What makes you beautiful - Piano Guys

The Piano Guys are so good...I want to play like them when I "grow up" (in my piano playing that is) :P

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Amazing Grace rendition by Carlton Forrester

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine played the most beautiful rendition of John Newton's "Amazing Grace" written by Carlton Forrester.  I'm always looking for ways to add new piano music to my collection, so I asked my friend if he could make me a copy...and he did!  I was so excited...I went home and tried to play it, only to be disappointed that I couldn't!  So last Friday I asked my piano teacher if he would help me learn it and he said he absolutely would ...yay!

So I thought I would share the song with you all...enjoy!  Let me know what you think of this rendition :D

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What I'm saving my money for

Lately I have been wanting an mp3 that can do everything that an iPod Touch can do.  So as we were in Big Lots the other day, I saw a mini Android tablet for only $59.99...I was so excited, but I had to wait until I had $20 more!  Then today Mom took Sydney and I back to Big Lots so I could buy that mini tablet...until I saw this...

D2 Internet Tablet
I wasn't able to get it today, being that the price is $89.99, but it is worth the wait!  This tablet can do everything that the iPod Touch does (possibly even more) :D  Sydney decided to get herself one today, and is currently messing around with it.

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My favorite music : part 2

Sydney and I love this song by the Perry's...I hope you enjoy it was much as I do :D

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My favorite music : part 1

Okay...so I told y'all that I am a southern gospel fan now.  So I'm going to start sharing some of my favorite songs with y'all, and hopefully make y'all fans too (just kiddin').  

Recently as I was doing dishes, I was listening to the southern gospel station that we have created on Pandora.  All of a sudden this song comes on and I as I listen to the song, I instantly fell in love with it!  It turns out that the song was "Me and God" by Josh Turner.  I've only heard two songs by him, so I'm not telling anybody to go buy all of his CD's.

Anyway...I bet you can guess what song I'm going to share with you...LOL ;D  Enjoy y'all!

PS. In case you were wondering...here in the South the term y'all is in fact a word.  Everywhere you go, you here it being used {along with ain't, gonna, "No you don't (instead of "No you didn't), etc.} :P

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My random thoughts : part 1

I found these on Pinterest, and thought I'd share these with y'all!

this is a great idea...lol

I love this necklace <3

neat "guestbook" idea

how cute... Polaroid coasters


So what random thoughts are you thinking?  Leave a comment and let me know :D

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My busy life

Okay...since life has "slowed down" {yeah I wish}, I figured it was time to let you all know what I've been up to...with a few pictures :P  Ever since Ian came into our home...well if you ever followed my previous blog, then you know how it is when foster kids come into our home :P  If you didn't let me just put it this way: rush, rush, rush, oh and rush!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy looking at these few pictures :D

 I'm amazed that I have found time {not alot, but oh well} to read.  This is the current book I'm reading...I'll let you all know how it is when I finish it :D

 yard sale & Goodwill finds!  I will post pictures of my craft endeavors when I'm done with them :D
Ornaments - $4.95 {Goodwill}
Tinsel - $.25 {Yard sale}
Two tin buckets - $.25 {Yard sale}
Paper shreds - $1.00 {Yard sale}
Ribbon - $1.00 {Yard sale}

 My friends bulletin board :D  
Mom and I came to an agreement, that I could have multiple bulletin boards in my room for pictures.  I love pictures {preferably framed :P} but I was willing to sacrifice in order to have pictures in my room :D
 My family bulletin board...I need to add three more pictures and then it's done.  Now finding the pictures will be a task :P

My latest Pinterest creation...didn't turn out to bad being that it was all by hand :P