A glimmer of hope

When I was twelve years old, we had a missionary couple come to our church and give a presentation of the work they were doing in Africa.  It was then that I felt God calling me to Africa as a missionary.

Now seven years later, still praying for the moment in which I can set foot on the red soil of the continent to which God has called me, there is a glimmer of hope :)

A year and a half ago, a good friend of mine informed me about a mission organization called Mission Nannys (find out about what it is here).  I went on to the website and saw that this was something that I would really enjoy doing.  So my parents and I started praying about the possibilies coming up.

Now let's jump to the present:

About a week ago, I went on to the website and found an opening (in Africa) that basically described me.  I told Mom about the only downfall that this opening has.  We didn't talk about the position any further, until last night.

Last night I realized that the only downfall in this opening is no longer an issue .... so, I asked mom and dad if they would pray along side me about this opening.

Once I get the "go ahead, we have a peace about this opening" from them, I will be applying for this position :)

Please pray that God will grant my parents the peace that only HE can give (oh and it wouldn't hurt to pray that I'll be able to go lol ;))

In the meantime ... I am trying to earn money, so I will be able to go .... yes, I'm preaparing for rain!

I am selling :

Rustic Elastic Headbands:

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and ....

Framed Inspirational Prints

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I will keep y'all updated as time goes on, keep a look out for the updates ;)

In HIS grace, Alisha


The end of 2014

It's time for a recap of my December goals :)  December was a good month for me .... 

December goals:

*Finish reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan

*Finish reading "Sacred Singleness" by Leslie Ludy

*Finish reading "Will Our Generation Speak" by Grace Mally

*Finish reading "Passion & Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot

*Finish the prep for the surprise blog event

*Read Jeremiah

*Read Revelation

*Read Obadiah

*Read Lamentations

*Blog more - again I failed at this ..... 

*Journal more

*Exercise 4x a week - with a lifestyle change coming up the 1st of January ... this will be done ;)

*Memorize Scripture

January goals:

*Blog more

*Exercise 4x a week

*Create more items for the shop

*Take more nature photos

*Get my hair highlighted

*Learn a new song to sing with Rhey

*Read Isaiah

*Read Proverbs

*Read Psalm 119

Psssst .... don't forget ....

Don't forget about the Favorite Things 2015 package swap.  If you're interested, fill out the form and send it to me here.


In HIS grace, Alisha


Psssst ... she's having a giveaway!

An old blogging friend of mine, Crista Moriah, is having a giveaway.  Don't miss the opportunity to win some incredible prizes ;)

In HIS grace, Alisha


Let's have a little fun ladies!!

Have y'all been wondering what the certain surprise blog event is?  I have mentioned it about two times (in my last two goals posts).

I have to be honest .... it was hard for me to come up with an exciting + interactive blog event.  I thought about doing giveaways, interviews, guest posts.  Then I thought about forgetting a blog event for New Years and just write a happy New Year post.  Then it hit me ..... there is one blog event I hadn't considered ..........

...... so I'm pleased to announce ......

1.  Everyone that wants to participate must send me the form through the contact me page.  Also, please ask your parents for their permission before you sign up for this event if you are under 18 years old.

2.  When I receive all the entries from the girls that want to participate, then I will post your assigned swap partners for you to shop for. 

3.  Once you know who your partner is, then you can start shopping for her.  You don't have to only shop for your partner, you can sew gifts for her.  Or, you can mix it up through store bought + handmade gifts.

4.  Another fun gesture would be to add a personal touch to your package.  For example: typography on the wrapping, a letter, favorite recipes, tea bags, or anything else that you might want to add.  Please don't add anything that will melt, harm, or ruin your package, though.  Please take in consideration of how you would like to be treated if you were to receive the package.  
After each of you receive your package, please send me a picture of it and I'll do a post with all the packages and who received them, etc.  What does that sound like?  =)  (If you don't want your picture published, then just send a picture of your package :)

**The deadline for entering the package swap is January 5, 2015  and the deadline for the packages to be finished is January 19th, 2015. **

So, would you like to participate in my first package swap?  Any questions?  Please just contact me!

