Christmas 2017

This year my family and I were able to spend 3 days in Chesapeake with friends/adopted family.  We had a great time, and lots of memories were made.

When we arrived on the 23rd, we had a fantastic dinner awaiting us ... and Sangeria.

Me and Mom

Me and Dad

Me and Rhey
No, she is not drinking wine!  She felt left out and put her root beer in a wine glass lol.
Dec. 24th :
Mimi, Rhey, and I worked together and got Christmas dinner ready.  We enjoyed cooking, laughing, and talking with each other.

Mimi and Rhey took a break and went on a hunt for Brazilian nuts.  Meanwhile, I was being sneaky and took a picture!

They were in charge of the main meal ...

... while I was in charge of making the salad ...

... and finger foods

Nick and I went on a walk the pond ...


Begging to go on another walk

Nick loved cuddle time with his new friend Lexis

So blessed to have this guy as my dad!!
Thankful to have her as my life-long best friend

Miracles happen!  We managed to get a family picture taken lol!
All in all, Christmas this year was great!  I'm thankful to have spent it with my family!

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