Amazing Grace rendition by Carlton Forrester

Two weeks ago, a friend of mine played the most beautiful rendition of John Newton's "Amazing Grace" written by Carlton Forrester.  I'm always looking for ways to add new piano music to my collection, so I asked my friend if he could make me a copy...and he did!  I was so excited...I went home and tried to play it, only to be disappointed that I couldn't!  So last Friday I asked my piano teacher if he would help me learn it and he said he absolutely would ...yay!

So I thought I would share the song with you all...enjoy!  Let me know what you think of this rendition :D

Serving HIM,


  1. It's beautiful! I know u will play it one day

    1. Oh your so sweet...thanks for having confidence in me :D

    2. I still have recordings of you.... Shhh

    3. what songs? you better not make those public...I know where you live :P

    4. Haha ummm... At Calvary and what a friend we have in Jesus :D


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