Saturday Satisfaction

Hello dear friends :D

Today I had my dose of Saturday satisfaction...maybe these pictures can explain

Yup, I mowed the lawn today...luckily it wasn't scorching hot weather :D  Nope, the Lord blessed me with a nice breezy September day, while I mowed the front yard and the backyard.  Oh and did I mention that I mowed an (I think) acre...with a push mower?  Let me just say that I get overjoyed when I look out the window and see both yards mowed!  Thank God that is done :D 


we got a new piano..for FREE!!  I l♥ve that word :D  Mom and Daddy are going to pick it up right now, so I CANNOT wait to play it :D 

Oh and I am still taking pictures...

Fall is among us friends...(I love the way this picture turned out)!

You have now witnessed first hand what a post is like when I don't know what to post about 8D