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Yesterday...a day we won't forget!!

I'm sure you all are wondering what was so special about yesterday...I'll let the pictures tell you!

 Bob, Larry, & the gang came to "our neck of the woods"
Sydney was quite a smiley 11 year old :D
My friend Missy and I took quite a few pictures AND videos!

 For two teens, we were quite excited to see the Veggie Tale gang :p
 Sydney enjoyed helping with the little ones who came with Missy...they were playing "Simon Says" before the show was about to start.
 the "Water Buffalo" song
 Missy and I agreed that this would be such an AWESOME job to have :D

 Mr. Lunt as a pirate who doesn't do anything!  Oh and yes he did sing his popular "Cheeseburger" song :D
 Larry as a pirate who doesn't do anything :D
"Walking on Sunshine"...I love the costumes for this song :p
my favorite character...Junior Asparagus...yes he did sing "God is Bigger than the Buggie Man"
Now, I'm not afraid to let the WHOLE wo…

Honor your father and mother

I'm sure when we all hear the word "honor" we all tend to take a step back and say to ourselves, “why exactly do I need to honor them?” This is most definitely not the way to respond (even when it's quietly)!  For the Bible tells that: out of the heart comes the issues of life!   If, in your heart, you hate honoring your parents, then your actions will follow what you think!

God has given us parents who tell us “no” for a reason, who love us, risk their lives for us, and who most likely try their best to exemplify Christ in every aspect of their life. I understand how hard is to show parents the honor they deserve, but just remember this is one step closer to becoming more like Christ. And isn't that our main goal in life? Allow me to preface the importance and reward of honor...and obedience:
In 2011 I asked my parents if I could buy myself an iPod Touch 4th generation, but my dad told me to wait because I could find one used, in good condition on Craigslist or E…

Temporary Home - Carrie Underwood

I first heard this song on the radio, that was playing country gospel.  Now I usually don't like Carrie Underwood's music, but this song really drives this point home: the life we live in, in this world, is only temporary!  If we know where we are going we don't have to be afraid.

After this temporary home, where will you spend eternity?


The Gift of Family

Your family is a gift from God to you!  He wants you to know that, besides Him-self, these are the best people for you to receive love from and give love to.  And He wants you to know how to live with your family in a way that is loving, kind and best for everybody.
God's design is for your family to teach you about God.  If your parents are true Christians, ask them to tell you about their faith.  If your parents aren't Christians, God will work in other ways to teach you.
God wants you to respect and obey your parents.  This is one of the BIGGIES in the Bible (found in the Ten Commandments).  To honor and respect your parents means to listen to them, to take them seriously and treat them as people you really care about.
Love is the key to having a great family.  Don't wait for other to love you.  Loving you family members is a good place for love to begin.

NOTE: this devotional came from God's Words of Life for Teens


With the publication of the "Thankfulness" issue around the corner, I wanted to ask you all something...

Leave a comment telling us what you are thankful for...then when you are done, go to the Contact Me page, and send me a message with your name, age, address, and what you are thankful for.  We will submit what you are thankful for in the "Thankfulness" issue.  Don't hesitate!!
And remember...


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Saturday Satisfaction

Hello dear friends :D

Today I had my dose of Saturday satisfaction...maybe these pictures can explain

Yup, I mowed the lawn today...luckily it wasn't scorching hot weather :D  Nope, the Lord blessed me with a nice breezy September day, while I mowed the front yard and the backyard.  Oh and did I mention that I mowed an (I think) acre...with a push mower?  Let me just say that I get overjoyed when I look out the window and see both yards mowed!  Thank God that is done :D ♥


we got a new piano..for FREE!!  I l♥ve that word :D  Mom and Daddy are going to pick it up right now, so I CANNOT wait to play it :D ♥

Oh and I am still taking pictures...

Fall is among us friends...(I love the way this picture turned out)!
You have now witnessed first hand what a post is like when I don't know what to post about 8D
ttyl, Alisha

Your memorizing all of which book?

Okay so I've decided to try to memorize all of The Pilgrim's Progress (which is btw my fave)!
No...I'm playing around with you :D
I am seriously in the process of memorizing the entire book of Matthew!
Sydney and I are apart of a Bible quiz and this year they are focusing on Matthew.  And we are to compete on about 5 chapters at the end of every month or 3 months (I can't remember).
How much do I have done...oh 'bout 3 chapters!  
Procrastination?  No...well maybe just a lil' bit :D  It's also called trying to get caught up!!!
I have however found a new way of memorizing that has really helped me {wink}

 Yours truly getting ready to begin

This is the book I use...I am memorizing the book of Matthew out of the 1984 New International Version
 Each verse written down on its own index card
I also write the verse down on a piece of paper, cut the words out,  mix them up, and then the fun begins :D
 My puzzle is complete :D
 Can anyone guess which verse I was…

Happy Anniversary Daddy & Mom

Twelve years ago, Daddy said "I do" while looking at his radiant bride. Twelve years ago, Daddy promised Mom to love her through the good times and the hard times. Twelve years ago, Daddy brought Mom's beautiful smile back. Twelve years ago, Daddy brought laughter back into our home. Twelve years ago, Daddy showed Mom what a true husband is supposed to be.

Daddy & Mom said "I do."

Daddy promised to love her through the good times and the hard times.

  Daddy brought Mom's beautiful smile back.

Daddy brought laughter back into our home.

Daddy showed Mom what a true husband is supposed to be.

Twelve years later, Daddy hasn't regretted saying "I do."  Twelve years later, Daddy has kept his promise to love her through the good times and the hard times. Twelve years later, Daddy has kept Mom smiling. Twelve years later, Daddy hasn't failed in bringing laughter into our home. Twelve years later, Daddy has continued to show Mom what a true husband is s…