Another trip coming up ...

Okay ... so most you , who are somewhat daily readers, know that I went to Michigan in January.

Did you have a great time?  Yes I did!

What is your fondest memory?  The whole trip is a fond memory ... but I will never forget being greeted by my dear friend and knowing that a great week was ahead of us :)

What is your favorite conversation y'all had?  All of the conversations were ah-may-zing ... but I will never forget the conversations about sheepies (the new plural for sheep - created by K) and betrauthel (a new form of the word betrothal).

Will you go back?  Let's just say that I'm really excited for October 12-19 :)  My dear friend and her family will be picking me up at the Detroit Wayne airport :)

Here are some sights that I'm looking forward to seeing ...

{my dear friend and her family ... no picture sorry}

DTW aiport

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt - this is ah-may-zing !!!

My dear friend and I have talked about going to Lake Michigan ... if we do I'll get pictures and post them when I get back :)

During my visit, I will be able to celebrate Sukkot with them ... I'm soo excited :)

I will also observe Shabbat with them ... observing this for the first time in January was absolutely incredible.  I feel like this should be something that every person/family observes.  I will post more about this later and explain why I think it is needed.  But I cannot wait to observe this again :)

{The images I used were found on Pinterest}

Maybe this next trip I will get some good pictures and post them.

In HIS grace, Alisha


And the winners are ...

I am soo excited to announce that 3 winners for the giveaway are ...

*Rosi R.
*Shannon F.

Congratulations ladies ... if you will email me, I will give you Miss Peaches' email :)

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I also wanna thank those of you who did submit articles for this year blogoversary party. .. thank you.thank you.thank you!

I can't wait for next year :)

In HIS grace, Alisha


Being Visionary << Adorned in Modest Apparel >> by Raechel K.

I was very surprised at the lack of interest in this category .... however, I'm super glad that Raechel K. felt led to submit her pictures.  So enjoy :)

<< Totally Me >>

I thought about choosing an outfit I wear sometimes to represent the 'Totally Me' category, but if I am being honest, this is what I wear on a day-to-day basis. When I was younger I struggled with sensory problems, meaning that I could barely stand the feeling of clothing - it was so hard to find something that was comfortable. And though I have grown out of sensory problems, I still encounter them once in a while - graphic tees are what are most comfortable for me, and so I wear them. I make sure they're always covering though - I try to stay away from v-necks and anything low or 'clingy'. And I am always wearing a skirt - usually a flowy  jean one as in the picture. :) 

This is also a very 'me' outfit for more dressy occasions. Although, depending on the setting (for example, church), I will often wear just a decorated belt, instead of the one shown with the knife. The knife and belt I just occasionally wear. I don't plan on killing anyone (people always suspect that) - if I have a knife on, it's for use around our hobby-farm, or on a walk (we've got scary wild animals..). I throw knives at a log as a hobby, but that's all. :)

 << Time to Get Dressy >>


Being Visionary << Short Story >> "Choose Life" by Sophie (age 13)

