My favorite music - Southern Gospel

If you would have told me four years ago that I would be a Southern Gospel music fan at 17, I would have told you that you were absolutely nuts!  I wouldn't want to part with my contemporary Christian music.  I loved the artists: Brandon Heath, Steven Curtis Chapman, Tobymac, Kutless, and so much more!
At 16 God changed my heart about the choice of music I loved!  While we were making our move up to the East Coast, my mom wanted to turn on Christian music.  However, we couldn't find the K-Love station...instead we found what sounded like country.  As we listened with discerning ears, we soon learned that the music we were listening to was...Southern Gospel!  My mom, Sydney and I were very distraught when we reached a point to where we were out of range for that station.
Now that we've lived on the East Coast for two years (I think), I haven't once wanted to listen anything but Southern Gospel.  I have deleted all the Christian contemporary music from my mp3....except for one...Brandon Heath's "Give Me Your Eyes" (that is a story for another time :D)
Last year we went to a Promisedland Quartet concert...I loved watching them perform!  Here is one of there songs that I thought I would share with you...enjoy!

By and By - PLQ


  1. Hi there! Guess I found your blog again :-) Just wanted to drop a note and say "hey" from the coooollldd state of AK! :-)

    Tell your family hello!

    1. Heyya girl!

      I'm so glad you found my blog again :D I would really like to visit your blog...if that's okay :)

      Tell your family "hi" for me!

  2. Nah, sorry. It's private. But I can send you some recent pics if you give me your e-mail. I recently went on a trip to France, so I've got some cool ones! :-)

    Peace! :-)

    1. If you email me through the *contact me* page...then I will get back to you. I don't want to put my email out in the open...for safety reasons!

      I would love to see recent pictures of you and your trip to France :D

      Hugs! :)


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