11:37 PM

11:37 PM.  The age of almost 21.  Eyes and mind still very much awake, climbing into my cold sheets {writing this blog post}.  I can't help but think about what lies ahead.  I do this quite often (like every night).  I can't help but think that one day 11:37 will be so much more than just 11:37.  It might be 11:37 – on the mission field in Ghana, West Africa.  11:37 – waiting to welcome the New Year with a man to call my own.  Or maybe 11:37 – laughing at myself once more as I drift off to sleep, falling more in love with my Prince.  Whatever it is, I can't wait to do 11:37 with even more faith in Who holds my tomorrow.

Welcome to my brain!

What will 2016 look like?  What does God have in store for me?  These are the little things that keep me up at night.  Where will I be in my faith at this time next year?  Will I grow exceptionally in the love + grace of our Lord?  I'd like to think I will, but I can't say I will for sure – I don't know what my future holds.  Actually scratch that, I pray I do because that means that I am only growing more into the woman God has created me to be!

Will I meet a young man who has a thing for a messy girl who is preparing to go on a mission trip + lives on coffee {it's amazing stuff y'all!}?  I wish I could just receive an email from God telling me what He wants me to do in 2016.  However, that will defeat His purpose.

What's His purpose?

His purpose is to teach me to fully trust Him in knowing that it will all work out – and to have patience.

I have big hopes for 2016.  Will they all come true – not unless the Lord allows {have you ever heard of hopes coming true??}.  What are my hopes you ask?

Hope 1: I hope that I will be shaped and molded into the woman of virtue and character.  The woman who will leave not only memories, but a beautiful legacy behind.  The kind of woman who, in the face of trial, will be on her knees fighting for victory.

Hope 2: I hope that whatever season I enter into, that I “take notes”, and allow the Lord to grow me and reveal Himself to me.

Hope 3: I hope that I become a pursuer of the presence of Christ, that in my stillness He would speak wisdom, discernment, and vision over my life.  That He will raise me up in victory, just like He did when David stood before Goliath.

Hope 4: I hope {and pray} that I make an impact in the lives of the people of Ghana.  Oh what a joy it would be to know that my trip wasn't in vain, and that I ended up making a bigger impact than I intended.

I guess you can say that the above hopes are my “New Year Resolution” – I hope this “resolution” brings success, and not failure (much like the past revolutions I've made).

What are your hopes for 2016?
Comment and tell me, I'd love to hear about your hopes ;)


  1. Those are some wonderful hopes, Ali!!
    My hopes for 2016 is to follow God's calling for my life, graduate high school, get a job, and I'm looking forward to turning eighteen in April!!!


    1. Chloe,
      Well praise the Lord :) I loved hearing your hopes for 2016 - they are great ;)

      Love you girl!

  2. Some of my resolutions are to be a better sister, and draw closer to Christ and be more like Him. :)
    ps. I'm having a Scripture swap, just in case you're interested. :D

    1. Ashley,
      Your resolutions are absolutely wonderful!!

      Thank you for letting me know about your swap :)

      In HIS grace,


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