“This court is now in session!”  Shouted Judge Murphy as he hammered the table.  “Mr. Smith, the defendant.  Mr. Jones, the prosecutor.  Mr. Jones, it is time for your summery of the problem at stake.”
     “Yes, your honor.”  Said Mr. Jones.  He was a sturdy young fellow, always dressed in his suit and bowtie.  His deep blue eyes were told to be melancholy and gentle.  “It is my understanding that abortion is legal in this country for two reasons.  For the equality of genders, and for the freedom for women to decide for themselves.  We believe that the child should be considered as well as the woman in these situations.  We are here to reveal some startling facts regarding abortion, and hopefully change some views on this matter.  Jurors, we would like to assure you that we have done intense study on this subject.”  Mr. Jones, turning to the judge continued, “Your honor, we present our first witness.”
Mr. Jones called up a young girl, appearing around the age of twenty years old.  She was very pretty, with chestnut hair and eyes green like the forest.
     “I would like to present Ms. Amanda Carter.”
Ms. Carter then rose and sat at the desk.  The bailiff approached her and asked her to raise her right hand.
     “Do you solemnly swear that you will tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth so help you God?”
     “I cannot swear, but I will promise and give you my word.  It's not much different, you know.”
The bailiff looked at the judge questionably, waiting for his instruction.
     “Is this because of religious purposes?”
     “Yes, your honor.”
     “So noted.  You may proceed.”
     “Thank you, your honor.” 
Mr. Jones approached Ms. Carter in full focus.
     “Ms. Carter, is it true that three years ago you were blessed with your first child?”
     “Yes.  And what a delight he is!”  She smiled.
     “Is it also true that during the beginning of the pregnancy you considered aborting the child?”
     “Yes.  Sadly, that is true.”  She was no longer smiling, showing a face of guilt.
     “What changed your mind?”
     “Well, ever since I was thirteen years of age I have been a believer in Yeshua, most commonly known as Jesus.  I believed in staying pure in heart and body, but one evening my life turned upside down.”  Ms. Carter continued in a shaky tone.  “At the young age of 17 years old I was forcefully taken advantage of.  A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant.”  She paused, and sighed deeply.  “I knew it was wrong to abort the child, but I couldn't imagine ever taking care of a baby by myself.  Especially not a child that was conceived the way it was.  Even though I was struggling in many forms during this time, I decided to look in the bible for some answers.”  She gently placed a bible onto the desk in front of her.  “Psalm 139:13-16 says this:  I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  My frame was not hidden from you when I was made in the secret place.  When I was woven together in the depths of the earth.  Your eyes saw my unformed body.  All the days ordained for me were written in your book before one of them came to be.”  Ms. Carter slowly closed her bible, and closed her eyes momentarily, holding back her tears.  “Right there I knew, that if my baby's days were written in a book, before even one came to be, then he was supposed to live, whether brought forth through force or not.”
Mr. Jones nodded. 
     “Nothing further Ms. Carter.”
He then strode back to his seat, rather moved himself by her testimony, no matter how many times he had heard it before.
Then Mr. Smith walked up.  He was also young and sturdy, but unlike Mr. Jones, he always seemed stiff and uncomfortable.  His eyes were deep brown and he wore very thick, round glasses.  His hair was a dirty blonde which complimented his numerous freckles, and he was always well groomed. 
           With an angry and disturbed look on his face, he approached the witness carrying a large print Bible with him.
     “Ms. Carter,” he started quickly, “have you ever read the verses found in Exodus 21:22-25?”
     “Well sir, I don’t know if I have.”
     “Then allow me to read them to you.”  He opened up his bible, took out a bookmark, and began to read.  “‘And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surly be fined as the woman's husband may demand of him; and he shall pay as the judges decide.  But if there is any further injury, then you shall appoint as a penalty of life for life, tooth for tooth, hand for hand, foot for foot, burn for burn, wound for wound, and bruise for bruise.’” Turning towards the Jury, he began to explain his point.  “Let’s look at the beginning of the verse: ‘And if men struggle with each other and strike a woman with child so that she has a miscarriage, yet there is no further injury, he shall surly be fined as the woman’s husband may demand of him.’  Is it not obvious that even the bible finds little value in an unborn fetus.  You see, the punishment is for the injury  of the ‘living’ being.”
     “This is outrageous!”
     “Silence, Mr. Jones!”
Mr. Jones hesitantly sat down, praying that God would give him the right words to say when it came to be his turn.  He spoke quietly, near a whisper.  “Yes, your honor.”
