Yesterday...a day we won't forget!!

I'm sure you all are wondering what was so special about yesterday...I'll let the pictures tell you!

 Bob, Larry, & the gang came to "our neck of the woods"

Sydney was quite a smiley 11 year old :D

My friend Missy and I took quite a few pictures AND videos!

 For two teens, we were quite excited to see the Veggie Tale gang :p

 Sydney enjoyed helping with the little ones who came with Missy...they were playing "Simon Says" before the show was about to start.

 the "Water Buffalo" song

 Missy and I agreed that this would be such an AWESOME job to have :D

 Mr. Lunt as a pirate who doesn't do anything!  Oh and yes he did sing his popular "Cheeseburger" song :D

 Larry as a pirate who doesn't do anything :D

"Walking on Sunshine"...I love the costumes for this song :p


my favorite character...Junior Asparagus...yes he did sing "God is Bigger than the Buggie Man"

Now, I'm not afraid to let the WHOLE world read this post...I admit right now...I love Veggie Tales!  And yes...I sang all of the songs with them!

Thank you Mom & Daddy for getting Sydney and I the tickets so we were able to go :D


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