Your memorizing all of which book?

Okay so I've decided to try to memorize all of The Pilgrim's Progress (which is btw my fave)!

No...I'm playing around with you :D

I am seriously in the process of memorizing the entire book of Matthew!


Sydney and I are apart of a Bible quiz and this year they are focusing on Matthew.  And we are to compete on about 5 chapters at the end of every month or 3 months (I can't remember).

How much do I have done...oh 'bout 3 chapters!  

Procrastination?  No...well maybe just a lil' bit :D  It's also called trying to get caught up!!!

I have however found a new way of memorizing that has really helped me {wink}

 Yours truly getting ready to begin

This is the book I use...I am memorizing the book of Matthew out of the 1984 New International Version

 Each verse written down on its own index card

I also write the verse down on a piece of paper, cut the words out, 
mix them up, and then the fun begins :D

 My puzzle is complete :D

 Can anyone guess which verse I was working on?

Leave a comment with your guess...then in a separate post I will tell you which one it is!


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