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Sweet Fellowship part 2

Wednesday, January 8, 2014
This was the busiest day while I was there...I kid you not!!!

Peach's dad need some work boots that would keep his feet warm, so Peach's mom, Peach, and I went out shopping for some insulated work boots.  After searching at two or three stores, we finally found them!! After finding them, we made a stop and bought Tim Horton's for the three extremely cold men!  It was my very first time trying Canadian coffee....and allow me to define it in one simple word....yummmmmmy!

Once we got back to the house, Peach and I started on the sewing projects.  It didn't take us long to make the two headbands and dress.  After we got the package prepped for shipping, we went down stairs and ate a very yummy dinner while we watched "Little House on the Prairie" and the "Andy Griffith Show".

Then it dawned on us...we need to teach Mr. K and K how to play "the cups"!  It was quite interesting and fun (Peach and I had injured ourselve…

Sweet Fellowship part 1

Monday, January 6, 2014

My sweet friend Peach, and I didn't get to sleep until 1:30 am!  Why you ask?  Uh....well, I don't think we we girl ;)?  Oh wait...I think it was because we were talking, laughing, and enjoying the start of a great week together lol :)

As Peach and I were scavenging for something to eat, she noticed that her dad had forgotten his lunch.  So we ate something kind of quick like and drove over to his work.....and we um....*ahem* interrupted a meeting....sorry Mr. K!!!!!!!!!!!!

After we got back to the house, it was time to go out shopping with her mom!  First stop...Vince & Joe's....okay...this shopping trip was.....what would you say Peach....hilarious? lol
We had the hardest time bagging would like to thing it was a simple task....especially for two girls in their late teens and early twenties.  But no.....instead the bag had to rip...then the second one ripped....then the third!  Yeah we finally gave up with the bags an…

Enjoy the pictures :)

Here are some pictures for you on this wonderful Wednesday!!  I hope you enjoy them :)
Oh and these pictures were taken in the woods at our new house....we have bought a house on 5 acres!!!!!!!!
I will be posting pictures from the inside of the house soon :)

In HIS grace, Alisha

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Excerpt from Chels' blog:

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In HIS grace, Alisha

And so it begins (again.....)

Well folks....the traditional packing begins again.....and at the right time too :P  You see....just about three weeks before my birthday (every year) we seem to move....whether it's across the country, down the street, or to a new town!
Am I complaining?  Oh no, of course not!  In fact, I love moving....I get to set out on a new journey, dream/ponder/wonder what God has in store for my life, and best of new people!!!!  Moving to well...prep for what God has planned for my life (at least that's how I look at it).

I can't upload any pictures right now, due to the fact that I'm using the computer that doesn't have the pics....sorry!  I will get pics uploaded soon though!!!!!

In HIS grace, Alisha