Questions needed!

Okay everyone - so I'm currently working on a big project focusing around Christian living.

However, there is a minor detail that I can't get passed unless I have your help - don't worry it's simple ;)

Soo here is what I'd like for you to do .....

I would love it if y'all were to send in real life questions for me to answer - told you it was simple :)

The questions can be on anything pertaining to Christian living - I'll even create a new page on here and call it "Ask Alisha" .....

Don't worry - ya'll will know about this project .... e v e n t u a l l y ;) :P

Thank you for your help!!!

In  H I S  grace, Alisha


  1. How do you know what you believe is really what you believe?

  2. I know this is not related to this topic.... but how do you get your different tabs to show up? I and my sisters also have a BlogSpot blog ( ) and we want to have some different tabs, but I can not get them to show up on the blog!
    Thanks if you can help!
    Susannah K.

  3. Are there any specific women of God that you relate to?


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