Awk + Awe :: take two ::

:: Awkward ::

When a dear friend texts you and asks for your views on predestination vs. free will and eternal security - and you don't exactly know how to respond nor do you want to.  But because you are such an awesome friend, you respond anyway ... praying the whole time that you and your friend agree wholeheartedly!!

When you're told that the ministry name is already taken, and you have to explain to them your silly mistake of using the wrong name, when actually ... you thought you were using the right one!
Putting together a mission project - and someone starts teasing/questioning your motives behind it!!  C'mon people ..... really lol????  What's wrong with sending flip flops to the area in which our supported missionary lives?!?!?!?!?  LOL :P

Going to your favorite Chinese restaurant and getting the Hershey's chocolate ice cream (place happy face here) .... and then suddenly ........ a little boy steals your chocolate ice cream (place very disappointed + startled face here).  I wanted to cry hahaha :P

Having a young girl who looks up to you, come up from behind you and almost strangle you by giving you a hug because she's soo tall lol.

Finally sending out two very belated birthday packages (they should have been sent out before Christmas 2014) ... and you wanna escape the face of the earth cuz sending late packages makes you a bad friend lol :P

On your way out of the chicken yard, your foot catches the edge of the fence and you fall make sure gravity still works lol.

:: Awesome ::

Having two best friends who agree with you in every aspect of your Christian walk :)

Having two understanding best friends and who love you ... even when you send them their birthday package in mid May and not December.

Getting to talk to one of your two missionary friends on the phone + catching up with her

Feeling so overjoyed to be able to support Moriah in her trip to Uganda through the fundraiser ... .love that girl dearly!

Going to your favorite Chinese restaurant with your family

Seeing Mom's face when she opened her Mother's Day gift this past Sunday :)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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