     Mr. Smith seemed rather pleased with himself as he continued his speech.  “Ms. Carter, do you think that it would be easier today and more freeing if you did not have your child with you?”
     “Absolutely not!”  Ms. Carter seemed disgusted, struggling to regain her composure.
     “Ms. Carter, what if you were financially and physically incapable of taking care of the child when you became pregnant.  What if your circumstances were dangerous concerning your environment? What would you have done then?”
     “I would've put him up for adoption.”
     “What if you couldn't find a family?”
     “There are hundreds and thousands of families searching.  What you’re suggesting is absolutely impossible.”
     “Yes, but Ms. Carter, wouldn't it have been much easier if you had a spouse with you to take care of your firstborn child?”
     “That would be the ideal situation.”
     “That is not an answer.”
     “Well, yes it would be easier, but that doesn't mean--”
     “No further questions, your honor.”  Mr. Smith walked away with a smirk of a smile on his face, proud for making the absurd explanation that he had made.
Mr. Jones stood up and approached the Jurors.  “Jurors, if you looked up the word 'fine,' it would describe it to you as this: ‘a sum of money imposed as a penalty for an offense or dereliction.’” Mr. Jones took a deep breath and continued boldly, “If the man was given penalty for his crime of causing the woman to have a miscarriage, it obviously means that the child did matter!”  He paused.  “And to challenge Mr. Smith’s second argument, I will say this:  Who would deny that if you had a million dollars in your bank account, life for anyone would be easier?  Yet, for so many, this is an unrealistic convenience.  But thankfully, our financial class does not define our character or skill.  There are millions of single mothers and fathers out there.  And as Ms. Carter put it, not all of us are granted with the ‘ideal situation.’”  Silence then engulfed the room, the only sound being Mr. Jones’ footsteps as he walked back to his seat. 
     “Mr. Smith, Mr. Jones, do you have any further questions for this witness?”
     “No, your honor.”  Stated Mr. Jones as he sat down.
     “None further.”  Said Mr. Smith through clenched teeth.
Ms. Carter then left the stand.
     “Mr. Smith, you may present your witness.”
     “Thank you, your honor.”
Mr. Smith then summoned a man wearing a white lab coat, appearing to be a Doctor, or a Scientist.  Once again, the baliff approached the witness, and recited the words:  “Do you solemnly swear to tell the whole truth, nothing but the truth, so help you God?”
     “Yes, I do.”
     “You may be seated.”
Mr. Smith approached the witness.  “Dr. Brown, correct?”
     “I have a few questions for you, and if you don't mind, I would like you to answer yes, or no.”
     “That's fine.”
     “Good.  Is a fetus referred to as a parasite?”
     “Do you agree with this term?”
     “Because when a fetus is inside a woman's womb, it's taking nutrients from her body and returning nothing whatsoever.”
     “No further questions your honor.”
As Mr. Smith sat down, Mr. Jones smiled big, and God revealed to him exactly what he was going to say.
     “If you don't mind, Dr. Brown, I would like to use the same method as Mr. Smith and request that you answer yes, or no to my questions.”
     “That’s only fair.”
     “Thank you.  Dr. Brown, is it not true that a parasite must be a living creature in order to take nutrients from the woman?”
     “Yes, this is true.”
     “So you are killing a living creature that is soon to be a human.  That would mean you used to be a parasite, yes?”
     “Yes or no, sir.”
     “Yes.  It would”    
“Dr. Brown, were you aware that if the woman is injured during her pregnancy, that the fetus can send stem cells through the placenta, and help heal the woman?”
     “Yes, I was.”
     “Does a parasite do that?”
     “Didn't you just say that the fetus returns, quote on quote, 'nothing whatsoever?'”
     “I was referring to nutrients.”
     “Ah, I see.”  Mr. Jones nodded his head.
     “No further questions, your honor.”
Mr. Smith walked forward again hoping to make his point clear.
     “Dr. Brown, is it true that a virus is made up of cells?”
     “So, disposing of a mass of cells that is 4 days old is no different than curing a virus, right?”
     “Yes.”  Dr. Brown seemed rather satisfied.
     “No further questions.”
Mr. Jones was taken back by his suggestion.  “God, speak through me.”  He whispered as he approached Dr. Brown.
     “A virus is a mass of genetic information, yes?”
     “So, it's not necessarily a full cell, right?”
Dr. Brown bit his lip angrily. “No.”
     “But, there's more.  Aren't all viruses coated with protein?”
     “Is a fetus coated with protein?”
     “No.”  Dr. Brown was getting angry. 
     “And, does a virus develop a heart, brain, and spinal cord, by the fifth week of conception, let alone be conceived rather than spread?”
     “No.”  He spoke coldly, wanting to lash out at Mr. Jones.
     “No further questions, your honor.”
It took Judge Murphy a few moments to comprehend what he was saying, and then replied slowly.  “Do you have any more witnesses?”
     “No, your honor.”
     “Well then we will let the jurors decide on the matter.”

