Disney's Beauty & the Beast (2017) || Movie Review

Tale as old as time”, this is absolutely true with this beloved fairy-tale and classic Disney movie.

For the past months, this timeless classic has been getting lots of bad talk. Why? Because of what was said by the producer Bill Condon and actor Josh Gad. They had mentioned how this movie had a “gay scene” and a big surprise for same sex couples. This led a drive-in theater to cancel the showing, because the owner felt that this would not be appropriate if Jesus were sitting with them; a theater in Malaysia to not show it, unless Disney cut out the gay scene; and multiple families who forbid from going to see this movie.

While I exhort all parties for standing up for Biblical principles, I must say that I personally believe all this talk, and boycotting has been blown out of proportion.

I have read articles that have stated how there is lots witchcraft (and that the Enchantress is pure evil), sodomy, bestiality, and every other “abomination” they could find.

My goal in this is to provide an absolute honest review on this timeless classic.

There is a curse and lots of witchcraft?
The Enchantress. In the movie, the Enchantress is portrayed as “a filthy old hag”. When ignored by the prince, she transforms into a beautiful young woman. This is not a picture of evil, it’s a picture of beauty isn’t external, but internal.

The curse.
Yes there is mention of a curse, but we do not hear it being given. We see power coming out of her hands in order to transform the prince into the beast. Why was the curse given? So he could learn to love, and it was a lesson to conquer pride.

Lots of witchcraft.
People refer to the transformation of humans to household items as witchcraft. What is portrayed in the movie is not witchcraft. Witchcraft is “the practice of magic, especially black magic; the use of spells and the invocation of spirits”.

There is no black magic used at all in this movie.
Movies with witchcraft are: Hocus Pocus; Harry Potter; The Black Cauldron; etc.

There is sodomy?
I was one of the ones who got disappointed that the producer spoke up positively to there being sodomy in this movie. After the premiere, we were told what the spots were, and where they were.
What others aren’t willing to read about, is that the producer Bill Condon and actor Josh Gad wish that they could take back all that they said.

Gaston looks at himself in the mirror and says “I’m not finished with you yet”, Lefou follows after and says “Me neither”.
Lefou wasn’t referring to NOT being finished with his master, but himself.

Lefou (Josh Gad) was singing, dancing, complimenting Gaston (Luke Evans), and then wrapped himself up in Gaston’s arms and asked “too much?” to which Gaston replied “Yeeeeah”. This was no different than the original. Lefou wasn’t showing his gay side, worried that he had gone overboard with wrapping himself up in the arms of his master. He wanted to know if he had gone overboard with everything else (the singing, dancing, compliments, etc.)

Lefou dancing with a man dressed as a woman.
This was NOT in the movie, however we DO see him dancing with another man.
Despite what others have said in regards to this being THE SCENE, this was not what all the hype portrayed it as. Yes he (Lefou) was dancing with another man (one of whom was attacked by the wardrobe), but let’s put it into context. The dance to which everyone was dancing was one where you rotate and switch partners. Lefou and the man ended up together, not because they had planned it, but because they got lost in all the switching and rotating … wouldn’t you?? Their faces were that of “umm...why am I dancing with you?” rather than “*sigh* I wanna be gay!”.

Everyone said that Lefou wasn’t sure about his sexuality and that’s why he hasn’t snatched up a girl. Gaston asks Lefou “why haven’t you snatched a girl up?” to this Lefou replies “Well…uh...I’ve been told I’m too clingy.” There you have it folks … straight from the “horses” mouth.

Also, Lefou in French means “the crazy”, and that’s what Lefou portrays – a crazy, goofy, hilarious guy.

There is bestiality?
This was a new view, that I hadn’t heard of until this year. When I first read about it, I had to shake my head - because that wasn’t the intent.

What is portrayed in Belle is who I wanna be when I grow up (and if I am to help a beast break a curse, then so be it lol). She is a perfect picture of who a true young lady should be.

Whether Belle “fell in love” with a beast, is not the point to dwell on. What should be taken from this, is a beautiful picture of what true compassion, loyalty, friendship, unconditional love, self sacrifice is really like.

Overall review?
Disney did a fantastic job bringing the timeless classic fairy-tale to life – once again. In my personal opinion, this was better than the original (please don’t hate me!).

Everyone involved in creating this film did such an amazing job keeping it close to the original. There was one new scene, but that was it. Everyone deserves a round of applause with this movie, and I can’t wait to see the Disney Mulan when it comes out! (there will be a review on that as well).
I feel sorry for those who love Beauty and the Beast, but won’t go see this wonderful movie. We are all entitled to our own opinion, and I wanted to voice mine. It is not what all the hype made it out to be.

Before I close...
I would love for all of us to put aside all of our legalistic tenancies, and consider this for a moment.

The 2017 Beauty and the Beast isn’t the first film to have the Enchantress, “bestiality”, “witchcraft”, “sodomy tenancies”, etc.

The fairy-tale that this was based upon had all the above and so does the 1991 Disney classic. If we are going to forgo watching the new Beauty and the Beast, then we shouldn’t read the fairy-tale or watch the old Disney film.
Lefou has always been Lefou (and will always be himself); Belle will always be willing to love Beast despite what he looks like; and the Enchantress will always be known as the “filthy old hag” who cursed the prince and his castle.
Yes the producer and Josh Gad said what they said, but they have also regretted what they said and mention that it was blown out of proportion.

* * * * * * *

If you think a transformation is witchcraft, then please stop watching Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Why? Because Eustice is transformed into a dragon, and then Aslan transforms him into a boy.
Also, please stop watching Cinderella. Because the with the words “Bipidee, bopadee, boo” the fairy godmother transforms Cinderella's ragged dress into a beautiful ballgown.

If you think a curse is witchcraft, then please stop watching Sleeping Beauty. Because Maleficent curses Aurora as a baby.
Please stop watching Pirates of the Caribbean. Because there is indeed a curse in these as well.
Oh and please stop watching the Night at the Museum trilogy. Because there is a curse in it, the curse of Ahkmenrah.

If you don’t agree with witchcraft, then please stop watching The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe. Because, this movie has “black magic”, as Aslan himself states when he meets with the White Witch at his camp.
Also, please stop watching Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Because the Evil Queen is indeed a true witch (black cauldron, says a spell, and everything) and poisons the apple.
Oh, and I can’t forget Mary Poppins. Because she “magically” gets the job done; takes the children and Bert on a journey in a painting; they laugh on the ceiling; etc.

If you think sodomy is wrong, then please stop watching Downton Abbey. Because there is sodomy practiced and visible in this series.

I’m sure you are confused at why I would even encourage you to stop watching these timeless Disney classics, and other fun & imaginative movies. It’s not that I’m telling you to stop watching them, I’m merely showing you that much like faith, you can’t pick and choose what you are and aren’t going to believe. It’s either all or nothing.
When you say you won’t watch the new Beauty and the Beast, because of one thing or another, then it needs to carry through with the rest of your movie choices.

I know this movie review is quite a deciding factor in whether or not you’ll continue reading my blog. I’m sure some of you will not agree with me, but I felt like this review needed to be written.
However, I hope that some of you reading this found it helpful in deciding whether or not to go and see it, or waiting for it to come out at Red Box.

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this! It was very helpful!


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