2012 memories // a recap of last years blessings

Hello m' friends! {big smile}  Looking through pictures back in 2012, I'm absolutely thankful for such a brilliant year that 2012 was.  I learned so much, many memories were made, I was encouraged by many people, not to mention my amazing readers started reading this blog {wink}, and list could keep on going!  With all that said, here is a post full of memories from 2012...you don't have to read all of it!

January 2012
top three pics: enjoying ourselves at a nature reserve // Sydney learned the danger of knives at 10 //
me playing for offertory at our old church // snagging a Geo-cache

February 2012

top three pics: enjoying the Co-op tubing trip // family game night - featuring Jenga // enjoying sister time in the snow // moving into the house we live in currently

March 2012

doing school on warm spring days // capturing God's handwork // playing in the sand //
bread day // two bottom middle pics: young ladies youth sleepover // God's promise to us

April 2012
My favorite month...why?  Oh maybe because on the fifth I celebrate my bday, because on the 17th (o f 2011) I gave my heart to Jesus...or maybe because last year the church we used to attend did a dinner theater, IDK.  Why it's my favorite month will always remain a mystery :P

My bday:

getting started to start the mystery party // a deep conversation between Tanya Bunsoff and Chantella Soule // me blowing out the fire that was on the table LOL // the whole gang goofing 'round // see teens can cooperate ;D // my awesome bday cake...yep that's right...this April yours truly will be 18 (and I should get my license sometime before or after that)

Dinner Theater:
 me and Mom before the play started // stop taking pictures Dad! // "Polly Hunter and Dora Lee Grit" // Me and Katie (she's 13 and 5'8") // "Mr. & Mrs. Reginald Northcutt" // Me and "Fester"

May 2012
Along with Mothers Day, and Mom's birthday, we (Sydney and I) had a sister sleepover.  Us four girls had a Nerf war...and is was the awesome-est war ever!  (oh and if awesome-est isn't a word...it is now :P)

Prepared to start :D
getting ready for a fantabulous Nerf war

having our garden prepped // Toby enjoyed our garden just as much as we did // Sydney played in the fresh dirt // little tomato plants // Enjoying our gift from Grandma // going to the park // making silly faces for Mom

June 2012

Grabbing a Geo-cache called the "Rubber Chicken"
"A camping we will go..."

July 2012
Going on a family hike

making funny faces at Foam-henge

        the whole family at Foam-henge

August 2012

Rollerblading in the family skating rink

Summer puppet show

       County fair

September 2012

Bible quizzing 

Veggie Tales: God Made You Special

October 2012
Family dinner at Cici's Pizza (I absolutely love Cici's)

Holding a Dusky at Pet Smart

getting one last pic of Mr. Gilly

November 2012
going to a football game with our friends

more football pictures

 this is as close as we got to snow - frost :P

December 2012
 getting my ears pierced again!

allowing Morgan to do my hair...I'm going to miss her! 

Meeting this awesome girl (Morgan)...she is a really good friend!

What are your goals for this year!  I would love to hear them...that is what comments are for;D

Serving HIM,

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