Being Visionary << Adorned in Modest Apparel >> by Raechel K.

I was very surprised at the lack of interest in this category .... however, I'm super glad that Raechel K. felt led to submit her pictures.  So enjoy :)

<< Totally Me >>

I thought about choosing an outfit I wear sometimes to represent the 'Totally Me' category, but if I am being honest, this is what I wear on a day-to-day basis. When I was younger I struggled with sensory problems, meaning that I could barely stand the feeling of clothing - it was so hard to find something that was comfortable. And though I have grown out of sensory problems, I still encounter them once in a while - graphic tees are what are most comfortable for me, and so I wear them. I make sure they're always covering though - I try to stay away from v-necks and anything low or 'clingy'. And I am always wearing a skirt - usually a flowy  jean one as in the picture. :) 

This is also a very 'me' outfit for more dressy occasions. Although, depending on the setting (for example, church), I will often wear just a decorated belt, instead of the one shown with the knife. The knife and belt I just occasionally wear. I don't plan on killing anyone (people always suspect that) - if I have a knife on, it's for use around our hobby-farm, or on a walk (we've got scary wild animals..). I throw knives at a log as a hobby, but that's all. :)

 << Time to Get Dressy >>

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