The Gift of Family

Your family is a gift from God to you!  He wants you to know that, besides Him-self, these are the best people for you to receive love from and give love to.  And He wants you to know how to live with your family in a way that is loving, kind and best for everybody.
God's design is for your family to teach you about God.  If your parents are true Christians, ask them to tell you about their faith.  If your parents aren't Christians, God will work in other ways to teach you.
God wants you to respect and obey your parents.  This is one of the BIGGIES in the Bible (found in the Ten Commandments).  To honor and respect your parents means to listen to them, to take them seriously and treat them as people you really care about.
Love is the key to having a great family.  Don't wait for other to love you.  Loving you family members is a good place for love to begin.

NOTE: this devotional came from God's Words of Life for Teens