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Another trip coming up ...

Okay ... so most you , who are somewhat daily readers, know that I went to Michigan in January.
Did you have a great time?  Yes I did!
What is your fondest memory?  The whole trip is a fond memory ... but I will never forget being greeted by my dear friend and knowing that a great week was ahead of us :)
What is your favorite conversation y'all had?  All of the conversations were ah-may-zing ... but I will never forget the conversations about sheepies (the new plural for sheep - created by K) and betrauthel (a new form of the word betrothal).
Will you go back?  Let's just say that I'm really excited for October 12-19 :)  My dear friend and her family will be picking me up at the Detroit Wayne airport :)
Here are some sights that I'm looking forward to seeing ...

{my dear friend and her family ... no picture sorry}

DTW aiport
Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt - this is ah-may-zing !!!
My dear friend and I have talked about going to Lake Michigan ... if we do I'll get pictures and…

And the winners are ...

I am soo excited to announce that 3 winners for the giveaway are ...

*Rosi R.
*Shannon F.

Congratulations ladies ... if you will email me, I will give you Miss Peaches' email :)

You can email me at:
pureprincess95 AT gmail DOT com

I also wanna thank those of you who did submit articles for this year blogoversary party. .. thank you.thank you.thank you!

I can't wait for next year :)

In HIS grace, Alisha

Being Visionary << Adorned in Modest Apparel >> by Raechel K.

I was very surprised at the lack of interest in this category .... however, I'm super glad that Raechel K. felt led to submit her pictures.  So enjoy :)

<< Totally Me >>

I thought about choosing an outfit I wear sometimes to represent the 'Totally Me' category, but if I am being honest, this is what I wear on a day-to-day basis. When I was younger I struggled with sensory problems, meaning that I could barely stand the feeling of clothing - it was so hard to find something that was comfortable. And though I have grown out of sensory problems, I still encounter them once in a while - graphic tees are what are most comfortable for me, and so I wear them. I make sure they're always covering though - I try to stay away from v-necks and anything low or 'clingy'. And I am always wearing a skirt - usually a flowy  jean one as in the picture. :) 

This is also a very 'me' outfit for more dressy occasions. Although, depending on the setting (for example…

Being Visionary << Short Story >> "Choose Life" by Sophie (age 13)

“This court is now in session!”  Shouted Judge Murphy as he hammered the table.  “Mr. Smith, the defendant.  Mr. Jones, the prosecutor.  Mr. Jones, it is time for your summery of the problem at stake.”      “Yes, your honor.”  Said Mr. Jones.  He was a sturdy young fellow, always dressed in his suit and bowtie.  His deep blue eyes were told to be melancholy and gentle.  “It is my understanding that abortion is legal in this country for two reasons.  For the equality of genders, and for the freedom for women to decide for themselves.  We believe that the child should be considered as well as the woman in these situations.  We are here to reveal some startling facts regarding abortion, and hopefully change some views on this matter.  Jurors, we would like to assure you that we have done intense study on this subject.”  Mr. Jones, turning to the judge continued, “Your honor, we present our first witness.” Mr. Jones called up a young girl, appearing around the age of twenty years old.  She …

Being Visionary << Interview with Shannon Ashley Fitzgerald >>

♡Will you please tell our readers a little bit about yourself?  What are your favorite pass-times?

::Well, a bit about little ole me: My name is Shannon Ashley Fitzgerald, and I'm a 19 year old southern girl living on the beautiful East coast of the Sunshine state. I'm a daughter to two amazing parents, a sister to the most charming little brother, and a lover of life, laughter, and the Lord Jesus my Savior. I'm a lifestyle and wedding photographer, writer, adventure seeker, five feet tall and blue eyed girl who delights in the simple things of life, like barefoot strolls along the ocean shore or quiet fireside chats with friends. I'm a friend of large books, hot coffee, and living passionately for Christ with my whole heart. I'm a home-school graduate and am currently taking college classes in Biblical studies, growing ever more in love with my Savior. So there's a tidbit about me!

♡Can you tell us about your family?  Growing up, what were your family's conv…

<< Your time to speak >> - Release the talent you were born to use

A dear friend of mine agreed to do a guest post for this years blogoversary party.   I knew her writing would have an impact on others like it has had on me :)  So without further ramblings from me ..... Toria's guest post ..... enjoy ;)

:: Being a's often talked about and yet not many people know how to apply it to their lives. It becomes like a shadowy image dancing right out of reach, big dreams that seem impossible but we still desire to be a part of. Dreams that have titles of "missionary", "artist", "author", "musician", "mother", and so the list goes on, a never ending trail of possibilities that just doesn't seem possible for us.

They're not possible, because we couldn't possibly do them better than the person next to us. 

We don't want to try and flail our arms in defeat as we fall again to the hard, cold earth. We don't know where we fit in or where we should add our voice. We don'…

Giveaway Kickoff // Blogoversary

Alisha In Progress Blogoversary Bash Let the party begin! July 8-15
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Super excited for this week and all that it's going to hold! I have guest posts, recipes, giveaways, fashion shows, and more coming your way- and to kick this all off, I have a giveaway to get this party started! 
$5 Gift Card to Peaches & Cream Studio  >> 3 winners << To quote the shop
Inspired by nature, textiles, and faith. Our gorgeous tichels, headbands, and jewelry are created with much love! Proceeds go towards mission work in both Zambia and Israel.Don't forget to check out our blog for updates, giveaways, coupon codes, tutorials, and more!
 Peaches & Cream Studio has graciously offered 3 $5 gift cards to my readers, and combined with their mega clearance sales going on, you can't beat their prices and deals! They …

A call to modesty << why I believe what I do : part 1 >>

As you and a close friend are chatting over coffee at a local coffee shop, she asks you a question.  “I know you dress modestly, but isn’t it hard when those around you don’t? Why exactly do you dress modestly?” You knew this question would come up eventually, so you begin to explain the importance of modesty, why we are called to modesty, and that modesty is a matter of the heart. << Is modesty important? >>
When you dress modestly, you are helping the young men (also your brothers-in-Christ) to keep their hearts and minds pure. Job 30:31 says, “I have made a covenant with my eyes; Why then should I look upon a young woman?” It is an understatement that men have a huge difficulty when it comes to looking at ladies.  Why make it difficult for godly men, who have made the same covenant with their eyes as Job, by wearing seductive articles of clothing? This does not just apply to young women.  The same concept applies to young men as well.  Many Christian ladies have also made …

#1st annual blogoversary party

Okay ........ I finally have an image created for the spectacular event that will is coming up very soon :)
If you would like to advertise the blogoversary party on your social media site ...... by all meams feel free to do so!

The categories for this year are:
:: Your Time to Speak << In what ways has the Lord grown your faith? What is your testimony? >> –three openings left!
:: Our Crowning Glory << have any hairstyles you enjoy doing? Then submit a tutorial >> – two openings left!
:: What's Cookin' << What recipes do you love to make? >> – three openings left!
:: Short Story << Do you like writing? Then submit your story >> - three openings left!
:: Giveaway << Are you one who has one too many completed projects and would like to something away? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss a possible giveaway >> 
:: Adorned in Modest Apparel Fashion Show << Do you love wearing modest clothing? We have two categ…