Sweet Fellowship part 1

Monday, January 6, 2014

My sweet friend Peach, and I didn't get to sleep until 1:30 am!  Why you ask?  Uh....well, I don't think we know...do we girl ;)?  Oh wait...I think it was because we were talking, laughing, and enjoying the start of a great week together lol :)

As Peach and I were scavenging for something to eat, she noticed that her dad had forgotten his lunch.  So we ate something kind of quick like and drove over to his work.....and we um....*ahem* interrupted a meeting....sorry Mr. K!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we got back to the house, it was time to go out shopping with her mom!  First stop...Vince & Joe's....okay...this shopping trip was.....what would you say Peach....hilarious? lol
We had the hardest time bagging potatoes....you would like to thing it was a simple task....especially for two girls in their late teens and early twenties.  But no.....instead the bag had to rip...then the second one ripped....then the third!  Yeah we finally gave up with the bags and just put the potatoes in the cart.

After Vince & Joe's, we stopped at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  Nothing really happened on this trip........it was a "normal" shopping trip at Bed, Bath, & Beyond lol!

When we got home, Peach and I looked at the American Girl website for ideas so we could make Sydney something for her AG doll.  We did that for the longest time....and we finally made decisions :)

After a long day of fun, laughter, talking, and laughter, it was decided to call it a night.  On our way up the stairs....well...let's just say that yours truly decided to be her "graceful" self....*ahem*....I fell UP the stairs.  And that is how our day ended, by taking a fall...haha!

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The next day we decided that we didn't get enough shopping.....so we went to K-Mart, Big Lots, & Hobby Lobby.

At K-Mart Peach and I found almost matching sweat-shirts, but didn't purchase them until later that night.
At Big Lots we....why DID we go to Big Lots Peach? haha...I think I forgot to write that down....oooops =/
At Hobby Lobby we bought fabric so we could start on sewing stuff for Sydney and her doll!

When we got back we started the sewing process for Sydney.....it was SO MUCH FUN!!!

Later on that afternoon Peach's mom took us and we got Starbucks :)  Okay...here's a little side-note - I HAVE MISSED STARBUCKS!  I don't normally get it, so when I go on trips to see friends...I end up getting Starbucks often...not because I ask to go there, but because my friends know I love it, and we end up going there.

That night I decided to embarrass myself....and let me tell you how!

So Mr. K (Peach's dad) & K (Peache's lil' bro) were getting ready to go on a missions trip to Israel.  Now Peach had told me that it was a guy trip and that's why she and her mom weren't going.  But that didn't process fast enough in my mind.  So when we were in the family room, I decided to ask a question...and this is how the conversation went:

Me: Okay Mr. K, I'm jealous....I want to go to Israel.
Mr. K: Maybe you'll get the chance someday
Me: Yeah....hey...can I hide in your or K's suitcase?
Mr. K: [laughs]....you can if you don't mind being the only girl in a group with a bunch of guys for two weeks.
Me: Oh.....yeah....I forgot that minor detail
K: Ah don't worry about it....you can just jump out of the suitcase and yell "SURPRISE"

I was SO embarrassed after that....but I just laughed with everyone else.....hey Peach, has this moment been forgotten? lol

After everyone went to sleep, Peach and I decided to learn "the cups".  After 1 hour of trying over and over, having the diamond come out of my purity ring, and bruising our hands, we finally got it down.  After this accomplishment we decided to call it a night {after we ate midnight snacks of course...} ;)


Stay tuned for "Sweet Fellowship part 2"....you don't wanna miss it....if you do, you may miss some great laughs ;)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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