother.  That's what you are – a brother in Christ.  I no longer think of you as my father nor do I consider you my dad.  You didn't want that responsibility (which is fine). 

Daniel has been not only a great father, but a wonderful Daddy.  When he “bought the farm...” (as you so eloquently put it), he made me his girl.  And I made him my Daddy.  Like I've said before, he's by no means perfect.  But being a dad doesn't mean you have to be perfect!  All a child cares about is Daddy being there for them, loving them, raising them to be in the likeness of Christ  – taking responsibility.  And really that's all Daniel does.

That's all I have to say … for now.  I do, however, have one last question:

I'm always thinking about you.

Do you think of me?


Avon review

My wonderful friend from church allowed me to sample a couple Avon products for me to review.

For this review, she gave me a trial size of the 



lip gloss

The foundation:
I was honestly hesitant with the foundation, because I have never been able to find a foundation that matches my skin tone, and that doesn't turn me orange haha.  However, this foundation  - well let me just say this I'm almost out and I'm very disappointed that I wont have any left lol.  I love the foundation!!!!!!!

The lip gloss:
I love lip gloss - just absolutely love it!  The shade my friend gave me is a very pretty pink, but doesn't turn my lips the shade of the lip gloss (that's a plus for me!).  I think everyone should have the lip gloss ;)

Below is a picture I took, so you all can see what the foundation and lip gloss look like when applied:  

I am very impressed, and honestly would love to get more of the foundation (it's going on my Christmas list y'all!!).

If you would like to purchase anything from Avon, here is the link to my friend's site:


Thanksgiving 2015 Recap

For Thanksgiving this year, Daddy's family came to visit!  It was such a wonderful time with family, and I absolutely enjoyed every second of it.  Enjoy these photos - sorry about the poor quality, I took them with my phone.