Thanksgiving 2015 Recap

For Thanksgiving this year, Daddy's family came to visit!  It was such a wonderful time with family, and I absolutely enjoyed every second of it.  Enjoy these photos - sorry about the poor quality, I took them with my phone.

Grandpa Larry + Me

Grandma Linda + Me

Momma + Me

Aunt Tammy + Me
 Grandpa gave us a rifle and taught us all how to shoot - yes I had a blast.  Below is Rhey trying to properly shoot ;)

Daddy, Rhey, and Grandpa
yes it's blurry, but I love it!  Aunt Tammy is what I like to call "craaazy awesome" ;)

Momma, Daddy, and Me.  I broke my glasses Wednesday night - so during a game of Catch Phrase, I had to wear Daddy's glasses :P

Daddy + Me

When Aunt Tammy is around, I have automatic leeway to be just as craazy LOL 

Normal pictures don't exist with us ;)
So how was your Thanksgiving?
What are some thanksgiving traditions y'all have?
Comment, I'd love to hear what you have to say ;)

In HIS grace,


  1. Ali, gr8 pics!!! Looks like ya'll had a blast!!! And I LUV crazy awesome!!! Haha

    1. Clo,
      Haha thanks!! Yes ma'am we did ;) IKR?! Crazy awesome is the new trend for me ;) ;P

      Ali ♡


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