Faith & Convictions

What do you believe about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit?
I believe that we serve a loving, yet jealous and just God.  We can never live up to His expectations, and in His eyes we are blemished by the corruption of the world.
I believe that He loved the world so much that He sent His Son (Jesus Christ) to die for our sins.  It is when we put our faith and trust in Jesus, that God wipes away all of our sins, and we are made clean in His sight.
I believe that God speaks to us, not only through prayer and His word, but also through the Holy Spirit.  I believe that God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit are all one, yet act completely separate of each other.

What do you believe about the Bible?
I believe that the Bible is infallible, God-breathed, God-inspired, written for all.  It is, in a sense, our road map through this journey we call life.
What are your views concerning roles of the father/mother in the home?
I believe that the Bible is very clear in the roles of a father/mother.  The father is the provider, protection, authority, while the mother should stay at home and teach her children in the ways of the Lord.  I believe that education in the home is the #1 best way to train up the next generation.  However, I know some people are in different circumstances in their life (I understand being that I was once raised by a single mom, therefore I don't look down upon people in that situation).

What is the basis of your view that a woman pastor is wrong?
I don't think a woman pastor is wrong, I just don't find that a woman pastor is Biblical.  The Bible is very clear about a woman's place in church (being silent, not to assurp the authority of a man, etc.).  Women tend to get emotionally involved (too much) and also tend to get carried away when it comes to being in leadership.  While I don't condone a woman pastorm, I do think there is a need for women ministry leaders.  I don't find it appropriate for a man to lead a woman's shelter, or other areas such as that.  That, I believe, is where women in "leadership" are okay & are keeping things Biblical.  However, they are still under the authority of the church's pastor, and therefore need to submit to his leading & guidance.Concerning music, where do you draw the line, and what's your convictions based on?
To be honest, I'm not as conservative in my music as I ought to be.  No I don't listen to most of the music that is in the world today, but I do like some artists that I consider my *ahem* guilty pleasures (anyone else like Michael Buble??).  I do, however, prefer Southern Gospel & Bluegrass Gospel, but I also like some contemporary Christian artists.  I haven't felt too convicted in this area, but I do know that God is growing me in this area of life.  I find that music isn't too much of a hill to die on, being that I am very careful about the music that I am listening to.  When my conviction is this area of life becomes evident, I will update this answer.
What made you decide to blog?
I wanted to start a blog that will encourage the current generation, and the generations to come in the way of our Savior.  I guess you can say that I have a generational vision (praise God).  I also figured that a blog is a great way to keep my extended family + long distance friends up to date on my life.

What is your blog generally about?
Generally ... haha ... it's about what God has been teaching me in my walk with Him, and what is happening in my life.  Although, I am getting involved with reviews, so those make their appearance too.How often will you be updating your blog?
Being that I don't have Internet access at home, my blog updates are typically once a week (every Thursday).
Who is your target audience?My target audience is whomever God has visiting my site.  While I gear my posts + the events towards ladies, I don't have any objections to men visiting either.What is the purpose of the site/blog?It is not only to reach out to the world, but also to keep my extended family + friends up to date with my crazy, grace-filled life.  It is to encourage the current generation, and the generations to come, in the way of our Savior.How does one become a guest blogger?
If you are interested in becoming a guest blogger, then you can email me.  For a list of verses that we adhere to when it comes to guest blogging, you find them here.  If you have any further questions, then email me and I will do my best to get back with you and answer your questions.
What Bible versions do you accept in regards to submissions for the Guest Blog?
I am not going to put my fist down when it comes to Bible translations – I'm totally open to whatever translation a person chooses to read/quote/cite/etc.Can anyone write for the Guest Blog?
Absolutely – however, I do ask that you read & adhere to the guidelines.What type of posts are wanted for the Guest Blog?
Any post you'd like to share are absolutely welcome on the Guest Blog.  DIY project tutorials, hair tutorials, recipes, fashion posts, etc.
Me personally
What is one of your favorite Bible verses?
One of my favorite Bible verses would be Isaiah 12:2
"Surely God is my salvation;
    I will trust and not be afraid.
The Lord, the Lord himself, is my strength and my defense[a];

    he has become my salvation.”

What are some of your current interests/favorites?
I really enjoy blogging, image manipulation, typography, sewing, and listening to music

Tea or coffee? (If coffee, what's your coffee shop order?)
Oooh definitely coffee :)  To be honest, since I've switched over to a healthier lifestyle, I've only been to a coffee shop once, so I can't really say what my order is.  Wait - yes I can .... "Dark Roast Freshly Brewed Coffee - no cream + sugar"

What is a dream photography session that you'd like to capture someday?
My dream photography session would be either a maternity photo shoot or a couple photo shoot.  Ooooh a newborn session would be wonderful too ;)

Introduce your sibling/s and what is something you especially enjoy doing with them?
Rhey is 14, and she and I love getting into trouble (hahaha just joking - although it is mostly true).  She and I love going on sister dates, laughing, and having a good time.

Where do you find most of your clothing? Any tips for young ladies who are desiring to dress in a modest, God-glorifying way?
I find most of my clothing at Goodwill (#goodwillisamazing).  Ladies, while you strive to dress modestly + God-glorifying,don't be legalistic about the conviction.  If you want to wear your knee length shorts to a conservative friend's house - then wear those knee length shorts.  The important thing isn't what you wear (okay well it is just a tad), what's important is the attitude of the heart.  Don't get stuck in "I have to dress in a long skirt + I can't wear pants in order to be modest" mentality.  Instead, make your mentality "Am I going to cause my brothers to fall?  Is my attitude modest?  Is Jesus shining through?"

5 things you're thankful for today?
1) my salvation through Jesus Christ
2) my wonderful not-so-little-sister
3) my parents (I love them sooooooo much!)
4) coffee (seriously people, I don't know what I would do without it - I'd be lost)
5) all of my faithful readers (yes I'm thankful for YOU!)

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go/who would you go with?
I'd go anywhere God directs, with whoever God wants me to go with

Beach, mountains, city, or country?
Hmmm .... well I'm "just a small town girl - living in a lonely world" (haha I warned you about my music selection).  However, since small town wasn't listed, I'm going to say city :)

Story behind starting blog/blog name?
I had a blog earlier in my teen years (Extreme Faith) but I quit blogging when I was 16.  When I was 17 I started blogging again, but I felt like all the names I chose wouldn't stick for long.  One day, Mom suggested that I do Alisha In Progress, because I'm a work in progress until I reach heaven one day.  So July, 2012 was the start of my blog over at Blogger.  But as the blog readership started to grow, I felt like I needed to expand the blog itself  - hence why I created this site.

Night owl or early bird?
I'm most definitely a night owl (anyone else a night owl?).