My favorite music - Southern Gospel

If you would have told me four years ago that I would be a Southern Gospel music fan at 17, I would have told you that you were absolutely nuts!  I wouldn't want to part with my contemporary Christian music.  I loved the artists: Brandon Heath, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tobymac, Kutless, and so much more!
At 16 God changed my heart about the choice of music I loved!  While we were making our move up to the East Coast, my mom wanted to turn on Christian music.  However, we couldn't find the K-Love station...instead we found what sounded like country.  As we listened with discerning ears, we soon learned that the music we were listening to was...Southern Gospel!  My mom, Sydney and I were very distraught when we reached a point to where we were out of range for that station.
Now that we've lived on the East Coast for two years (I think), I haven't once wanted to listen anything but Southern Gospel.  I have deleted all the Christian contemporary music from my mp3....except for one...Brandon Heath's "Give Me Your Eyes" (that is a story for another time :D)
Last year we went to a Promisedland Quartet concert...I loved watching them perform!  Here is one of there songs that I thought I would share with you...enjoy!

By and By - PLQ


My schedule for today

Today is a very busy day for me...here is what my plans are:

8:30 am: getting ready to go to the gun show

9:40 am: arrive at McDonald's to meet Pastor and two other men from church

10:08-11:00 am: arrive at the Expo and start handing out tracts to others waiting in line.
I thought it was funny that the times I handed out tracts...the tracts were rejected because people would take a look at my long skirt...oh well!  It wasn't me that they rejected, but our LORD Jesus Christ!

11:00 - 12:30 pm: get inside and hand out tracts inside the building, having people comment on what your church shirt says (on the back it says "Jesus Saves")

1:00 pmhead on over to Dominion Outdoors to look at guns

1:30 pm: arrive home after a young man from church and Pastor pick on me about walking home
Luckily they drove me home so I didn't have to walk in the 25-30 degree weather :P

2:00 pm: eat lunch, blog hop, check email, etc

And the rest of the afternoonhelp clean the house again, make a German-chocolate cake for tomorrow night's church fellowship, play the piano (I don't have to, but I want to), play the clarinet, play the flute, tidy up my room, and much more :D
I may even make another batch of chocolate chip cookies (I don't recommend making chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil...yuck)!

What do you have planned today?

Serving HIM,


Finding joy in...

1. Cleaning the house
2. Attempting to make cookies with coconut oil
3. Cleaning my room
4. Listening to the southern gospel station on Pandora

What are you finding joy in today?

Serving HIM,


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Serving HIM,


Our family just grew

Just a quick post to update y'all on what's going on in our house :D  Our family is now officially taking up an entire row at church!!!!

Last night a seven year old boy was placed in our home!  Yep the journey of foster care has begun once again.  Mom and Daddy say that Ian (the little boy) is a lot like me when I was that age...oh boy I feel sorry for them...LOL!  I understand why they put me on medication at his age ;D  This little boy is all boy!  But he is a cute lil' stinker as well.  Hopefully there will be pictures to come!!

Serving HIM,


2012 memories // a recap of last years blessings

Hello m' friends! {big smile}  Looking through pictures back in 2012, I'm absolutely thankful for such a brilliant year that 2012 was.  I learned so much, many memories were made, I was encouraged by many people, not to mention my amazing readers started reading this blog {wink}, and list could keep on going!  With all that said, here is a post full of memories from 2012...you don't have to read all of it!

January 2012
top three pics: enjoying ourselves at a nature reserve // Sydney learned the danger of knives at 10 //
me playing for offertory at our old church // snagging a Geo-cache

February 2012

top three pics: enjoying the Co-op tubing trip // family game night - featuring Jenga // enjoying sister time in the snow // moving into the house we live in currently

March 2012

doing school on warm spring days // capturing God's handwork // playing in the sand //
bread day // two bottom middle pics: young ladies youth sleepover // God's promise to us

April 2012
My favorite month...why?  Oh maybe because on the fifth I celebrate my bday, because on the 17th (o f 2011) I gave my heart to Jesus...or maybe because last year the church we used to attend did a dinner theater, IDK.  Why it's my favorite month will always remain a mystery :P