Dear reader, the facts have been presented to you.  As we’ve seen, Science shows the difference between a mass of tissue and human life in the mother’s womb, and  Biblically, God tells us that He knew us, even before our conception, and He has already written our story.  I have presented to you these things, and now the choice is yours.  You are the juror.  What is your verdict?


Being Visionary << Interview with Shannon Ashley Fitzgerald >>

♡Will you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself?  What are your favorite pass-times?

::Well, a bit about little ole me: My name is Shannon Ashley Fitzgerald, and I'm a 19 year old southern girl living on the beautiful East coast of the Sunshine state. I'm a daughter to two amazing parents, a sister to the most charming little brother, and a lover of life, laughter, and the Lord Jesus my Savior. I'm a lifestyle and wedding photographer, writer, adventure seeker, five feet tall and blue eyed girl who delights in the simple things of life, like barefoot strolls along the ocean shore or quiet fireside chats with friends. I'm a friend of large books, hot coffee, and living passionately for Christ with my whole heart. I'm a home-school graduate and am currently taking college classes in Biblical studies, growing ever more in love with my Savior. So there's a tidbit about me!

♡Can you tell us about your family?  Growing up, what were your family's convictions?  Have they changed?  If so, in what ways?  What are your family's dress standards?

::My family... oh boy. :) My family is a huge blessing in my life, and I would not be who I am without them. My sweet parents have striven to lead me in the fear of the Lord, raising me up with His Word as the standard for my life, continually instilling in me His truth and commands. I've grown up hearing, seeing, and holding fast to the Word of God, and praise Him for putting my sweet Mom and Dad as the shepherds of my heart. And then I have my amazing, 14 year old brother, who adds so much joy to my life. He understands me more than words can express, laughs with me, talks about anything and everything with me, and keeps the young at heart within my soul. We love spending time together, and on top of all the joy and laughter he adds to my life, He's also my counselor and encourager. He's pretty much my best friend. My family's convictions have been founded upon and grow in 1 Corinthians 10:31, which declares that "so whether you eat, or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God." We feel that what we watch, what we do, what we wear, and how we act all must be to the glory of God, so that the world knows to Whom we truly belong. Our convictions have pretty much stayed the same throughout the years, varying here and there with whatever seasons the Lord fills our life with. Our family's dress standards involve modesty in all areas, put balancing it with grace and mercy, not judging others who may not share those same convictions, but living the love of Christ in all areas. For me, I love to dress with femininity and grace, and am most times found in a dress or skirt. And yet I can be found in jeans or shorts, but wearing them in a modesty, and still feminine, style. I want the world to see me not as they appear, but as set apart, and dressed in strength and dignity. And style. Just my version of it :)

♡How have YOUR standards changed as an individual as you have matured in your faith and gotten older?

::My standards have changed and matured in the sense that I am less judgmental... I'll be honest. Growing up through middle and high school, if someone didn't share my convictions, I believed they were in the wrong. I was passionate for the Lord, yes, but not with mercy and grace for those who may not have the same mindset as myself. I built up walls and didn't bother with anything that took me out of my comfort zone, even if it was pure and holy. The Lord has done soooo much in my life throughout the years. He's taught me to show mercy and grace to others, even if we don't quite agree on dress, convictions, or doctrine. He's shown me how to love unconditionally and how to forgive when I would rather hold a grudge. And He's taught me how to balance things, such as dressing modestly and yet without making it an idol in itself. I've learned to see what purpose lies behind things, and to align them to the Word of God... and am ever still learning and growing!

♡As a stay-at-home-visionary-daughter, how do you serve your family?

