Celebrating another year here on this earth

This year for my birthday we:

*went to garage sales
*went to Everything Darlin' - and I got a beautiful necklace :)
*went to Goodwill
*washed Mom's van
*went to the Brain Free and Assurance concert
*went to Cracker Barrel - and I ended up receiving a free dessert + a birthday song :)

So below is a video that I took at the concert and several pics from my bday!!  Enjoy :)

"Jesus Will Pick You Up"
okay - the guy singing is the bass Jeremy Lile....I kid you not, when he hit the lowest note, the whole ground shook!!

Yes y'all I wore that hat ALL DAY...EVERYWHERE I WENT
I do encourage y'all to think about investing in one though.  I had so many random people wish me a happy birthday AND because of the hat, I got a free picture frame and dessert :)

Sydney has grown to be such a beautiful young lady!  
This picture definitely shows Mom's personality ;)

I love these two <3 

The whole fam!

from L-R: Brian Free, Bill Shivers, Mike Rogers, Jeremy Lile

 The necklace Mom and Dad bought me while we were at Everything Darlin'

Below are two pics of the t-shirt that I got at the concert :)

All in all I had a terrific bday.....as always!!  Tonight we are having a small bday party with my grandma and family friends :)  It still hasn't hit me that I'm now 19...my last year of being in the teens :)

In HIS grace, Alisha


  1. Happy, happy Birthday Alisha! It was so good to meet you in person today!! I hope this next year will be a very special one as you grow in the Lord! ~ Mrs G :)

    1. Mrs. G.,
      Oh thank you :)
      I really enjoyed meeting you and your family in person on Sunday too :)

      Hopefully we will be able to see each other again!!!!!!!!


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