A glimmer of hope

When I was twelve years old, we had a missionary couple come to our church and give a presentation of the work they were doing in Africa.  It was then that I felt God calling me to Africa as a missionary.

Now seven years later, still praying for the moment in which I can set foot on the red soil of the continent to which God has called me, there is a glimmer of hope :)

A year and a half ago, a good friend of mine informed me about a mission organization called Mission Nannys (find out about what it is here).  I went on to the website and saw that this was something that I would really enjoy doing.  So my parents and I started praying about the possibilies coming up.

Now let's jump to the present:

About a week ago, I went on to the website and found an opening (in Africa) that basically described me.  I told Mom about the only downfall that this opening has.  We didn't talk about the position any further, until last night.

Last night I realized that the only downfall in this opening is no longer an issue .... so, I asked mom and dad if they would pray along side me about this opening.

Once I get the "go ahead, we have a peace about this opening" from them, I will be applying for this position :)

Please pray that God will grant my parents the peace that only HE can give (oh and it wouldn't hurt to pray that I'll be able to go lol ;))

In the meantime ... I am trying to earn money, so I will be able to go .... yes, I'm preaparing for rain!

I am selling :

Rustic Elastic Headbands:

<< shipping is $.50 >>

and ....

Framed Inspirational Prints

<< framed inspirational prints are $7 >>

I will keep y'all updated as time goes on, keep a look out for the updates ;)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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