::I earnestly desire to be a corner pillar in my home... to be a visionary daughter who supports her family and grows in the Lord alongside of them. I want to be a wife, homemaker, and mother, and until the Lord brings that in *His* timing, I'm going to live contentedly under my father's authority. I serve my family in numerous ways: from making meals, helping to maintain our home, to running errands or just offering a listening heart. We grow, learn, and embrace life together. Sometimes its spending the afternoon painting the house with my brother, and at others, its watching the sunset and listening to the thoughts on my Dad's heart. I love that the Lord has given me my family to walk this narrow path alongside of.

♡Since you don't work, what are some ways you bring in some extra money for yourself?

::Now, at this season of my life, I felt the Lord leading me to start investing in working somewhere. I've spent time with home businesses, such as selling soaps, breads, and other small endeavors. But I knew the Lord was calling me to more. I love the idea of being able to work for my father, under his guidance and business, but the type of job he has wouldn't allow such a position. So, in the Lord timing, He opened up an exciting door, and one that I treasure daily. I am blessed to work with my church family, receiving guests and helping in our church office as their receptionist. I love it... the time spent with my pastors and brothers and sisters in Christ, and relish in the thought that I have a job that is founded in the Lord! I want to be a diligent worker, such as illustrated by the Proverbs 31 woman, working with "willing hands" {Prov. 31:13} and providing and saving for the future. It helps to bring in an income and yet allows me to fulfill my duties as a daughter at home at the same time!

♡What are your views of dating and courtship?

::My views of dating and courtship.... this could get long. :) I'll try to keep it brief, if that's possible! My convictions, alongside my family's convictions, are that when the Lord brings a time when two Spiritually mature people feel like they are ready to begin a closer friendship, after much prayer and counsel over the matter, in order to see if it is the Lord will for them to join together in marriage, they will do so through a season of "courtship". In my standards, this is a time of growing together in friendship and in the Lord, delighting in His Word and the gift of life together. After a season of courting, {which is different from dating in that it has a purpose and and desire for commitment through marriage, and is not a "date/break up, pick and choose" game with other's hearts} if the Lord leads them to commit themselves to loving each other for the rest of their days... well, time for some wedding planning. :) I feel like courting {which has so many different "definitions", according to who is doing it and what their standards are} is the most pure and holy way to guard one's heart while growing in a relationship with another brother or sister in the Lord, and is a conviction that I shall carry throughout the years. It is what the Lord has lead me and my house to hold fast to, and is what we feel to be the most Biblical means of finding a spouse. 

♡What are some words of encouragement/advice/wisdom that you can give to the young ladies that are reading this?

::Words of encouragement.... I guess I would love to encourage you sweet young ladies to continue to trust in the Lord with all your heart. I know we hear the beautiful phrase often, but when we really surrender all to Him, all our hopes, fears, dreams, desires, convictions, and love, we will find that the greatest joy and peace will overflow in our hearts. Trust in the beautiful plan which the Lord has created for you... know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made, loved with an infinite, unfading love, that no one can change or take away. And continue to anchor your self in the cleft of His Word, growing in His truth and falling in love ever more for the Savior. You are precious, priceless, and ever so loved by your Heavenly Father... trust Him, dear hearts. Enjoy the life He has gifted you with, and shine His love for all to see. Let others see Jesus as your deepest desire 


<< Your time to speak >> - Release the talent you were born to use

A dear friend of mine agreed to do a guest post for this years blogoversary party.   I knew her writing would have an impact on others like it has had on me :)  So without further ramblings from me ..... Toria's guest post ..... enjoy ;)

:: Being a visionary...it's often talked about and yet not many people know how to apply it to their lives. It becomes like a shadowy image dancing right out of reach, big dreams that seem impossible but we still desire to be a part of. Dreams that have titles of "missionary", "artist", "author", "musician", "mother", and so the list goes on, a never ending trail of possibilities that just doesn't seem possible for us.

They're not possible, because we couldn't possibly do them better than the person next to us. 

We don't want to try and flail our arms in defeat as we fall again to the hard, cold earth. We don't know where we fit in or where we should add our voice. We don't even know what avenues we should meander down in search of our purpose on earth, what paths will bring the most glory to God through our life.

