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Wait for the Best

Wait for the guy who loves his Savior more than he loves you.
Wait for the guy who leads you spiritually.
Wait for the guy who puts Christ as his head and at the center of the relationship.
Wait for the guy who pushes you closer to the Lord, than to himself.
Wait for the guy who respects you and your family.
Wait for the guy who loves you for who you are in Christ and as an individual. Who doesn’t stop showing you and telling you just how much he loves you.
Wait for the guy who reaches for your hand, no matter where you are, and holds it proudly.
Wait for the guy who is so excited to have you in his life, that he introduces you to the entire world.
Wait for the guy who is passionate and serious about what he does (in work AND serving God), but yet he still makes you his priority.
Wait for the guy who makes you genuinely laugh. The laugh that lingers long after the moment has passed. The laugh that makes it impossible to be down in the depressing times.
Wait for the guy who puts in an effort …

Disney's Beauty & the Beast (2017) || Movie Review

“Tale as old as time”, this is absolutely true with this beloved fairy-tale and classic Disney movie.
For the past months, this timeless classic has been getting lots of bad talk. Why? Because of what was said by the producer Bill Condon and actor Josh Gad. They had mentioned how this movie had a “gay scene” and a big surprise for same sex couples. This led a drive-in theater to cancel the showing, because the owner felt that this would not be appropriate if Jesus were sitting with them; a theater in Malaysia to not show it, unless Disney cut out the gay scene; and multiple families who forbid from going to see this movie.
While I exhort all parties for standing up for Biblical principles, I must say that I personally believe all this talk, and boycotting has been blown out of proportion.
I have read articles that have stated how there is lots witchcraft (and that the Enchantress is pure evil), sodomy, bestiality, and every other “abomination” they could find.
My goal in this is to pr…

What's Popular on Alisha In Progress || Top 10 Posts of 2016

Are you wondering what posts were popular in 2016 here at Alisha In Progress? Are you new here, and want a list of posts to read?
Here's the top 10 posts of 2016 ... enjoy :)
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Which post(s) was your favorite this year? Comment and tell me, your feedback will help me make this blog better 😉