Join me for the 2 month summer challenge

I have always struggled with weight.  As a little girl I was a little on the chubby side.  In high school I hit the weight of ....... *ahem* ....... 208 pounds.  It wasnt until January that I was convicted in the area of taking care of my body in the way of physical fitness.  However, it wasnt until June 16, 2014 that I finally made the decision to take the leap and actually become physically fit.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited, pumped/hyped (which ever one is accurate), nervous, and a tad bit scared I am about this.

I will be doing:

→Mondays, Wednesdays,  and Fridays - 30 minute brisk walking; 30 squats; 40 jumping jacks; 10 toe touches while standing; 50 second toe touch while sitting; 60 wall sit.

→Tuesdays, Thursdays,  and Saturday - 15 minute brisk walking; 45 minute biking; crunches

→ Sunday - REST :)

"Now this isn't really an exciting kick off!"  Well, now here is the "exciting part ;)

Although I am going to start making working out a part of my daily routine, I am currently considering this this as a "2 Month Summer Challenge".

Other things that I am doing are:

☆going gluten free
☆no processed sugars
☆TV once a week or less

<< If you wish to join me and my good friend in this challenge ...... contact me thru the "Contact Me" page

<< To be kept up to date with what I'm doing and other exciting things visit:                         


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