Awk + Awe :: take one ::

So many blogs I read do an "awkward + awesome" post ... and I really enjoy reading them.  I have decided to give it a try since my life consists of really awkward and awesome moments lol :P

So here we go .....

:: Awkward ::

When your aunt mentions that you need to go to college, and your cousin (who's currently in college) speaks up … and you are tired of telling them that you don't feel God currently calling to pursue a degree, so there's just an awkward silence that lingers until you finally answer them with your stock answer.

Talking to a wonderful lady at church and getting information from the last church business meeting, and she all of sudden starts talking about a topic to which you don't wanna show any sort of emotion.

Finding out that your missionary friend will be coming to visit while you're on the upcoming trip, but you don't want to show sort of emotion … cuz your missionary friend is a guy and you don't want the other person to misconstrue any of your emotions.

Texting a dear friend and realizing you text the wrong friend … then having to explain your “duuuh Alisha” moment.

When your mom has the Ready Whip can and decides to squirt it up your nose (love you Mom!).

Sending a text to the wrong person in your contacts that you've lost 19 pounds and they respond with “good for you! Congrats! Uh Alisha are you sure you meant to text me and tell me??”

:: Awesome ::

Finding out that your adopted-by-heart-big brother is tying the knot this summer!

Finding out that your dear friend is getting married this October!

Getting a text from your missionary friend, telling you that she's thinking about you and praying for you.

Finding out that your two missionary friends are being supported by your church. Insert feelings of excitement / happiness / joy.

Having family fun with the Ready Whip can :)

Getting on the scale and realizing that you've lost a total of 19 pounds! #whootwhoot :)


What awkward + awesome moments happen in your life?  Leave a comment ... I'd love to hear them ;)
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In HIS grace, Alisha