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If you listen carefully, you will hear many teens in the Christian faith mention “courtship” or “intentional dating” or “dating with a purpose”.  It doesn't matter if they come from a some what liberal family, or an ultra conservative family – the term “courtship” or it's “relatives” are used.

I've had several people ask me the three following questions:

What is courtship? Why is courtship becoming popular? What does a “biblical” courtship vs. dating look like?
When I felt led to do this mini series, I knew I wanted to mention what I have observed in some of the courtships around me, and how I plan on implementing what I have learned to my courtship (whenever my time comes).

What is courtship or courting?
According to American Heritage Dictionary, courting means the following:

To attempt to gain the affections or love of; woo. (there were many other definitions, but I loved this one)
Dear reader, I must tell you, I am having the most difficult time typing out what courtship is …

The First Christmas || Poem by Yours Truly

The First Christmas
Mary, a virgin so humble and sweet, An angel named Gabriel did she meet.
Gabriel spoke words so sweet and true, “Mary, I'm pleased to say God favors you.
You are to deliver a sweet little child, A child you will find to be humble and mild.
Your son has been sent to deliver you, He is the Messiah, so honest and true.”
Mary pondered these words in her heart, Overjoyed that in in Father's will she would take part.
Mary and Joseph then had to travel, In order for the Father's plan to soon unravel.
In Bethlehem the time had come, And Mary delivered her sweet little son.
In a stable did the Baby lay, In a manger, a trough full of hay.
Jesus, the tiny Babe that Mary bore, The shepherds and wise men came to adore.
The Messiah was born to seek and to save, That is why we have a Christmas day.

Frienships Between Guys + Girls || A Single Girl's Notes

Friendships between guys and girls.
One of the many basic yet so complex situations in life (yes dear reader, you will need to know advanced math for this post LOL … not really, I'm only joking).

One of the many “unavoidable” situations in life.  I say unavoidable because, look around you.  You see these friendships everywhere – no matter what the ages of the parties involved may be.  In fact, it's normal to have a guy friend (or a dozen) when you're a little girl.  But, oh dear reader, once you hit your teen years – well, you just start getting teased about it (and allow me to just say that it doesn't change when you're nearly 21).  No matter what the ages are, nor what the situations may be … every girl has a guy friend and he as a girl friend.

Are these friendships wrong?
Some people will tell you that having guy friends is absolutely inappropriate.  While I believe it can be, it's not necessarily always the case.  You simply just have to learn how to act aro…

Stay Tuned For A Mini-Series

I'm sure some of you laughed when you read what the mini-series will be about.  That's fine, you can laugh, but I think it's extremely important for single girls to form their views of love before they have a man win their heart.

In this four part series I will be talking about the following:

guy/girl friendships courtship engagement marriage
This mini-series will begin December 24, 2015 and will end January 14, 2016.

So join me, as  you hear what a single girl's views are in regards relationships.

What are you most looking forward to in regards to this mini-series? I would love to hear from you :)

Kitchen || Renovations

I'm finally getting around to posting renovation pictures - yay!

Below are pictures are the before, during, and after for the kitchen - enjoy ;)

Have you and your family renovated a house?

Bonnell Christmas Traditions

I'm so thankful that my family has Christmas traditions – I personally believe that they make this time of year more enjoyable :)

Enjoy a sneak peek on what we do the night after Thanksgiving ;)

Other traditions not pictured are:

** watching Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate
** looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve

What are some Christmas traditions do you + your family have? Comment and tell me, I love hearing from you ;)

What's Popular on Alisha In Progress || Top 10 Posts of 2015

Today I'm going to let y'all know what posts are popular here at Alisha In Progress.  If you haven't already read the following posts – enjoy ;)

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** Get Ready To Have Some Fun
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Which post(s) was your favorite this year? Comment and tell me, your feedback will help me make this blog better ;)

Bedroom Makeover - Part One

Last year we moved to a house on 5 acres.  The house needed lots of work done to it, but my parents were able to get the work done.  After a year and a half, the house is almost done – yaay.

Today I thought I'd share with you the before and after of my room.  This is part one because my room isn't quite done yet.  Enjoy ;)

Let me just tell you – I really enjoyed pulling the carpet out of the bedrooms.

Mom and I worked together and put the wood flooring down.

 And now my room looks like this …..

