Another trip coming up ...

Okay ... so most you , who are somewhat daily readers, know that I went to Michigan in January.

Did you have a great time?  Yes I did!

What is your fondest memory?  The whole trip is a fond memory ... but I will never forget being greeted by my dear friend and knowing that a great week was ahead of us :)

What is your favorite conversation y'all had?  All of the conversations were ah-may-zing ... but I will never forget the conversations about sheepies (the new plural for sheep - created by K) and betrauthel (a new form of the word betrothal).

Will you go back?  Let's just say that I'm really excited for October 12-19 :)  My dear friend and her family will be picking me up at the Detroit Wayne airport :)

Here are some sights that I'm looking forward to seeing ...

{my dear friend and her family ... no picture sorry}

DTW aiport

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt - this is ah-may-zing !!!

My dear friend and I have talked about going to Lake Michigan ... if we do I'll get pictures and post them when I get back :)

During my visit, I will be able to celebrate Sukkot with them ... I'm soo excited :)

I will also observe Shabbat with them ... observing this for the first time in January was absolutely incredible.  I feel like this should be something that every person/family observes.  I will post more about this later and explain why I think it is needed.  But I cannot wait to observe this again :)

{The images I used were found on Pinterest}

Maybe this next trip I will get some good pictures and post them.

In HIS grace, Alisha


  1. I would love to see pictures! It sounds most exciting! (I'll be going on a trip soon as well!! Ekkkk!)

    1. Ivanna -
      I will get lots of picturesn but I'm not sure if my sweet friend will feel comfortable about me posting pictures with her in them. I'll see what I can do though :)


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