Most of us, I believe, have been sitting there in the shadows for too long. I know I've been there too long. You graduate high school, know you have your whole life ahead of you...and you freeze, not knowing where to go or what to do. We don't know how to thrive.

 I have realized that you have to look backward in order to look forward.

My brother is a musician. Within three days of ever picking up a guitar, he taught himself how to play and was fingerpicking Yiruma. He has so much talent that it makes me a little sick- because I wish I could play as effortlessly and compose such beautiful pieces as he does.

 But you see, my brother's always had talent. Looking back, I see him dancing and bobbing his head to the beat as a toddler. I hear him singing his own good-morning songs as a child. I find him at the piano... again.

 Yet, my brother doesn't believe he's a musician, becauseit's always been there. Music is just something he does. Where I can see amazing potential, all he can see is the professionals that to him are so much better. It's the same for you, for me. Sometimes you have to look back to look forwards- something in your childhood, maybe, that you still hold a love for. An event that happened and changed your life. Something that is so a part of your DNA that by now you just glance over it and say, "It's not special....it's just always been there."

Sometimes we hold the vision tighter than the Vision-Giver.

I wasn't made to be a musician. I could want it desperately, but that's not the Father's vision for my life. Most of the times, we go looking for our purpose outside of the skills and talents God has given us, because they don't seem "special"- they've just always been there. They're not as exciting as the talents someone else has. But, God has a vision for all of our lives, and we need to embrace and thrive within it. His vision for me may not be the things I want but He's given me other talents, deep down inside of me, that He wants to call out and use whether I like it or not.

For years people have told me that I'm a writer, that I have a way with words, that I should write books. Most days, I don't believe them. I laugh a nervous little chuckle, shrug my shoulders and change the subject.

My talent became mundane, because it wasn't new to me. It lost it's sparkle under years worth of dust, afraid to be let out.

While my brother tapped out tunes as a child, I surrounded myself with pen and paper. My childhood was spent with notebooks of stories, drawings and doodles in my math book, too many hours staring out the window in a world far away.

It's easy to run from your talent, but to truly be filled with vision you must embrace it. You can't look outside of yourself and copy the life of someone else.

Your talent is just as important as the person next to you, no matter how different it is.

Embrace the vision. Reclaim your passions. Release the talent you were born to use. Go forth boldly in paths that God has made you- even from your beginning days- to run in. ::

 -Toria from His Irish Flame


Giveaway Kickoff // Blogoversary

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July 8-15

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$5 Gift Card to Peaches & Cream Studio 
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A call to modesty << why I believe what I do : part 1 >>

