Honor your father and mother

I'm sure when we all hear the word "honor" we all tend to take a step back and say to ourselves, “why exactly do I need to honor them?” This is most definitely not the way to respond (even when it's quietly)!  For the Bible tells that: out of the heart comes the issues of life!   If, in your heart, you hate honoring your parents, then your actions will follow what you think!

God has given us parents who tell us “no” for a reason, who love us, risk their lives for us, and who most likely try their best to exemplify Christ in every aspect of their life.
I understand how hard is to show parents the honor they deserve, but just remember this is one step closer to becoming more like Christ. And isn't that our main goal in life?
Allow me to preface the importance and reward of honor...and obedience:

In 2011 I asked my parents if I could buy myself an iPod Touch 4th generation, but my dad told me to wait because I could find one used, in good condition on Craigslist or Ebay. This didn't make me happy, because I didn't want to get a used one...I wanted one brand new (my flesh was taking control)! Then the most amazing thing happened to me...I felt a little tug on my heart, and heard a quiet voice say to me, “Do you really need one brand new? Trust your father he knows what he's doing.” So I told my dad that I would love to get one used...as soon as I had enough money to get one. Christmas time rolled around, and I received the most amazing gift...and mp4 player. No it's not an iPod Touch, but it was a whole lot cheaper, and it has everything that the iPod Touch has. God rewarded the obedience and honor I showed to my dad.

When you show honor, respect, and obedience toward your authority...God will indeed bless you!
We as chilren really need to learn how to honor our authority, because the way we treat others is in fact how we would treat Christ, and how we will treat the man God has for us. But not only that, we need to honor our authority because God commands us to!
The next time your dad tells you no to going to see a certain movie, think about why he's saying “no”. There may be something that you as a young lady don't need to see...don't argue! Or the next time your mom tells you that you can't wear this certain article of clothing – don't back-talk! Our parents tell us “no” for a reason, and if we take the answer with a happy heartthen God will bless us (sometimes not instantly).

For the next week, take the challenge and strive to honor your parents!


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