Don't worry y'all … I promise I'll post more renovation pictures!!

Have you ever put wood flooring down? Have you ever renovated a house? Comment and tell me, I love hearing from you ;)

My Love For Christmas Decorations

For those of you who don't me well enough - allow me to just tell you:

I absolutely love Christmas decorations :D

What do you love most about Christmas? Comment and let me know, I'd love to hear your thoughts ;)

She's Absolutely Amazing

Rhey is a friend to all and loved by all.  She loves people for who they are individually + individually in Christ.

She embraces her own individuality + isn't afraid to march to the beat of her own drum.

Her personality is absolutely wonderful.  She is talented, funny, cute, girly, spunky, sassy, quirky – and just plain awesome.

Her laugh is contagious – as is her smile.  Her smile lights up the room as soon as she walks in.

The faith she has in the Lord – wow!  She knows what she believes and stands firmly planted there.  She doesn't allow anything to sway her view.  When she is in question, she always takes it back to Scripture.

I cannot begin to express how much this girl means to me, how much I love her, nor how proud I am of the young woman she is becoming.

Do you have siblings?
What are some things that make you proud of them?
Comment and tell me, I'd love to hear what you have to say ;)

Joys of Farm Life || Farm Girl Chronicles

#1 Pickups
#2 Fresh eggs
#3 Baby meat chicks
#4 Living in the country
#5 Muckers
#6 Fresh milk
#7 Dairy farm smells
#8 Farming conversations
#9 Butchering
#10 Hunting
#11 Our property
#12 Farming friends
#13 Garden fresh vegetables

#14 Gardening conversations

20 Things I've Accomplished

#1 Have a better relationship with God
#2 Lead someone to Christ
#3 Go to Colorado Springs
#4 Adopt a puppy
#5 See my favorite band live
#6 Go skiing
#7 Learn how to drive a go kart
#8 Ride in a helicopter
#9 Start a blog
#10 Try sushi
#11 Shoot with a bow and arrow
#12 Have a paint-ball fight
#13 Learn to shoot a gun
#14 Go to Disney World
#15 Learn to sew
#16 Autograph something
#17 Go kayaking
#18 Rope swing into water
#19 Go to SeaWorld
#20 Build with Habitat for Humanity

What are some things you've accomplished? What are some things you hope to accomplish in 2016? Comment and tell me, I would love to hear them ;)

21 Blogs You Should Read


Do You Think of Me?

(a letter to Will, my biological father)
It's been nearly 12 years since you last spoke to me; 16 since you last saw me. Do you ever wonder how I'm doing?  Do you ever wonder who I look like – you or Mom?
I've decided to stay away from the dating game, and have devoted my life to that of physical + emotional purity for almost 12 years.  I've made the decision to stay away from drugs + alcohol. Would you be proud of me?
I got my learner's permit at 15 and my license at 18. Would you have taught me how to drive, or Mom?  Would you be concerned for my safety out on the road?
I gave my life to Christ at 9 and rededicated my life to Him when I was 17!  I don't regret either of these decisions. Have you given your life to Christ?  Would you have been the one praying with me?
In school, I really enjoyed Algebra + spelling. Did you enjoy these subjects too?
June 7, 2014 I graduated high school as our family's very first home-school graduate.  I don't want to go to college…

Avon review

My wonderful friend from church allowed me to sample a couple Avon products for me to review.

For this review, she gave me a trial size of the 


The foundation: I was honestly hesitant with the foundation, because I have never been able to find a foundation that matches my skin tone, and that doesn't turn me orange haha.  However, this foundation  - well let me just say this I'm almost out and I'm very disappointed that I wont have any left lol.  I love the foundation!!!!!!!
The lip gloss: I love lip gloss - just absolutely love it!  The shade my friend gave me is a very pretty pink, but doesn't turn my lips the shade of the lip gloss (that's a plus for me!).  I think everyone should have the lip gloss ;)
Below is a picture I took, so you all can see what the foundation and lip gloss look like when applied:  

I am very impressed, and honestly would love to get more of the foundation (it's going on my Christmas list y'all!!).

If you would like to purchase…

Thanksgiving 2015 Recap

For Thanksgiving this year, Daddy's family came to visit!  It was such a wonderful time with family, and I absolutely enjoyed every second of it.  Enjoy these photos - sorry about the poor quality, I took them with my phone.