My schedule for today

Today is a very busy day for me...here is what my plans are:

8:30 am: getting ready to go to the gun show

9:40 am: arrive at McDonald's to meet Pastor and two other men from church

10:08-11:00 am: arrive at the Expo and start handing out tracts to others waiting in line.
I thought it was funny that the times I handed out tracts...the tracts were rejected because people would take a look at my long skirt...oh well!  It wasn't me that they rejected, but our LORD Jesus Christ!

11:00 - 12:30 pm: get inside and hand out tracts inside the building, having people comment on what your church shirt says (on the back it says "Jesus Saves")

1:00 pmhead on over to Dominion Outdoors to look at guns

1:30 pm: arrive home after a young man from church and Pastor pick on me about walking home
Luckily they drove me home so I didn't have to walk in the 25-30 degree weather :P

2:00 pm: eat lunch, blog hop, check email, etc

And the rest of the afternoonhelp clean the house again, make a German-chocolate cake for tomorrow night's church fellowship, play the piano (I don't have to, but I want to), play the clarinet, play the flute, tidy up my room, and much more :D
I may even make another batch of chocolate chip cookies (I don't recommend making chocolate chip cookies with coconut oil...yuck)!

What do you have planned today?

Serving HIM,


  1. I've made them with coconut oil and I thought they were good.

    1. our coconut must be rancid then...the aftertaste has a soapy flavor! I may try the recipe again, once we get new coconut oil :D

      Miss y'all...love ya bunches!


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