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Every Life is Precious

Abortion. An eight letter word that will change the lives of at least three people.  The father, the mother, and the innocent bundle of blessings growing within the mother.  

We are told in the Bible to "Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth." (Gen. 1:28)  With people finding out they are expecting, decide they don't want the responsibility, and abort that precious blessing, they are going against everything our Father above has commanded them!
1."Thou shalt not kill." (Ex. 20:13)
I have heard others (particularly family members) say, 
"Abortion is not murder!"
... or ...
"What if something terrible happened to you, and you end up getting pregnant before marriage?  Don't tell me you wouldn't consider abortion then?"    

First of all, if it isn't murder, what isn't then?  Now I'm not God, but I'm sure He isn't smiling down on the person who may be having an abortion right now.  In God's eyes (and in mine),…

I Tried Making It Pleasing to You Lord!

As I was looking through some of some old papers the other day, I came across a "short story" I wrote five years ago (while I was supposed to be doing school).  I thought I'd share it with you ... so enjoy :)
Hey how's it going?  My name is Stephen, I'm an 18 year old Senior in high school.  Looking back on the way I lived my life a year ago, makes me sing praises to God for saving me.  Allow me to share my story with you.

I had it all going my way...all the way to my girlfriend, down to the car I drove.  However, I lived in a broken family, my dad dumped my mom back in '07.  He dumped my mom because she was a devout Bible believing woman after God's own heart. I used to love living at my dad's house 'cause I could get away with anything!  He was always out late at night with a new girlfriend, spending time with his buddies at the local bar and so forth. I dropped out of school in '08 and got an apartment of my own, my dad could honestly care les…

The Transformed Girl

Have you considered that you have to feel pain, in order for the pain to heal? I know, I know … weird right?  However, I've recently learned that, what I just stated is so true! I'm currently going through the healing process and am learning this the hard way.
I recently prayed for God to help me heal from the pain I've been dealing with in whatever ways He saw fit, while doubting all the while it would happen (after all, I had messed up terribly).
But then it happened. God started doing exactly the impossible He started repairing my heart. And it is in this article, that I hope to encourage those of you who are going through the same thing.
I was (am) amazed at how He decided to go about the repairing of this heart of mine.  Again, I learned that when you're praying for something “important” … be specific lol!
How does He repair a broken heart?
The repairing is taking place through … pain!
Not something I was expecting, but I guess this girl needed to go through this pain in or…

When God Is Silent

“Alisha, you think this year is hard.  Just wait until you're 21!  That's the age you try to find yourself and you go through different experiences in order to find your true self.  It will be tough.  Make sure you stay grounded in the Word and prayer!”

I started hearing that statement (or some other form of it) at the age of 16.  I remember thinking “yeah but you weren't raised the same way that I've been raised.  It will be different for me!  I'll always be grounded in the Word and prayer.  Nothing will change.  Just they wait and see!”  I was invincible … like all other teens.  We aren't affected by what affected our parents.  We are unnoticed and unexposed super humans (yeah right).
But like the foolish young adult I am, I didn't use caution.  I had my super human costume on … ready to prove those who warned me, wrong.  After all, I'm a pastor's daughter … I wouldn't lose sight of what was right.
Then the inevitable happened. I was starting to b…

Learning the Art of Joy

Sin separates us from God. Sin requires us to take ownership.                 These two statements are simple to let our minds grasp.  Yes they are abrupt, yes they hurt … but sometimes the truth hurts.
When we live a life of sin, we cannot learn how to live a life of joy.  It's nearly impossible!
Like I said in my first statement: sin separates from God!
How can we be separated from God, live a sinful life, but yet live a life of joy?  That's absolutely contradictory to the Word of God!
“The lost live a sinful but joyful life!  So it's not impossible.”
What you see in the life of the lost, isn't joy … it's temporary happiness (or pleasure).
Let's look at the difference between happiness and joy, that way we can clear up any confusion before we go any further.
H A P P I N E S S  is a blurred emotion and is temporary.
J O Y  is an attitude of the heart.
So yes, the lost live a sinful yet “happy” life.  But their happiness is much like the common fashion trends … in one minu…

The Silent Monster

Do you remember how as a child, you would always have “dad” check under your bed / in the closet for those nasty, scary, unwanted “creatures” out to ruin your night sleep (also known as monsters)?
Do you remember how your dad, knowing how important this monster hunt was to you, would exaggerate and pretend to pull and tug on those “darn monsters” and then with a big kick, he'd kick them out the door?
Yeah I remember that too!  To me, my dad was (and still is) my superhero.
Do you remember when you reached the age of “there are no monsters in my closet or under my bed.  Actually monsters don't exist!” I was so happy when that age came.  I don't know about you, but I just knew that I would never have to deal with that problem ever again.
Haha, yeeeeah, well …. was I wrong!
So … umm … I have this big scary monster … and well, he likes to think he's my shadow.  He seems to follow me everywhere. In fact I've decided to name him!  Yes, yes, I've named this monster.  I figur…