Have fun entering and please spread the word about it!  Have a blessed weekend y'all and merry Christmas =)

In HIS grace, Alisha


Don't get comfortable

I need to admit something.

I have always *ahem* envied those who have stayed in the same church all their life, have lived in the house they were born in, and have even lived in the same state/town in which they were born.

Why do I envy people in those areas?  Because those are areas in which I never had the opportunity to live.  Those people display a certain "comfort" that I have never had .... a certain "comfort" in knowing that their life never really "changed" (please don't get offended ... I will expound on this in a bit).

Two Sunday's ago, we had a missionary to the Phillipines come to our church to speak/preach (I wasn't able to hear his first sermon, due to the fact that I have a role in the upcoming Christmas program).  However Mom shared with me an illustration from his sermon.

In his sermon, he gave an illustration on a frog:
image from Pinterest

Mr. Frog was very content!  He had a lovely puddle with a quite a few bugs.  As he looked around he said "ahhh, I'm never leaving this puddle ... I'm comfortable right where I am!"  That night, a flood came, and Mr. Frog was washed away.  When he woke up, he found himself in a pond, he was startled, but then he started to take in the view. He could see trees (he hadn't seen trees at his puddle), a lot more bugs, and wait what is that ... [gasp] very pretty lady frogs.  As Mr. Frog looked around he said "ahhh, I'm never leaving this pond ... I'm comfortable right where I am!"  That night, a flood came, and Mr. Frog was washed away.  When he woke up, he found himself in a lake, he was startled, but then he started to take in the view.  There was water as far as the eye could see, an abundance of bugs, and a lot of lady frogs.  As he looked around he said "ahhh, I'm never leaving this puddle ... I'm comfortable right where I am!"

The point with this illustration is that, we cannot say "I'm comfortable" because when we're comfortable, we may limit the work God wants us to do.  When Mom told me gave me the illustration and then told me the point I just shared with you, I immediately tried to apply it to my life.

Then it happened .... God burst open my box, and let's just say ... I um ... didn't take it to well!

For the past five months my family and I have been going through a hard time ...... Dad was in the "running" to be preacher at the little mountain church in which we attend (you can read about it here).  Ever since I can remember, Dad has always had the call of ministry (being a preacher) on his heart.  Last Wednesday, it was announced that Dad would not be the preacher .... and to be honest, I was mad!  Not at the church, and not at Daddy .... I was mad at God.  

image from Pinterest

I needed to talk to someone.  I needed encouragement.  I needed someone to talk some sense in to me.  I texted my dear friend Toria ... venting on how mad I was at God for allowing this to happen.  I told her that all I wanted was to finally have a church to call "home" for the next 40+ years.  What she told me, confirmed to me that God was trying to teach me a lesson.

"Ali, but just think at how much you have grown over the past couple years.  Comfort equals complacency.  If you are comfortable, then you won't want to move when God wants you to."

Today, during my morning Bible reading, I was thinking about all of this.  How can I give God all the glory through the current circumstances?  How have these circumstances changed my life?

*I have to remember that through a closed door, God will open a window

*While I still desire for my me and my family to stay in the same church, I can't say "I'm comfortable .. I'm gonna stay right here".  Here's why ... what if in 2015 God calls me into the mission field?  If I'm comfortable, then I won't want to move where God wants me to.

*Through all these circumstances, I have learned/am still learning that while others may have similar beilefs, I can't look down on them when they don't share the same exact beliefs as me.

*Through these circumstances, I have learned that there is a fine line between Law and grace, and if you pass the line either way, you get into a life of legalism.

So .... in order to end this post, I have a question for y'all:

Are you comfortable where God has you right now?  If He were to call you to move to a different place in life, are you too comfortable to move?

Here are three words of advice to you:  don't get comfortable

In HIS grace, Alisha

Movie review : Soul Surfer

Haha .... okay, so I know that the movie "Soul Surfer" has been out for 3 years .... and that it might seem weird for me to be doing a movie on a 3+ year old movie.  However, here is the reason why we didn't see the movie when it first came out .....
word of mouth

When this movie came out, we had several people tell us "don't watch it" "it encourages teen rebellion" "there is a bunch of flirting" "there's a lot of disrespect" "the immodesty is astronmical".  The people who told us, shared similar beliefs with us, so my parents took their word for it.

