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Preparing to : turn the world upside down

As I was doing my morning Bible reading, I came across something interesting in one of the books I'm using as a small devotional. Because I don't want to paraphrase what I read, I'm going to write out what I thought was verry interesting ;)
*“There is nothing more important than believing that you can, and this is really one of the supreme messages of the Christian faith. Whoever you are, whatever failures there may be in your life, mo matter how difficult and dark the future, you still can. Jesus looked into the face of a group of very ordinary men and told them that they could conquer the world. They believed Him and set about doing it. The Bible refers to those men as “these that have turned the world upside down” (Acts 17:6).”
When you face failure, disappointment, etc., do you feel like giving up? Do you feel as if you can't accomplish anything?
**“When we get the idea that we can't succeed in life, we won't. But if we bleive we can succeed, we will. …

Preparing to: set the world on fire

Since April 3rd, 2013 my life has belonged to God! I'm truly set free from all the past sin in my life {praise God Almighty}, but is it only about being saved? Is that what life as we know it all about? Does our Maker want us to only pray, “God forgive my sins, and come into my heart”? This is what most Christians today think! God wants to us to draw close to Him, so He can draw ever more close to us. If the Christian's life isn't about only being saved then what is it about? What does our Father desire?
At 19 I have finally found out for myself what my Father desires...the One who gives us life, desires for His children to be close to Him. It's not just about praying the “prayer of Salvation” and then attending church every time the doors are open. If that's not what it is all about, then how do you become close to our Father?
You start by prayer! Prayer is one important key element in the devout Christian's life. This is a way to communicate with th…

Are you thankful for your dad?

Memory Verse: ...but bring them up in the nurture and admonition of the Lord {Ephesians 6:4b}
Our Father above gave us our earthly daddy for a specific reason. Even though we may not see it or understand it now, the Lord did it for our protection.

How do you show your dad that you love Him?
Think back to the last time your dad protected you. Looking back now, are you thankful that he did?
What other vere(s) can you think of and memorize, that will help you remember that your dad will protect you?
List ten ways your daddy has protected you
You are more than welcome to copy this post for your personal use only.   I wrote all these out on a piece of paper and taped it to the front inside cover of my journal ... so I have a constant reminder of how blessed I am to have an earthly protection :)
In HIS grace, Alisha

February recap + March goal

Blog more – I am very pleased at how much I posted last month. Granted it wasn't daily … but that's okay … my goal isn't to be a daily blogger. My goal is to not let this blog get silent haha … I despise when I have a silent blog.
Learn how to play “I'll Fly Away” on the piano – I accomplished this … whoot whoot! My timing still needs work (as is with all the songs I play) buut I can cross this off my list ;)
Teach myself a tad bit of image design – I have indeed accomplished this … and I'm verry proud of myself lol. Now I just have to improve this area … ugggh (that means I have to be patient lol =P)
Read Proverbs – again … I'm very pleased as to how this went. Everyday of the month, I would read the daily Proverb and see if I could apply it to my life. Proverbs 17 really spoke to me :)
Journal more – I have to slap myself with this one. As I did my morning Bible time, I took out my journal so I wouldn't forget. Well … then I would kinda tell myself “I don&…

Is "impossible" in your vocabulary? :: March 2015 challenge ::

Do you have a deep desire to accomplish something that will greatly affect the Kingdom, but you're told that it's impossible, or you tell yourself it's impossible? I will admit that I do have a deep desire, and I've been told that it's impossible, and I even tell myself it's impossible sometimes.
When we first learn how to talk, we copy what our parents say. They say “say 'mama'” we say “mama”. When they say “say 'daddy'” we say “daddy” the best we can. Pretty soon they won't need to tell us what to say. We start to repeat what our loving parents say, good … and yes, even the bad. One of the words you'll eventually learn is the word … impossible.
Alisha, my parents decided when they got married that they would never say something is impossible.”
That is great news! Even if you never learn about the word through your parents, you'll still learn about it through friends, school (we have to learn how to spell it eventually, music…

Awk + Awe :: take one ::

So many blogs I read do an "awkward + awesome" post ... and I really enjoy reading them.  I have decided to give it a try since my life consists of really awkward and awesome moments lol :P
So here we go .....

:: Awkward ::
When your aunt mentions that you need to go to college, and your cousin (who's currently in college) speaks up … and you are tired of telling them that you don't feel God currently calling to pursue a degree, so there's just an awkward silence that lingers until you finally answer them with your stock answer.
Talking to a wonderful lady at church and getting information from the last church business meeting, and she all of sudden starts talking about a topic to which you don't wanna show any sort of emotion.
Finding out that your missionary friend will be coming to visit while you're on the upcoming trip, but you don't want to show sort of emotion … cuz your missionary friend is a guy and you don't want the other person to miscons…