My bday:

getting started to start the mystery party // a deep conversation between Tanya Bunsoff and Chantella Soule // me blowing out the fire that was on the table LOL // the whole gang goofing 'round // see teens can cooperate ;D // my awesome bday cake...yep that's right...this April yours truly will be 18 (and I should get my license sometime before or after that)

Dinner Theater:
 me and Mom before the play started // stop taking pictures Dad! // "Polly Hunter and Dora Lee Grit" // Me and Katie (she's 13 and 5'8") // "Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Northcutt" // Me and "Fester"

May 2012
Along with Mothers Day, and Mom's birthday, we (Sydney and I) had a sister sleepover.  Us four girls had a Nerf war...and is was the awesome-est war ever!  (oh and if awesome-est isn't a word...it is now :P)

Prepared to start :D
getting ready for a fantabulous Nerf war

having our garden prepped // Toby enjoyed our garden just as much as we did // Sydney played in the fresh dirt // little tomato plants // Enjoying our gift from Grandma // going to the park // making silly faces for Mom

June 2012

Grabbing a Geo-cache called the "Rubber Chicken"
"A camping we will go..."

July 2012
Going on a family hike

making funny faces at Foam-henge

        the whole family at Foam-henge

August 2012

Rollerblading in the family skating rink

Summer puppet show

       County fair

September 2012

Bible quizzing 

Veggie Tales: God Made You Special

October 2012
Family dinner at Cici's Pizza (I absolutely love Cici's)

Holding a Dusky at Pet Smart

getting one last pic of Mr. Gilly

November 2012
going to a football game with our friends

more football pictures

 this is as close as we got to snow - frost :P

December 2012
 getting my ears pierced again!

allowing Morgan to do my hair...I'm going to miss her! 

Meeting this awesome girl (Morgan)...she is a really good friend!

What are your goals for this year!  I would love to hear them...that is what comments are for;D

Serving HIM,


A Young Evangelist

“Life only happens once, why not make the most out of it? Whenever you get the chance spread the Gospel! You never know if you will ever see the person again, or when the Lord will call you home!”

These are the famous words of a young man by the name of Avery Jackson. This young man had a soul that was set on fire for God. Although he'd usually keep his faith private, and never really got into any discussions on faith, he desired to live his life in purity & for the glory of the Lord. Avery always longed to a pilot...much like his favorite missionary Jim Elliot, but all that changed in 1923, when Avery outwardly expressed his faith.

Summer 1923 was the turning point in eighteen year old Avery's life. For ten years he had kept his faith in God private, only because he thought his faith was nothing anyone else should know about. His father and mother were missionaries in Afghanistan  his twenty year old brother was a missionary in Germany, and his twenty-one year old brother was a missionary in Zimbabwe, South Africa, but for Avery, he longed to be a pilot and not a missionary!
As he was walking down the street towards his friend Eric's house, he past an elderly man named Mr. Carlson. Avery nodded polietly as he walked past him, ignoring the urge to share the Gospel with him. Soon he was knocking on Eric's door, Avery waited for an answer, when there was no answer, Avery walked down the steps headed toward home. As he was hurridly walking down the street, he heard the Lord talking to him. “My son, why do you rush home? Are you worried Mr. Carlson might ask you a question regarding your faith in Me? Share My Word with him, you might like what you'll see.” Heeding God's call, Avery walked up to the elderly man and started talking to him.
“Good afternoon Mr. Carlson, lovely weather we're having today isn't it?”
“Yes, yes it is young man. I was hoping to have some rain today though.”
“Well the day isn't over yet. Mr. Carlson have you ever thought about where you will go when you die?”
“Hahahaha, son I may be old, but I'm not that old! But to answer your question, yes I have. I'll be going to heaven when I die.”
“How do you know that?”
“Well, only because I'm a mighty good person.”
“By whose standards Mr. Carlson? Have you ever heard of the Ten Commandments?”
“Why yes I have, my mama used to read them to me everynight.”
Avery began to go through the Ten Commandments with Mr. Carlson. He soon found out that Mr. Carlson was not what he seemed to be. He had just recently gotten out of prison for a crime he had committed twenty years ago. He had hardly kept any one of the Commandments, God had set in place. Just before Avery was about to leave, Mr. Carlson asked him one more question.
“Young man, you said God can and will forgive me, can you tell me what to do to be forgiven?”
“Yes sir I would love to help you! All you do is pray, asking God to forgive you, thanking Him for sending His Son to die on the cross for your sins, and finally thank Him for forgiving you.”
Mr. Carlson and Avery prayed together, hearing the elderly man pray, brought tears to Avery's eyes! He was super glad that he had a part in Mr. Carlson's redemption!
As Avery walked home that afternoon, he cried to God, “Lord God, thank you so much for calling me to witness to Mr. Carlson today! I'm so sorry that I ignored you the first time, please forgive me. Lord from now on, I will not keep my faith private! I will share Your Word with the whole world, I will not be ashamed for living for You. I love you Lord, amen.”
Three days later, as Avery was reading his Bible and writing the very first of his many sermons, Eric knocked on the door.
“Avery, you'll never believed what happened!”
“What's wrong, is everything okay Eric?”
“Mr. Carlson passed away last night!”
“You're joking!”
“No, Avery he told me to tell you that he was glad you stopped and led him to the Lord.”
“When did you talk to him?”
“Two days ago...I guess he knew his time was coming to an end!”
“Eric thank you so much for telling me about Mr. Carlson...I really appreciate it!”

