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Kate's Innocence by Sarah Holman || Book Review

Today I am going to review a wonderful book ... called ...

This book is hands down the best book I have ever read.  It had me at the edge of my seat, and I didn't want to put it down.  I ... ummm ... may have finished it in one night ;P

Sarah Holman did a fantastic job making the "love" in this book so pure and clean.  She did a wonderful job with keeping the FBI work seem real, but yet also somewhat fictional.  Her writing style is absolutely fun to read, she makes the book come to life.  This is the second book in which I felt I was actually there - love when that happens :D

I am really looking forward to the second book - why does patience have to be so hard????? :P

I definitely give this book a five star rating!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!

Seize the Day

Growing up, I've been told: “Alisha, don't get ahead of God – He has you where HE wants you.” “There is a season for everything!” “Focus on today – the here and now.  Let tomorrow take care of itself.” (There were probably other wonderful words of wisdom, but the ones mentioned are what I remember)
Of course I was given wonderful advice – I mean c'mon!  Parents are great at giving advice (can I hear an amen!?).  However, as a young adult (searching out my own faith), how can I truly know any of the advice is true?  I can't/shouldn't use the stock answer “my parents said so” or “well I've been raised in a devout Christian home, so what my parents believe … I believe”  I need to search out the why behind the advice.  I need to know if the advice given to me is truly biblical.
I almost “regret” (not the right word to use folks, but hang with me) the following verses.  They almost seem to be a biblical stock answer in the aspect of “what verses should I use?”.  Howeve…

Called to Africa 2016

As I sit here writing this letter, my heart races with excitement and anticipation!!  Why you ask? Allow me to share a bit of history ...

At ten years old, the Lord laid Africa on my heart.  There was nowhere specific, just simply Africa.  But, being so young I simply thought this was God's way of opening my heart to missions, in general.  Therefore, I tried to put it out of my mind.  However, God had other plans!  As much as I tried, I couldn't forget what I had heard that still small voice whispering.  It seemed everywhere I turned Africa would pop up out of nowhere; pastors, missionary stories/articles, friends, movies, music. Everywhere I turned, I was being shown AFRICA.

I knew missions was something God was calling me to, but wasn't sure exactly what it would look like.  Last year, a mission organization called “Mission Nanny's” was placed in my path.  Thinking this was something God wanted me to pursue, I looked into it, excited to see there were positions open in…

Time to Share - part 1

2016 is proving to be kind of a busy, some-what hectic, exciting year for this family of four!
Sadly {for the time being} I can only share part of the hectic excitement with y'all - so enjoy the following two pictures!
Our new church home:
God has provided us with a wonderful little church to go worship Him in every Sunday!  The pastor is incredible, the preaching is beyond phenomenal, and the warmth makes you feel - well it makes  you feel like you're at home :)

The pastor:
Pastor Dan is a wonderful man of God - you can definitely tell that he loves the Lord just by the way he lives his life!

If any of you live in the Shenandoah Valley and are looking for a wonderful conservative, somewhat charismatic, non-denominational church to visit - then check out this website:

Church On the Way

I pray that y'all have a wonderful and blessed day!
>> Stay tuned for "Engagement" this Thursday <<

Choose Joy || free printable

I love when blogs have printables!!  So I thought "hey, I'll do one myself too!"

So, hope you all enjoy this printable .... I know it isn't much, but hey - I'm just starting out ;)

What printable would you like to see next month? Comment and let me know, that's the only way I can improve ;)

Prayer & Purity

Instead of this week's post being about engagement {like originally planned}, I am going to answer several questions a faithful reader has asked.

Is it good to pray for your future husband + children even when you don't know them? If so, why?  And what if you pray for them and God doesn't want you to get married? Is it good to give your whole heart away in a courtship? What if you're not sure God wants you to marry that person, but you've already given your heart to him?
These are wonderful questions, and I will attempt to answer them to the best of my ability.  So let's begin :)

Is it good to pray for your future husband + children even when you don't know them?

I absolutely believe in praying for your future husband + children.  You have the ability to pray for your future man's life and faith.  As well as having the ability to pray against any generational curses and for your future children's faith.

Just praying for your future husband's health,…

I'm Not Waiting {an open letter to my future husband}

Dear Future Husband,

For the past 11 years, I have believed people when they say “wait for your future husband, he'll come when the time is right.”  I have indeed waited, and waited, and waited.

But I'm no longer waiting for you.

When I say that “I'm waiting for my future husband” that is implying that my life is, to some extent, on hold.  It's not.

In about about five months I will be on a plane headed to Ghana, West Africa.  It's exciting and thrilling and terrifying and nerve-wracking all at the same exact time.  I am so excited to be heeding the call God has placed on my heart for the past 10.5 years.

In today's society, people expect that at the ages of 18-21 a girl should have a diamond on her finger {if she doesn't then she's deemed an old maid}.  They have met Mr. Right and couldn't be any happier.  This is true for many girls, I have at least six friends who are courting, engaged, or married.  They all started courting at the age of 18 and …

11:37 PM

11:37 PM.  The age of almost 21.  Eyes and mind still very much awake, climbing into my cold sheets {writing this blog post}.  I can't help but think about what lies ahead.  I do this quite often (like every night).  I can't help but think that one day 11:37 will be so much more than just 11:37.  It might be 11:37 – on the mission field in Ghana, West Africa.  11:37 – waiting to welcome the New Year with a man to call my own.  Or maybe 11:37 – laughing at myself once more as I drift off to sleep, falling more in love with my Prince.  Whatever it is, I can't wait to do 11:37 with even more faith in Who holds my tomorrow.

Welcome to my brain!

What will 2016 look like?  What does God have in store for me?  These are the little things that keep me up at night.  Where will I be in my faith at this time next year?  Will I grow exceptionally in the love + grace of our Lord?  I'd like to think I will, but I can't say I will for sure – I don't know what my future holds.…