October goals for this blog

What would y'all like to see posted on this blog?  I'm serious....it seems like all I ever do is post videos, pictures, and more pictures.  I encourage you all to leave a comment and tell me the things you would love to see posted here.

But for the month of October, I will be posting:

* DIY projects
*Lessons of faith - what the Lord has been teaching me
*giveaways - yes that is plural, and yes I will be hosting them.  If you make/create things you would like me to host as the prize for the giveaway....send me an email through the Contact Me page.
*Interviews - I will be interviewing young ladies that live their lives daily for our Father.  If you know of anyone that you feel would be encouraging and lives their life for our Father....send me an email and I will see what I can do :)
*I will post about what's happening in my life...of course ;)
*I may post tutorials - what would you like me to do a tutorial on?  I could use some ideas in this department =P
*Photography posts - these posts may not be from photo sessions, but I will post some photography related items on here....

So how does that sound?  Is there anything you would like me to add?  Leave a comment and let me know :)


Far from home - part 2

Ok...now y'all get to find out where Sydney and I flew to September 8th :)

If any of you guessed that we visited this family...

...then you were correct!

September 8th - 20th we were visiting friends in Colorado.  We had such a blast with them and enjoyed being immersed in "large familyhood" (if familyhood isn't a word, it is now)!

So with all that said, it is time for a million...uh I mean a "few" pictures :)  Enjoy!

September 8th - on the plane

 traveling with this girl was awesome
oh in case you were wondering...the two of us wore our Disney World shirts :)

September 12th - Fun City
this place was awesome! We went here for Maclae and Levi's birthday.....and we had a blast!
We went bowling, we did Laser Tag (that was a hit...we did that over and over again), we did the Laser Maze, and much more!

 all the girls have an iPod - so on our way to Fun City we listened to music :)

this is for you Maclae
 Maclae and I love (we don't know why) pictures of feet....so I took one....

 Maclae and Me

Em & Me

September 13th - Levi's 5th birthday

 Emily made Levi's birthday cake....didn't she do a wonderful job?

 We went to Focus on the Family for Levi's birthday.....it was so much fun!

 Sydney, Me, & Mr. Whitaker :)


 I had so much fun walking through and seeing all the neat decorations.  

Oh and I almost forgot - I also did the....

 3 foot slide....it was crazy :)

 Me as Eugene....
 Maclae, Me, and Emily in the Narnia room

Our friends entire family as characters from Adventures in Odyssey :)
L-R: Maclae, Emily, Levi, Reaghan, Breckyn, Annaliese, Uriah, Kharis, Miss Susan, Creighton, and Mr. Marc

September 17th - Maclae's 15th birthday

It's hard for me to believe that I have known this girl since she was 7...my how time flies :)

She received many things for her birthday....this Si Robertson calendar was one of them.
In case any of you are wondering - Si Robertson is from the new show called "Duck Dynasty"

September 19th - Castlewood State Park 4 mile hike
yep...you read that right....4 miles!  I had a great time hiking at this state park.  It was so beautiful...and the hike was not strenuous at all...that surprised me :)

we had lunch at a picnic table at the park...
thanks Em & Miss Susan for keeping us all well fed :)

 these two boys were natural hikers!

Liese had it the easy way when it came to hiking :)  Oh the joys of being a baby lol ;)

 Miss Breckyn was Sydney's hiking buddy...

...and Kharis was with them...

Did I enjoy myself?  Oh yes...!
Do I like Colorado over Virginia?  They both have their advantages and disadvantages!
Am I glad to be home?  YES!!

I'm sure you're glad that you've reached the end...am I right? ;)

Well I better get this published so I can go feed my starving Daddy and sister, so afterward we can go clean Grandma's new house!

Oh yeah....I'm sure you didn't know that there are only three people living in this house right now.  Daddy, Me, & Sydney.  Where's Momma you ask?  She's in Iowa, helping Grandma pack and move here to Virginia.  

So that means that while Daddy is at work, Sydney and I:
clean, clean, cook, clean, clean, cook, clean, clean, cook, cleaning, and finally go to bed...just joking :P  We get breaks in here and there....
Tonights dinner: chili....yummy!

Have a blessed Monday night!


Far from home

Vacation.  A time to really spend time as a family and have the time of your life.  Having fun as a family, usually somewhat far from home.

Yep that's right...my family and I are no longer in Virginia, but in Florida.

Here is what we've been up to for the past four days...

...day 1 - Magic Kingdom
first stop in the Magic Kingdom was to meet three of the princesses....Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella

 Me and Sydney in front of Rapunzel's tower

 in front of Cinderella's castle with Mickey and Minnie

 yes....we got our picture taken with the best Disney character ever....Goofy :)

...day 2 - Hollywood Studios
we didn't really care for this park, being that it was all Hollywood movies =/  However, we got our pictures taken with Lightening McQueen and Tow Mater (it's like Ta Mater except without the Ta).  And we rode the Hollywood Tower of Terror :)

 OK....so I didn't like this the first time...picture an 18 year old Senior scared of heights....dropping 50 feet...crying like a big baby....praying to God that it was over.  Then after a trip to Cici's Pizza and a nap at the house....going back and loving the "terrifying" ride and going on it two more times :)  If you pictured this, then you pictured my story!

...day 3 - Epcot
this park is awesome....it's like no other I've ever been to!  If you ever take a trip to Walt Disney World, definitely ride "Space Mountain" and "Mission Space"....and don't even bother watching "Captain EO" and "Ellen's Energy".....trust me!

outside the park...getting ready to enter


 and if you ever visit Epcot....also go on "Test Trak"...you will miss out if you don't!

 ...getting our picture taken with Chip and Dale

...day 4 - Animal Kingdom (today)
today was so much fun....so tiring...but totally worth it :P

 I love these two characters :)

 Sydney loved the water rapid ride

 ...so for dinner we went to the Rainforest Cafe....it was yummy!

<3 I love these two <3

 outside the park...getting ready to go to the house

So tomorrow we are going back to the Magic Kingdom...and then Sunday....well Sydney and I will be in the air until about 12 pm.....where are we going?   Well....you'll just have to wait until I post about that - heeheehee :)

Hugs from Florida!