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Gleaning wisdom from the garden

Did you know ..... that a garden is full of wisdom?  Oh yes ..... in fact gardens overflow with wisdom :)  Wisdom only they can give ..... wisdom you have to be willing to receive ..... hahahaha okay .... maybe that's being a little dramatic ;)  Okay now that my dramatic moment is over .... allow me to share the wisdom I received!!

While I was weeding our garden yesterday evening, I thought about how weeding a garden is a lot like what the Heavenly Father does in our hearts.
Clear your mind of every thought and picture this with me:
you are standing in front of this beautiful & massive vegetable garden - and in it are healthy tomato plants, cucumbers, zucchini, butternut squash, etc.  You are soo proud of it .... and you can't wait because within the next week, you will be able to go out and pick fresh, organic, non GMO veggies - yuuuuum :) For the rest of the week it rains - c.on.t.i.n.u.o.u.s.l.y!  At the end of the week you go out and immediately your eyes aren't dr…

The time is almost here!

As you all may know – my third blogoversary is coming up ….. quite quickly actually :)  So after much thought and preparation ….. I am pleased to announce the very first annual blogoversary party …..yep that's right ….. a party!!
This will be a one week party ….... with many fun and exciting events!
The categories for this year are:
:: Your Time to Speak << In what ways has the Lord grown your faith? What is your testimony? >> – three openings left!
:: Our Crowning Glory << have any hairstyles you enjoy doing? Then submit a tutorial >> – two openings left!
:: What's Cookin' << What recipes do you love to make? >> – three openings left!
:: Short Story << Do you like writing? Then submit your story >> - three openings left!
:: Giveaway << Are you one who has one too many completed projects and would like to something away? Feel free to contact me and we can discuss a possible giveaway >>

 :: Adorned in Modest Apparel…

Join me for the 2 month summer challenge

I have always struggled with weight.  As a little girl I was a little on the chubby side.  In high school I hit the weight of ....... *ahem* ....... 208 pounds.  It wasnt until January that I was convicted in the area of taking care of my body in the way of physical fitness.  However, it wasnt until June 16, 2014 that I finally made the decision to take the leap and actually become physically fit.

I cannot begin to tell you how excited, pumped/hyped (which ever one is accurate), nervous, and a tad bit scared I am about this.

I will be doing:

→Mondays, Wednesdays,  and Fridays - 30 minute brisk walking; 30 squats; 40 jumping jacks; 10 toe touches while standing; 50 second toe touch while sitting; 60 wall sit.

→Tuesdays, Thursdays,  and Saturday - 15 minute brisk walking; 45 minute biking; crunches

→ Sunday - REST :)

"Now this isn't really an exciting kick off!"  Well, now here is the "exciting part ;)

Although I am going to start making working out a part of my daily routin…

6.7.2014 - Graduation

My high school graduation was absolutely wonderful!  Although I am just a lil' biased ..... my parents did the best job in making my graduation a very special day!!!  Thank you so much Daddy and Mom!!!!!
We had family (Daddy's parents and grandma) come in from Texas ...... and Mom's mom came over for the day!!
Enjoy the pictures ..... and sorry the videos were cut short!!! :)

Just in case you couldn't tell ...... my colors were royal blue and white :)
:: Yours truly ..... it's hard for me to believe that I'M DONE :) ::
:: Daddy made the sweetest speech :) ::
:: Mom said she wouldn't be able to stay together if she did a speech ... :) ::
:: ... so she sang "Mind of Christ" by the Wissmann family [I don't know the real author of the song, sorry] ::
:: Sydney played violin while Mom sang, and when we sang "In Christ Alone" ::
:: This is the most precious thing I've ever held lol ;)  Nah just joking ....... Sydney was the was the mo…