Bonnell Christmas Traditions

Photo from Pixabay

I'm so thankful that my family has Christmas traditions – I personally believe that they make this time of year more enjoyable :)

Enjoy a sneak peek on what we do the night after Thanksgiving ;)

Putting the lights on the tree

Making popcorn garland


Mom does an ahmayzing job decorating :D

Other traditions not pictured are:

** watching Polar Express while drinking hot chocolate
** looking at Christmas lights on Christmas Eve

What are some Christmas traditions do you + your family have?
Comment and tell me, I love hearing from you ;)


  1. Hi Alisha,
    I love your cozy Christmas traditions. I have often meant to get our tree started on Thanksgiving weekend, often don't get to it. Also, love the popcorn stringing. Thank you for stopping by on my blog, and for your sweet comments; you really blessed me. I am so happy to have found your blog; and your Mom's blog looks wonderful as well; both so inspiring, I feel as if I have found a couple of good books to read on a quiet cozy evening. Blessings and Merry Christmas to you.

    1. Miss Pam,
      Well I'm glad the comment blessed you - praise the Lord :)

      I'm glad you enjoy Alisha In Progress + my mom's blog (isn't her blog just awesome?)!

      Blessings to you + merry Christmas!

  2. I LOVE your Christmas tree!!! I always preferred the fuller tree look, but... Well... I guess I hadn't seen the others done right!!! ;)

    One of our favorite Christmas traditions is when we decorate for Christmas, we always have homemade sugar cookies, eggnog, and hot chocolate. The sugar cookies generally everyone joins in and decorates. It's fun to see the displays of everyone's creativity! ;)

    Love you girl!!!

    1. Haha I've always loved the fuller tree look too. But let me tell you - Mom sure does know how to make our tree beautiful ;)

      Oooooh that tradition sounds so fun and amazing ... not to mention yummy ;)

      Merry Christmas!

      Love you girl!

  3. Some of our Christmas traditions are: Putting up an 8 foot live tree. Hanging up our stockings on Christmas Eve. Buying fun presents for a red Santa Claus bag. Watching our favorite Christmas movies, "Christmas Carol" starring Alistair Sims,"It's A Wonderful Life", "Christmas In Connecticut"[the original version starring Barbara Stanwyck],"The Bishop's Wife", "Charlie Brown's Christmas" and Mickey Mouse's Christmas" and too many others to mention. We also have oatmeal for supper on Christmas Eve in honor of Scrooge's chosen meal.
    Thanks for sharing your traditions, I enjoyed reading them.
    Wishing you and Yours a Blessed and Merry Christmas.
    Marilyn and family

    1. Marilyn,
      Your Christmas traditions sound so fun and memorable :)

      I'm glad you enjoyed reading about some of our Christmas traditions :)

      Merry Christmas to you and yours as well!


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