Now 3+ years later, I watched it Sunday and absolutely looooove it ... 

"Alisha, then why are you doing a review?"

I'm doing this review, just in the case there are other young ladies who were given only negative remarks about this movie.


For Bethany Hamilton (played by AnnaSophia Robb) surfing was all she knew and loved.  Having been raised by surfers, she started surfing at a young age.  Competing in Regionals was all she ever wanted.
As she was out surfing one day, tragedy struck ...... a tragedy Bethany had never dreamed of.
Will this tragedy stop her from competing?  Will she learn how to cope with life after the tragedy?  Will she learn how to be truly compassionate?

POSITIVE ELEMENTS:                                                 

In this movie, there is quite a bit of reference to God 
We hear Mr. Hamilton encourage Bethany with the verse Phillipians 4:13
We see the family go to church
Bethany is part of the youth group
We hear about Bethany's youth leader Sarah (Carrie Underwood) mission trip to Mexico
Sarah, Bethany, and the youth group go on a mission trip to Thailand

NEGATIVE ELEMENTS:                                                

Bethany and best friend Alana sneak out in order to go night surfing (they hadn't asked to go)
Mr. Hamilton and Noah argue while the family is eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria
Alana refrences a swimsuit as "hot"
There is a lack of modesty in the entire movie
There is slight flirting between Bethany and a male friend

SEXUAL CONTENT:                                                   


DRUG/ALCOHOL CONTENT:                                   


OVER-ALL REVIEW:                        

This is a movie that every young girl should watch!  It evolkes a very uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring message.

It would be great to watch during a girl's Bible study, sleepover, mom-daughter date, sister sleepover, or even alone :)


I hope you found this movie review helpful .... let me know what you think :)

*Should I do another review?
*What would you like me to review?

Leave me a comment with your answers ;)

In HIS grace, Alisha


Happy 18th birthday Emily!

Emily -
It's hard for me to believe that 10 years ago, we met and began a wonderful friendship!  My how time flies!

I'm so thankful that the Lord has blessed me with the opportunity to see you grow into the beautiful Godly young woman you are/and are still becoming.  You have greatly encouraged me in just about every aspect of life ;)  I'm so thankful/blessed to call you friend.

Even though we are 1,552 miles apart .... and even though we don't keep in touch a whole lot.   I love you girl ..... and I'm praying that you have a wonderful 18th year :)

Happy Birthday Emily!

Love your friend,


Goals, goals, and more goals!

Happy December y'all!  I am amazed at how the month of November flew by!!!!!

Here were my November goals ..... time to recap!!!

November goals recap:
*read "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan - I started reading it ..... and intend to finish it verrry soon ;)

*Finish reading "Sacred Singleness" by Leslie Ludy - I started reading it .... and intend to finish it verrrry soon ;)

*Finish reading "Passion and Purity" by Elisabeth Elliot - hahaha .... I thought I could finish it, but I will be finishing it verrry soon too

*Finish reading - "Will Our Generation Speak" by Grace Mally - yeah ...... I'll be finishing this verrry soon too =P

*exercise 3-4x a week - I did for a while, but then started slacking .... oh well ... there's always this month!

*memorize Scripture - I didn't memorize as much as I wanted to ....... grrr

*Learn how to play "Stand for Truth" written by Rachel Wissmann Busenitz

*Finish reading Psalms

*Finish reading Amos

*Finish reading Proverbs

*Plan a surprise blog event

*blog more

*work out any rough spots in the new schedule I have made for myself

December goals:

*Finish reading "Crazy Love" by Francis Chan

*Finish reading "Sacred Singleness" by Leslie Ludy

*Finish reading "Will Our Generation Speak" by Grace Mally

*Finish the prep for the surprise blog event

*Read Jeremiah

*Read Revelation

*Read Obadiah

*Blog more

*Journal more

*Exercise 4x a week

*Memorize Scripture

I pray y'all have a great night!!!!!!!

In HIS grace, Alisha