The First Christmas || Poem by Yours Truly

The First Christmas

Mary, a virgin so humble and sweet,
An angel named Gabriel did she meet.

Gabriel spoke words so sweet and true,
“Mary, I'm pleased to say God favors you.

You are to deliver a sweet little child,
A child you will find to be humble and mild.

Your son has been sent to deliver you,
He is the Messiah, so honest and true.”

Mary pondered these words in her heart,
Overjoyed that in in Father's will she would take part.

Mary and Joseph then had to travel,
In order for the Father's plan to soon unravel.

In Bethlehem the time had come,
And Mary delivered her sweet little son.

In a stable did the Baby lay,
In a manger, a trough full of hay.

Jesus, the tiny Babe that Mary bore,
The shepherds and wise men came to adore.

The Messiah was born to seek and to save,
That is why we have a Christmas day.