The time is almost here!

As you all may know – my third blogoversary is coming up ….. quite quickly actually :)  So after much thought and preparation ….. I am pleased to announce the very first annual blogoversary party …..yep that's right ….. a party!!

This will be a one week party ….... with many fun and exciting events!

The categories for this year are:

:: Your Time to Speak << In what ways has the Lord grown your faith? What is your testimony? >> – three openings left!

:: Our Crowning Glory << have any hairstyles you enjoy doing? Then submit a tutorial >> – two openings left!

:: What's Cookin' << What recipes do you love to make? >> – three openings left!

:: Short Story << Do you like writing? Then submit your story >> - three openings left!

:: Giveaway << Are you one who has one too many completed projects and would like to something away? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss a possible giveaway >>

 :: Adorned in Modest Apparel Fashion Show << Do you love wearing modest clothing? We have two categories for the fashion show - “Totally Me” is the everyday casual that you prefer to wear. “Time to get dressy” is what you wear to special outings, church, etc. Feel free to enter your photos for the fashion show. NOTE: We will not accept pictures of inappropriately dressed young women. All entries need to be modestly dressed. >>

If you are interested in submitting anything contact me through the "Contact Me" page and we will go from there :)

So here is the invite :)

You are invited to join me for the 1st annual blogoversary party (even though it's this blog's 3rd anniversary lol)
When: July 8, 2014 - July 15, 2014
Where: Here at Alisha in Progress
RSVP: Just comment and tell me what your are most excited about :)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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