Movie review : Soul Surfer

Haha .... okay, so I know that the movie "Soul Surfer" has been out for 3 years .... and that it might seem weird for me to be doing a movie on a 3+ year old movie.  However, here is the reason why we didn't see the movie when it first came out .....
word of mouth

When this movie came out, we had several people tell us "don't watch it" "it encourages teen rebellion" "there is a bunch of flirting" "there's a lot of disrespect" "the immodesty is astronmical".  The people who told us, shared similar beliefs with us, so my parents took their word for it.

Now 3+ years later, I watched it Sunday and absolutely looooove it ... 

"Alisha, then why are you doing a review?"

I'm doing this review, just in the case there are other young ladies who were given only negative remarks about this movie.


For Bethany Hamilton (played by AnnaSophia Robb) surfing was all she knew and loved.  Having been raised by surfers, she started surfing at a young age.  Competing in Regionals was all she ever wanted.
As she was out surfing one day, tragedy struck ...... a tragedy Bethany had never dreamed of.
Will this tragedy stop her from competing?  Will she learn how to cope with life after the tragedy?  Will she learn how to be truly compassionate?

POSITIVE ELEMENTS:                                                 

In this movie, there is quite a bit of reference to God 
We hear Mr. Hamilton encourage Bethany with the verse Phillipians 4:13
We see the family go to church
Bethany is part of the youth group
We hear about Bethany's youth leader Sarah (Carrie Underwood) mission trip to Mexico
Sarah, Bethany, and the youth group go on a mission trip to Thailand

NEGATIVE ELEMENTS:                                                

Bethany and best friend Alana sneak out in order to go night surfing (they hadn't asked to go)
Mr. Hamilton and Noah argue while the family is eating lunch in the hospital cafeteria
Alana refrences a swimsuit as "hot"
There is a lack of modesty in the entire movie
There is slight flirting between Bethany and a male friend

SEXUAL CONTENT:                                                   


DRUG/ALCOHOL CONTENT:                                   


OVER-ALL REVIEW:                        

This is a movie that every young girl should watch!  It evolkes a very uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring message.

It would be great to watch during a girl's Bible study, sleepover, mom-daughter date, sister sleepover, or even alone :)


I hope you found this movie review helpful .... let me know what you think :)

*Should I do another review?
*What would you like me to review?

Leave me a comment with your answers ;)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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