Choose Joy || free printable

I love when blogs have printables!!  So I thought "hey, I'll do one myself too!"

So, hope you all enjoy this printable .... I know it isn't much, but hey - I'm just starting out ;)

What printable would you like to see next month?
Comment and let me know, that's the only way I can improve ;)


  1. Replies
    1. Elizabeth,
      Thank you - glad you liked it :)

      In HIS grace,

  2. That's cute. :)
    ps. Do you think it's good to have a boy for a pen pal and email boys?

    1. Ashley,
      Awww I'm glad you thought so :)

      To answer your question, I personally refrain from writing boys. I go into detail in a previous post. Here is the link :)


      I hope this answers your question :)

      Blessings to you!

    2. Oh yes. I remember that post. You think it's bad, even if he's younger than you, and he wants to write someone because they're lonely?
      Thank you so much for the help.

    3. Ps. And what if I never met him and he doesn't live near us? Would you still not email him?

    4. Ashley,
      If he doesn't live near you, but he would like to get to know you, then he needs to go to your dad. There is no problem with e-mailing or ttexting a young man you're courting.
      But I strongly encourage girls to refrain from that sort of communication if a young man hasn't gone to their dad.
      Now if you've never met him ... that might be a bit hard LOL.
      I hope this answers your question :) If not, then feel free to keep asking!

      In HIS grace,

  3. Yeah, that answered it. But he doesn't want to court us. He is lonely and wants someone to write. I told my mommy about your post, and she doesn't think there's anything wrong with writing him....


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