As you and a close friend are chatting over coffee at a local coffee shop, she asks you a question.  “I know you dress modestly, but isn’t it hard when those around you don’t? Why exactly do you dress modestly?” You knew this question would come up eventually, so you begin to explain the importance of modesty, why we are called to modesty, and that modesty is a matter of the heart.
<< Is modesty important? >>
When you dress modestly, you are helping the young men (also your brothers-in-Christ) to keep their hearts and minds pure. Job 30:31 says, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; Why then should I look upon a young woman?”
It is an understatement that men have a huge difficulty when it comes to looking at ladies.  Why make it difficult for godly men, who have made the same covenant with their eyes as Job, by wearing seductive articles of clothing? This does not just apply to young women.  The same concept applies to young men as well.  Many Christian ladies have also made a covenant not to look at a young man.  Why would you continue wearing shirts with cut-off sleeves, or your baggy pants down to your ankles? Just as tight, seductive clothing can cause young men to stumble, sleeveless shirts and pants to your ankles draw the wrong attention from young ladies as well.
Modesty also reflects to others your desire to be different, and the decision to dress modestly could be a great way to share your faith. I’m not saying that you should dress modestly in order to get attention, because then you are doing it for the wrong reason.  Still, remember that you may be the only “Bible” people may ever read! When others see that you don’t dress like others around you, they will start looking at other aspects of your life, and may eventually come up to you and ask what is different about you.
Another benefit of dressing modestly is the respect that you gain from those around you.  When you dress modestly, it seems to challenge men and young men (specifically) to treat you like a lady and give you the respect you deserve.  Again, I’m not telling you to dress in order to get respect; I am simply telling you that respect can be a blessing that comes along with the decision to dress modestly.
<< Are we called by God to modesty? >>
God desires His children to dress modestly.  We read His command in Deuteronomy 22:5, “A woman shall not wear man’s clothing, nor shall a man put on a woman’s clothing; for whoever does these things is an abomination to the Lord your God.”
If God did not care about what we wear or how we dress, then He would nothave added that commandment in the Bible!
1 Timothy 2:9 says, “Likewise, I want women to adorn themselves with proper clothing, modestly and discreetly, not with braided hair and gold or pearls or costly garments.”
Paul wrote to Timothy and specifically told him that the women were to wear “proper clothing, modestly and discreetly.”  “What is proper clothing?” you may ask.  Proper clothing would be a skirt to the knee cap (or longer), a ¾” sleeve shirt, a v-neck shirt with a lace camisole (with adjustable straps) underneath, flats (instead of high heels), etc.  Like I said before, if modesty was not important to God, then He would not have had it added in the Bible.
As women (and men), we are to obey the call to modesty…not because Alisha is calling us, but because God has called us!
<< Modesty is a matter of the heart? >>
To dress modestly your heart has to be ready, otherwise you won’t be happy, and you will easily go back to wearing seductive clothing.  I am not saying the devil will never come to you and try to make you discontent in obeying the call to modesty, because he will. The devil will always bring thoughts to your head, reminding you that “wearing pants is a whole lot more convenient” or “if you wear pants, you will have more friends” or “wearing pants will make you ‘fit in.’”  The devil does not want you to obey the call to modesty, because when you do you are a step closer to conforming to Christ.
God wants your heart to be in the right place when you obey His call to modesty. He wants you to do it because He’s called you to it, not because you have to. He wants it to be your conviction.  He does not want this to be the conviction of your conservative friend, as you just follow suit.  He wants you to dress modestly for Him, because He commands you to do so.
If your heart is not ready to obey the call to modesty, then God does not want you to heed the call. He wants your heart to be ready.  Just remember, God does not call the equipped, He equips the called! If He’s calling you, He will make your heart ready for what He’s calling you to do.
<< Is modesty required? >>
To be honest, I wish it was, because then then the world would be closer to being a better place! But to answer the question: no, modesty is not required.  You will not go to Hell if you decide that you do not need to obey the call to modesty! You only go to Hell if you refuse to heed His call to Salvation (but that’s a completely different topic).
God does not force anyone to dress modestly.  He wants a willing heart to obey His call!
So, after you finish answering your friend’s questions, she seems to understand all you said. As you two go your own ways, you silently pray that God will convict her, and that He will help her obey the call to modesty


#1st annual blogoversary party

Okay ........ I finally have an image created for the spectacular event that will is coming up very soon :)
If you would like to advertise the blogoversary party on your social media site ...... by all meams feel free to do so!

The categories for this year are:

:: Your Time to Speak << In what ways has the Lord grown your faith? What is your testimony? >> –three openings left!

:: Our Crowning Glory << have any hairstyles you enjoy doing? Then submit a tutorial >> – two openings left!

:: What's Cookin' << What recipes do you love to make? >> – three openings left!

:: Short Story << Do you like writing? Then submit your story >> - three openings left!

:: Giveaway << Are you one who has one too many completed projects and would like to something away? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss a possible giveaway >> 

:: Adorned in Modest Apparel Fashion Show << Do you love wearing modest clothing? We have two categories for the fashion show - “Totally Me” is the everyday casual that you prefer to wear. “Time to get dressy” is what you wear to special outings, church, etc. Feel free to enter your photos for the fashion show. NOTE: We will not accept pictures of inappropriately dressed young women. All entries need to be modestly dressed. >>

If you are interested in submitting anything contact me through the "Contact Me" page and we will go from there :)