My busy life

Okay...since life has "slowed down" {yeah I wish}, I figured it was time to let you all know what I've been up to...with a few pictures :P  Ever since Ian came into our home...well if you ever followed my previous blog, then you know how it is when foster kids come into our home :P  If you didn't let me just put it this way: rush, rush, rush, oh and rush!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy looking at these few pictures :D

 I'm amazed that I have found time {not alot, but oh well} to read.  This is the current book I'm reading...I'll let you all know how it is when I finish it :D

 yard sale & Goodwill finds!  I will post pictures of my craft endeavors when I'm done with them :D
Ornaments - $4.95 {Goodwill}
Tinsel - $.25 {Yard sale}
Two tin buckets - $.25 {Yard sale}
Paper shreds - $1.00 {Yard sale}
Ribbon - $1.00 {Yard sale}

 My friends bulletin board :D  
Mom and I came to an agreement, that I could have multiple bulletin boards in my room for pictures.  I love pictures {preferably framed :P} but I was willing to sacrifice in order to have pictures in my room :D
 My family bulletin board...I need to add three more pictures and then it's done.  Now finding the pictures will be a task :P

My latest Pinterest creation...didn't turn out to bad being that it was all by hand :P

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