Celebrating another year here on this earth

This year for my birthday we:

*went to garage sales
*went to Everything Darlin' - and I got a beautiful necklace :)
*went to Goodwill
*washed Mom's van
*went to the Brain Free and Assurance concert
*went to Cracker Barrel - and I ended up receiving a free dessert + a birthday song :)

So below is a video that I took at the concert and several pics from my bday!!  Enjoy :)

"Jesus Will Pick You Up"
okay - the guy singing is the bass Jeremy Lile....I kid you not, when he hit the lowest note, the whole ground shook!!

Yes y'all I wore that hat ALL DAY...EVERYWHERE I WENT
I do encourage y'all to think about investing in one though.  I had so many random people wish me a happy birthday AND because of the hat, I got a free picture frame and dessert :)

Sydney has grown to be such a beautiful young lady!  
This picture definitely shows Mom's personality ;)

I love these two <3 

The whole fam!

from L-R: Brian Free, Bill Shivers, Mike Rogers, Jeremy Lile

 The necklace Mom and Dad bought me while we were at Everything Darlin'

Below are two pics of the t-shirt that I got at the concert :)

All in all I had a terrific bday.....as always!!  Tonight we are having a small bday party with my grandma and family friends :)  It still hasn't hit me that I'm now 19...my last year of being in the teens :)

In HIS grace, Alisha



As modesty is rapidly decreasing in today's society, your input really matters!

The rest of this month is your opportunity to send in what you really think about modesty or the lack there of.

My goal is to compile a post of all the responses I get from all you guys and include it in the event I'm hosting called "Modesty month".

If you are interested, here are some things to keep in mind:

*all emails will be seen by my parents
*there will be no correspondence between me and any of you men who submit your responses (due to my beliefs in purity and the security of keeping my email address private)
*there is to be no inappropriate or vulgar language, phrases, etc
*even though you are speaking against the decrease in modesty...please do not speak ill of any young ladies
*please speak the truth
*guys of all ages can send in his thoughts
*this is for guys only
*we have the right to edit or simply not allow submissions
*please write what the Lord is leading you to write
*you can keep the response simple, or you can make it more "extravagant" (but please no more than 7 paragraphs)

Click HERE in order to send in your response!

**All responses need to be submitted by April 30th**

In HIS grace, Alisha

A month of modesty

As an individual I truly believe (and have observed) that our society lacks one of the most important qualities.....modesty.  

But what is modesty?  Is it not bragging about yourself when others mention a hidden talent of yours?  Well yes, in a way it is....but is that the only way we should be modest?  Most certainly not!  We should be modest in how we dress, act, and present ourselves.

Wikipedia defines modesty as this:

"Modesty is a mode of dress and deportment intended to avoid encouraging sexual attraction in others"

I could never agree more!  This is one of the few times I agree with what "man" thinks of this topic!  We should desire for people to be attracted to our face and positive characteristics, and not our body.

So with all that said, I would like to announce a new event for the month of April!!!!

For the month May, I will post......

*an interview with a young
*host a Modesty week (where you send in a pictures/group of pictures of a the modest outfits you wear)
*a forum of what young men REALLY think about modesty (guys - now's your time to speak up for what you believe)
*the "Call to Modesty"
*a possible giveaway......I'm not promising anything....we'll see what I can do :)
*guest posts

Contact me if you would like to do a guest post, have your outfit included in the "Modesty week", if you would be interested in giving away, etc.

I am so excited next month!!!!

In HIS grace, Alisha