I Tried Making It Pleasing to You Lord!

As I was looking through some of some old papers the other day, I came across a "short story" I wrote five years ago (while I was supposed to be doing school).  I thought I'd share it with you ... so enjoy :)

Hey how's it going?  My name is Stephen, I'm an 18 year old Senior in high school.  Looking back on the way I lived my life a year ago, makes me sing praises to God for saving me.  Allow me to share my story with you.

I had it all going my way...all the way to my girlfriend, down to the car I drove.  However, I lived in a broken family, my dad dumped my mom back in '07.  He dumped my mom because she was a devout Bible believing woman after God's own heart. I used to love living at my dad's house 'cause I could get away with anything!  He was always out late at night with a new girlfriend, spending time with his buddies at the local bar and so forth.
I dropped out of school in '08 and got an apartment of my own, my dad could honestly care less if I was living with him or not.  As for my mom, well like all other devout Christians, she was constantly praying for me and Dad.  Now for the exciting part...the day that changed my life forever!

One afternoon as I was hanging out at my place, I received the most bizarre phone call ever, that went something like this:


"Hello Stephen, how are you?"

"I'm sorry you don't sound like any of my friends, do I know You?"

"Not like you should."

"What's Your name, and what can I do for You?"

"I have many names, today I am Friend.  I was wondering if I could come over to your house this afternoon and talk with you?"

"Yeah sure...see You in an hour?"

"An hour sounds wonderful to Me.  Goodbye Stephen."


Told you it was bizarre! He never outwardly said that He was Jesus, but I just knew deep down that He was Jesus.  My house was not all that pleasing, and I had a bunch of cleaning to do.
First I started by deleting all of my Internet history, then by throwing away all my posters, and finally having K-Love on as the only preset that I listen to.
Finally He arrived!  When I answered the door and invited Him in, I could tell that He wasn't pleased with what He saw.  

"Stephen who's baby is that?"  He asked as He was looking at a picture.  

"Oh you mean that cute little girl, she's my...my daughter.  Her name is Jocelyn, she's about 12 days old."

"I see, if you're already committed to one young lady, then why did you have to delete your Internet history?"

"Well...I wanted to make that area pleasing to You."

"Hmm I see...I'm also noticing all the defrauding posters in your trash.  How would Janessa feel if she knew that you owned those?"

"Awful Lord, but I tried to make this area pleasing to You."

"I'm also realizing you have K-Love as your only radio preset.  Son, unless you pick up your cross and follow Me (Matthew 6:24) and repent, you cannot live with me in victory."

"Lord, I'm sorry for all the sinful things I've done in my life.  Please forgive me and dwell in my!  Thank You for saving me."

"Go and sin no more, your sins have been forgiven.  Now let's do some clean up!"

I cannot describe the joy I've felt since that day.  My girlfriend Janessa has come to the Lord and is now my beautiful wife.  Dad too has devoted himself to Christ, and is now a missionary in Germany with Mom by his side (and yes they too are now married).  About school, I still don't have a high school diploma, but I'm currently working toward my GED.  Since I have a family to take care of, I can't go to school & work, and still spend time with my girls.  God is truly amazing and will change your life if you let him!


  1. Woow! That is powerful and deep. In some of that story I can relate. It teared me up. Yet once you find and accept Christ into your life and live for him it's the best feeling. I'm not perfect however I ask for forgiveness when I mess up, then I get to talking to God to get right again. Your writing is so awesome!

  2. this was really good, ali. really good


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