During his sermon a month later, he used his encounter with Mr. Carlson as an example. He wanted to make sure that everyone knew how important heeding the call of God is. He made sure that people knew that keeping your faith secret isn't always a good thing to do. Part of his sermon he spoke these words, “Life only happens once, why not make the most out of it? Whenever you get the chance spread the Gospel! You never know if you will ever see the person again, or when the Lord will call you home!” Since his encounter with Mr. Carlson, he had a burning desire to spread the Good News. Avery Jackson soon became the best evangelist known...besides Billy Grahm of course.
Soon God sent him to China, where he spread the love of God to all the inhabitants of the land. Avery Jackson was publicly executed for his faith on June 25, 1925, when he was the age of 20! He lived his life striving to do what was pleasing to his Savior, and to have a pleasing integrity. 

Serving HIM,


White as a rose

 “Flee also youthful lusts; but pursue righteousness, faith, love, peace, with those who call on the Lord out of a pure heart.” 2 Timothy 2:22

Living in purity is by far the best way to live your life. God has a perfect future for you, but sometimes we tend to forget that God is in control of our life, and go out trying to live for us. This is very dangerous...especially when it involves close friendships with young men. Lets take a look at an example, then I'll explain what I mean.

Eleven year old Gracelynn was so excited! She was finally at the age that her parents said she could have a “boyfriend” and start dating.   She couldn't wait until she was asked to go out on a date, finally it happened! A young boy named Trevor, came to Gracelynn after school and asked her to go to the movies with him.  She said yes and immensely enjoyed her first date with Trevor. Soon the two became inseparable!  Suddenly Gracelynn's heart was broken.  As she was walking in the hall at school, she noticed Trevor holding hands with another girl.  Soon Trevor came to Gracelynn and dumped her. Gracelynn's heart is now scared forever!

Did you notice anything wrong with this example? Let me show you what's wrong:
First, an eleven year old young lady should not be dating (any young lady should not date period), that is just asking for trouble.  Secondly, having a “boyfriend” is only temporary enjoyment.  I'm sure you have friends that say, “Oh wow, having a boyfriend is so much fun!”  What they really mean is, “I hope this relationship will last longer than the previous relationship that I was in.”  We as young ladies don't need to go searching for temporary enjoyment, when we have God to give us everlasting enjoyment, through His precious Love Letter (His Word).  Last but not least, dating is another form of divorce!  "Oh now you're being just plain silly!  Dating is by no means like divorce!"  Let's take for instance Trevor and Gracelynn's situation, shall we!  

They enjoyed their relationship, until Trevor thought that Gracelynn was not good enough for him, so he dumped her. When a couple gets married they have the best life together, until they realize their partner has too many quirks or dislikes. Then they go searching for something better...this leads to a sometimes nasty divorce.

Give your heart to the Lord, asking Him to hold it in His strong hands. Have Him give it to the right person at the right time. It's never to late! Thankfully we have a God of second chances! Strive to live a life of purity...you can do it!

Dear Almighty God, I ask You to help me keep my body, mind, and most importantly, my heart pure. Lord I ask You to help me avoid all the youthful lusts that I'm tempted with. Create in me a pure heart, oh God!  Thank you for all that You do in my life. In Christ's name I pray, amen.