Sweet Fellowship part 2

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
This was the busiest day while I was there...I kid you not!!!

Peach's dad need some work boots that would keep his feet warm, so Peach's mom, Peach, and I went out shopping for some insulated work boots.  After searching at two or three stores, we finally found them!! After finding them, we made a stop and bought Tim Horton's for the three extremely cold men!  It was my very first time trying Canadian coffee....and allow me to define it in one simple word....yummmmmmy!

Once we got back to the house, Peach and I started on the sewing projects.  It didn't take us long to make the two headbands and dress.  After we got the package prepped for shipping, we went down stairs and ate a very yummy dinner while we watched "Little House on the Prairie" and the "Andy Griffith Show".

Then it dawned on us...we need to teach Mr. K and K how to play "the cups"!  It was quite interesting and fun (Peach and I had injured ourselves the night before)....but after about a minute her brother (well we didn't even need to teach him)...her dad finally caught on after about 5 minutes :)

Once everyone went to bed, Peach and I watched "Pride & Prejudice" [BBC edition]....she had never seen it & I'm a fan of the movie (although now I'm a fan of the 2006 edition).

After a long day, we finally called it a night at 11:30 pm....hey, that's a whole lot better than the past two nights lol :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

This was our "crazy, let's laugh at random moments" day :)

First thing we had to do was print off two pictures and put them in Sydney's care package...then we headed off to the post office.

Then we went over and babysat her six nieces and nephews....they were absolutely adorable :)  And they had a lot of fun playing "Pigs in a blanket"!  As a thank you gift, Peach's sister-in-law bought us Starbucks (yes I had a lot of Starbucks....no it didn't bother me one bit lol).

After we were done babysitting, Peach's mom need to run to Costco, so Peach and I browsed JoAnn's Fabric Store.  That shopping trip was...interesting....you see, I'm not the most coordinated person, so I was...*ahem* just a tad bit clumsy :P  On our way home, Miss L. and Peach treated me to Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt.  Again....it was yummy!

After we got home, ate dinner, and watched the "Andy Griffith Show", we went back out, all five of us, and went shopping for snow pants (Peach and her family were going skiing two days after I got home).  On our way to the first stop, Mr. K and K helped someone who was stuck in the snow.  But as we were pulling into the parking lot, Mr. K spots a huge mound of snow and decides to try to drive over it in his truck.  Did he accomplish his "task at hand"?  Well...if his task at hand was to get us stuck, then yes he did lol!  So K had to instruct Mr. K in getting us unstuck without having to get out of the car (even though we really couldn't....)....oh yes, might I add, we were being watched by a few other drivers too :P

Needless to say, after making three stops in order to find snow pants...we didn't find any!\

Did you know: that if you have three conservative Christian teens sitting together in the back seat, that the conversation could be educational?  Oh yes....okay so picture this:

you have three conservative Christian teens riding in the back seat of a double cab pickup...two of which are home-school graduates and one who was just about done.  All of a sudden the three start talking about the plural forms of words.  The young man starts naming off animals and adding -ies to the end...for example:

*deer - deeries
*fish - fishies (he said that didn't count, since fishies was technically a word)
*fox - foxies
*sheep - sheepies (this one made me and Peach laugh)

but now picture this: the mother sitting in the front passenger seat used to be an english teacher (did I get that right Peach?).  She didn't say anything (at least not that I remember), but there was the silence....the silence you get when your teacher/mother is pondering on "how proud she is of her two high school graduates :)

Once we got home, I was able to see the nastiest cut in my life, and watch "Anne of Green Gables" for the very first time.  Did I like it?  Yes.  Would I request to watch it when I go back?  Definitely!

After the movie, I guess Peach and I decided that we weren't tired, so we read the Proverb that correlated with the day.  Then after our nightly Bible reading, we talked about the low percentage of Godly young men in today's society.  Then we started discussing betrothal!  In case you didn't know.....I am a firm believer in betrothal, and passionately disagree with dating and glorified dating (courtship).  But that's a complete other post entirely!

Did you know: that there are two ways to say betrothal?  Oh yes...allow me to enlighten you!!

1st way - betrothal

2nd way -betrauthel 

The last two days, Peach and I kinda wound down....and prepared for my departure!  We had a great time together...and I'm looking forward to when I go back :)

Well that concludes all the posts for my trip to Michigan.......sorry they weren't as frequent as I wanted them to be....but at least they're done.  Once Peach sends me the pictures that she took I will post some!!!

In HIS grace,

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