Seize the Day

Growing up, I've been told:
“Alisha, don't get ahead of God – He has you where HE wants you.”
“There is a season for everything!”
“Focus on today – the here and now.  Let tomorrow take care of itself.”
(There were probably other wonderful words of wisdom, but the ones mentioned are what I remember)

Of course I was given wonderful advice – I mean c'mon!  Parents are great at giving advice (can I hear an amen!?).  However, as a young adult (searching out my own faith), how can I truly know any of the advice is true?  I can't/shouldn't use the stock answer “my parents said so” or “well I've been raised in a devout Christian home, so what my parents believe … I believe”  I need to search out the why behind the advice.  I need to know if the advice given to me is truly biblical.

I almost “regret” (not the right word to use folks, but hang with me) the following verses.  They almost seem to be a biblical stock answer in the aspect of “what verses should I use?”.  However, they really do go along with what I've been searching out!

<< Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11, 17 >>

It is said that the writer of Ecclesiastes promoted a “seize the day” philosophy.  Which, if you read all of chapter 3, you can most definitely see.  But noticing the philosophy, it made me ask:

Is this philosophy scriptural?

I really pondered over this question + asked God to really reveal to me what He wants me to learn.  I came to the following conclusion.

I'd say the writer's philosophy is indeed scriptural!  If we aren't supposed to worry about tomorrow (see Matthew 6:25), and everything has it's season – then we should most definitely seize the day.

If we don't “seize the day”, we are most likely exhibiting anxiety, or showing a lack of trust in God.

After I came to this conclusion, I asked myself yet another question:

What does it mean to seize the day?

It means for rich and poor alike to heed the call, and focus on the most important issue of life – seeking God's kingdom with it's righteousness and justice.

Thinking that God had revealed to me everything He wanted – He whispered in my ear :

Whenever you feel yourself wishing for a different season of life, or worrying about what the future may hold, remember that I'm in control.  Take every thought captive + seize the day.


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    1. Charis,
      Well you're welcome - I'm glad you liked it!
      Awe praise the Lord!!

      In HIS grace,

  2. Beautiful words! I needed this today. I have had trouble this week "seizing the day". Great message! Thank you for letting the Lord use you to touch my heart! :)

    Allie D.

    1. Allie,
      Awe well praise the Lord that it touched your heart! I too have had trouble seizing the day (it's a hard lesson to learn).

      In HIS grace,

  3. So good, Ali!!



    1. Chloe,
      Praise the Lord! I'm glad it was good - to me it seemed mumble jumbled!! So glad it made sense hahaha :P

      In HIS grace,


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