Gleaning wisdom from the garden

Did you know ..... that a garden is full of wisdom?  Oh yes ..... in fact gardens overflow with wisdom :)  Wisdom only they can give ..... wisdom you have to be willing to receive ..... hahahaha okay .... maybe that's being a little dramatic ;)  Okay now that my dramatic moment is over .... allow me to share the wisdom I received!!

While I was weeding our garden yesterday evening, I thought about how weeding a garden is a lot like what the Heavenly Father does in our hearts.

Clear your mind of every thought and picture this with me:

you are standing in front of this beautiful & massive vegetable garden - and in it are healthy tomato plants, cucumbers, zucchini, butternut squash, etc.  You are soo proud of it .... and you can't wait because within the next week, you will be able to go out and pick fresh, organic, non GMO veggies - yuuuuum :)
For the rest of the week it rains - c.on.t.i.n.u.o.u.s.l.y!  At the end of the week you go out and immediately your eyes aren't drawn to the beauty of the garden, but by the weeds that are contaminating it.  Being the worried gardener that you are, you get on your hands and knees and start pulling out each individual weed - one.by.one.  After about a couple days of continuously pulling weeds - you get the garden weed free and are able to focus on harvesting your vegetables!

Okay - so what am I trying to get at with this?

Allow me to tell you what each of the bold words represents in real life :)

The garden - this my dear friend is your heart.
The vegetable plants - these are your personality, faith, all your quirks, passions, and characteristics.
The rain - this is the world - it continuously tries to contaminate your faith and provide the nutrition to the lusts of your flesh.
The weeds - these are the sins that we may allow into our life if they aren't properly maintained.
The gardener - this my friend is your Creator - the Lord God Almighty

As the "garden", our outward appearance can and may seem absolutely b.e.a.u.tiful!  People can tell we have a faith in Christ, and our personality is absolutely wonderful (that of a garden - the appearance is appealing to the eyes).  And then suddenly ..... we allow the world to contaminate a portion of our lives (whether it be through music, books, TV, friends, etc) and all of a sudden "weeds" start growing and growing and growing.  Now what once seemed beautiful and pleasant to look at, now seems unpleasant to look at and unenjoyable to be around.  But thankfully the Gardener (God) is worried about us enough, that if we let Him, He will take care of each and individual sin (weed) until our garden (heart) is once again free from every sin.

Told you gardens were full of wisdom :)

I pray that you all have a great night!!

Oh btw: It is true that I enjoy gardening - only if I want to do it though.  If I'm asked to do it ..... I will begrudgingly do it, but I wont necessarily enjoy doing it :P

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In HIS grace, Alisha 

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  1. I just stumbled on your blog and couldn't help but notice that, on the "who I am" sidebar, you list "homosexuality is just plain wrong" as your second most important belief, right after belief in God. There are also a couple about your convictions about wearing skirts and homeschooling.

    Have you written any posts specifically about these views? I am curious to know more from a fellow Christian who obviously has some very strong convictions on controversial topics. For example, do you think it is possible for a homosexual to be a Christian (as long as they do not live that lifestyle)? Why is skirt-wearing so important? Do you think it is possible for a family to raise God-fearing children but still send them to public or private school (especially if they cannot homeschool, for one reason or another)?

    Love in Christ!


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