Kate's Innocence by Sarah Holman || Book Review

Today I am going to review a wonderful book ... called ...

This book is hands down the best book I have ever read.  It had me at the edge of my seat, and I didn't want to put it down.  I ... ummm ... may have finished it in one night ;P

Sarah Holman did a fantastic job making the "love" in this book so pure and clean.  She did a wonderful job with keeping the FBI work seem real, but yet also somewhat fictional.  Her writing style is absolutely fun to read, she makes the book come to life.  This is the second book in which I felt I was actually there - love when that happens :D

I am really looking forward to the second book - why does patience have to be so hard????? :P

I definitely give this book a five star rating!!!!!

Hope you all have a wonderful evening!!


  1. You know how I luv a good book!! I might just check it out!!! Sounds exciting and I love a good love story that also has action! You said FBI, so does it have lots of investigation stuff in it?? ;););)



    1. Chloe,
      Yes ma'am I know it ;) I truly encourage you to check it out :D
      Yes ma'am this story is action packed! And it has LOTS of investigation stuff in it :)

      I will be editing this post this Thursday, and offering more information. I was in a HUGE rush last week =\ The edited post will have the link to where you can buy it :)

      Hope all of this helps!

      In HIS grace,

  2. Sounds like a really interesting book to read. What age do you think it would be appropriate for? Does it have alot of romance, or any fighting scenes in it?

    1. Ashley,
      It is a very good book!!!!

      The ages depends on the reading level. It's so appropriate, I would encourage our 10-11 year old friend to read it (although I won't because it's not her type of book lol). It's also very easy to understand which is why I'm going to say the ages are 10+.
      There is indeed no romance - you can tell two of the characters are interested in each other but that's all. There is no romance which I absolutely LOVED.
      Umm ... in regards to the fighting scenes, two people don't fight no ma'am. However, the person being accused of the crime was kicked in the stomach (they were on the floor). The author explains WHY this happens in the book (if I told I'd give it away). But as for actual fighting scenes, no ma'am.

      I will be editing this post on Thursday, in order to offer more information on the book. I'm sorry there were some questions let unanswered - I was in a HUGE rush last Thursday =\
      In the edited post, I will be including the link to where you can buy the book and there will be a different layout :)

      Hope this helps!

      In HI grace,

    2. Thank you Alisha. Yes, that helped. I look forward to reading the edited post on Thursday. :) Thank you for answering my questions. :)
      Love in Christ,


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