February recap + March goal

Blog more – I am very pleased at how much I posted last month. Granted it wasn't daily … but that's okay … my goal isn't to be a daily blogger. My goal is to not let this blog get silent haha … I despise when I have a silent blog.

Learn how to play “I'll Fly Away” on the piano – I accomplished this … whoot whoot! My timing still needs work (as is with all the songs I play) buut I can cross this off my list ;)

Teach myself a tad bit of image design – I have indeed accomplished this … and I'm verry proud of myself lol. Now I just have to improve this area … ugggh (that means I have to be patient lol =P)

Read Proverbs – again … I'm very pleased as to how this went. Everyday of the month, I would read the daily Proverb and see if I could apply it to my life. Proverbs 17 really spoke to me :)

Journal more – I have to slap myself with this one. As I did my morning Bible time, I took out my journal so I wouldn't forget. Well … then I would kinda tell myself “I don't need to journal today! There's nothing to journal about anyway!” Oh Alisha … when will you learn!?

Read Ezekiel – hahaha … yeeeah … this didn't get accomplished =/ I got to chapter 20 and then forgot that I was reading it :(

Exercise 4x a week – this went better than January … but I wasn't real consistent. I would go for a week, then forget a week, for a week, then forget a week, and so on. So I'll say that I got 50% of this done (is that allowed??).

Learn how to speak Tagalog – I got some easy phrases down, buuuut I really need to work on it more! I put a hold on a couple books on learning Tagalog, buuut I still haven't gotten them (they're still in transit). I really need to learn how to pronounce some of the difficult phrases … Google, here I come =P

What happened in February :

The very beginning of the month, my missionary friend + some of his friends came to visit / sing / and speak at a couple different churches.  It was great to see everyone + meet new young adults who share the same beliefs/convictions as I do :)

My missionary friend + I played an impromptu duet (I played piano while he played guitar) for offeratory ... it was super fun :)

Mom made the necessary preparations for our upcoming trip in a couple weeks ;)

I became really comfortable with image design ... in fact, when I get back, I am creating a personalized save the date for my dear friend + her man :)  #soexcited!

I got a DIY project completed ... whoot whoot :)

:: Do a photo shoot

:: Go on a road trip

:: Take a break from blogging for about 2 weeks

:: Journal more

:: Finish Ezekiel

This month is going to be somewhat busier than last month.

Mom, Rhey, and I have a big trip coming up. I have decided to take a two week blogging break during that time – I think it's a well needed break :) My blogging break will begin March 18th and end March 29th . However I won't be posing anything until April 1st … that will give me time to get posts ready, photo's edited, and my April goals all sorted out :)

For those of you who text back and forth with me … I will be unavailable until the 29th or the 30th.

Where are we going? Hmmmm … well … ya know, I may just leave that a secret until I get back ;) Yeeah that's what I'll do … I am gonna leave that a mega secret until the 1st of April :)

So for now … y'all take care :)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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