Hello World

Here I am again .... after a long while of silence on the blog.
I would say I'm sorry ... but I'm sure the "I'm sorry's" are getting old!

Allow me to fill you in on what my life has consisted of lately:

→ I went to Dallas for three weeks back in May (a post will be hitting the blog soon ... I hope)

→ I am now working two part time jobs.  The busyness of life now is taking some getting used to, but I love it.  It's a great way to keep your mind off certain things and just grow, spread your wings ... and learn.
The first job I'm working is at a small Italian restaurant.  I'm a "waitress"/cashier, and I absolutely love my job there.  I'm a people person, so it's the perfect job for me 😊
The second job I'm working is at a friend's father's place.  I'm a personal health care provider, and that's taking some getting used to.

So yeah, that's really all I've been up to lately lol!  Nothing too special ... but not too boring either.  Each day is a new adventure and I'm loving all the adventures life is sending my way!

Just so y'all know ... I have a couple posts in the works, so hopefully I will be posting them sometime in the near future 😉

Until next time


  1. Proud of you as you embark on new adventures and explore new horizons, friend!



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